What are the sufferings and tears of laid-off veteran workers?

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#谁能体会到下岗工人的辛酸与困顿? #

Everyone has their own joys, sorrows, and sorrows, but from the moment they are dismissed, their lives are full of bitterness and bitterness, and happiness is almost out of reach.

What are the sufferings and tears of laid-off veteran workers?

It's harder to get a job than it gets

With the development of society and the continuous development of science and technology, all walks of life have entered the age of information, and a large number of automated and intelligent equipment have replaced human resources; in particular, the number of general posts is decreasing; and the laid-off workers are basically based on manual labor, they have a low level of education, they have neither a skill nor room to display, and the number of laid-off personnel far exceeds the needs of the post, making it even more difficult to find a new job. Some of the people who were laid off started their own businesses to make ends meet, but because of lack of funds, they could only engage in the lowest business activities, they did not have their own shops, and they were on the move every day, using a minimum salary to survive.

What are the sufferings and tears of laid-off veteran workers?

Doing the heaviest work

Some laid-off workers are back in the workforce, but the work they do is the lowest and hardest, like working in factories, doing small jobs on construction sites, cleaning jobs in communities, cleaning jobs in cities. The work they do is the most tiring and dirty – most people don't want to do it, and they get the least pay. They have no choice but to persevere, persevere, and persevere, every month, and they have to persevere.

Always living in toil

Today, with the continuous development of the market economy, it is possible to re-unemployment, whether it is re-employment or self-employment. Their income is not stable, they do not have any savings, and when they retire, they have to pay a high amount of social security, and some people do not pay social security at all, so in their old age, their life is not guaranteed. Everyone else is receiving a pension and leisurely enjoying their retirement life, while those who have been dismissed have to continue to work and make money, and there is no way, if they don't work, they won't have anything to eat.

Therefore, the bitterness and tears of those old employees who were dismissed are incomprehensible to ordinary people, the same ordinary people, but they all have lived extraordinary lives.

I entered the factory at the age of 18 and have been working for decades, working hard, enduring hardships and growing together with the company. It can be said that he has spent his whole life at work. He was already in his forties, and in order to reduce the burden on the personnel, he was forced to retire, but he was unwilling, so he was arranged in the workshop at the front line, carrying metal and grabbing time. There is a kind-hearted leader, who sees himself as pleasing to the eye, and gives himself a job that does not have to rush time, although he is moved, he has no choice but to forcibly buy it. After retirement, I have to pay my own pension insurance, even the basic housing provident fund and benefits are gone, after retirement, everything is like doing a trivial thing, which is a huge blow to my psychology and psychology, and has a great impact on my economy, which is the most painful memory in my life.

What are the sufferings and tears of laid-off veteran workers?

The old men in the state-owned enterprises have retired, but their contribution to the mainland's industrialization is obvious to all. He has made significant personal sacrifices for reform and opening up, state-owned enterprise reform, industrial transformation, upgrading, and optimization. There are both those who have been laid off and those who have been laid off, with very little salaries, and very little pensions. This is really a person under the eaves and has to bow his head. They are retired, old and infirm, and can only live on a meager pension. Many of the difficulties in illness and pension are helpless. Our country and government should pay more attention to them and provide them with a certain amount of old-age security, so as to live up to their expectations.