4-1, 2-1!

author:Energetic girl Guo Degang

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This weekend, the football field is bustling with activity, and it is simply a "Five Tigers Battle"!

First of all, Augsburg in the Bundesliga staged a 2-0 thrill on their home turf, beating Union Berlin to the ground.

4-1, 2-1!

This score is simply "the one who has fun and spoils the fun!"

"Watching this game, it feels like Augsburg is like a pack of lions hunting, and Union Berlin is like a bunny.

Then, Lazio was even more incredible, they swept Salernitana with a score of 4-1, and it was simply a game of "how lonely it is to be invincible with all the firepower!"

4-1, 2-1!

The players on the field are simply like fish in water, and the offensive is like a storm, Salernitana can't resist it at all!

Then, it was the turn of the Metz team to come on the field, and they faced the mighty Lens team and won the victory with a score of 2-1, which is simply a "counterattack myth"!

The Metz team is like an underrated hero, but in the end they proved their worth with their strength, and this feeling is like seeing an inspirational blockbuster!

4-1, 2-1!

Not to be outdone, Betis ended a losing streak with a narrow 2-1 win over Celta.

The match was a "game of the brave", with the Betis team acting like a determined warrior who finally came out of the doldrums and ushered in the dawn of victory.

4-1, 2-1!

Finally, we can't ignore Plymouth side in the Championship, who beat leaders Leicester City 1-0 at home and should not be underestimated.

This game is simply the story of "the rise of the dark horse and the fall of the giants"!

The Plymouth team was like an inconspicuous dark horse, but in the end it ran a jaw-dropping victory!

4-1, 2-1!

These matches are truly dizzying, star-studded, and the heroes on the pitch are like sparkling diamonds!

Let's talk about Dhaka first, this kid is a bomb on the field, as soon as he catches the ball, it is like igniting explosives, and the power is endless!

Hall is also a ruthless character, his long-range shot is like a football version of a "sniper", every kick is unguardable!

4-1, 2-1!

And Fatawu, who is simply a "technical otaku" in football, his skills are not covered!

The atmosphere of the game was even more tense and exciting, especially the Plymouth vs Leicester City game, which was a stalemate!

You see those players fighting like warriors, every minute and every second is a performance of their best!

4-1, 2-1!

In the end, Plymouth narrowly defeated the opponent with Bandu's goal, which is simply a plot of "successful counterattack, fighting monsters and upgrading"!

Soon after the opening, Lazio came with a deadly "murder weapon", Zaccagni shot hard outside the penalty area, straight to the goal, but unfortunately was blocked by the right post, this scene is like Xiao Ming invited Gong to say: "Oh, I shot very accurately, this time I almost went in!"

"Not to be outdone, Udinese's people tried to resist Lazio's attack, just like Xiao Qiang's desperate defense, not allowing Xiao Ming to score easily.

4-1, 2-1!

The situation on the field is full of twists and turns, just like the plot in a TV series, full of suspense.

Lazio kept creating attacking chances, and Immobile also tried to change the game with a powerful shot, but unfortunately the quality of the ball was not high enough, like a bomb in the movie, powerful, but sometimes the fuse was not long enough.

Udinese also had a good shot on goal, but it was blocked by the opposing goalkeeper in time, just as Xiao Ming's goal was saved by the goalkeeper.

4-1, 2-1!

The first half of the battle was 0:0, like a suspense movie, and the audience was worried and waiting for the ending.

Lazio had a 67% advantage on the field, like a ferocious tiger, but Udinese was not to be outdone and fought back, just like Xiaoqiang desperately guarding his own doorstep.

At the beginning of the second half, Udinese launched a rapid attack, like the villain in a funny movie suddenly showing his skills, and the Lazio defense was in danger.

4-1, 2-1!

In the 47th minute, Udinese finally broke the deadlock and scored a goal!

This scene is as thrilling as Xiao Qiang suddenly finding Xiao Ming's flaws and successfully scoring.

But Lazio were not reconciled, just like Xiao Ming immediately counterattacked after suffering a defeat, and just two minutes later, Zaccagni went straight to the left, the ball turned in the air, and it landed accurately into the net, and the score was tied again.

4-1, 2-1!

However, the game was not over yet, and Udinese seized the opportunity again in the 51st minute when Salaga volleyed it over!

This scene is like a reversal plot in a movie, which surprises and surprises the audience.

Although Maurizio Sarri tried to change the tide of the game with a substitution strategy, as if he were tweaking a movie script, the result was not as he would have been.

4-1, 2-1!

At the end of the game, Lazio's Pérez received a yellow card for a violation and eventually lost 1-2 to Udinese.

The end of the game, like the climactic scene at the end of the movie, is tense and exciting.

Lazio tried their best to get one back, but Udinese's defence was impregnable and unpredictable.

4-1, 2-1!

In the end, the game ended in defeat and the team suffered a serious blow, as if they had been caught off guard and lost face while acting, and Sarri felt very ashamed, as if he had made a low-level mistake and was ridiculed by everyone.

4-1, 2-1!

However, this match is not a simple contest of wins and losses, but also a profound challenge and lesson.

For Lazio, this defeat is a resounding wake-up call, reminding them not to take it lightly in future games, let alone underestimate any opponent, just like in life, when they encounter difficulties, they must face them bravely and keep improving in order not to be eliminated.

4-1, 2-1!

At the same time, this game also brought confidence to other teams, proving that anything is possible in football, just like in the big forest, the weak also have a chance to turn the tables, as long as they are willing to work hard and fight.

This kind of positive energy transmission is like inspiring everyone, no matter how big the difficulties and challenges encountered, we must persevere, do not give up lightly, only in this way, can we truly win.

4-1, 2-1!

Let's talk about the match between Augsburg and Union Berlin, which was nothing short of an attacking frenzy!

Union Berlin had a good first half, but the mistakes in the second half were a lesson for Augsburg!

Augsburg seized the opportunity to score a goal, as if it were "as easy as grabbing a jewel"!

4-1, 2-1!

And the Lazio vs Salernitana match, it was a wonderful offensive and defensive performance!

Anderson's goal was nothing short of "out of the sky", which was amazing!

The players on the field are like warriors, and the transition between offense and defense is fast, which is simply "possessed by the god of war"!

4-1, 2-1!

These competitions are not only sports competitions, but also convey positive energy and team spirit!

Whether it is winning or losing, everyone is doing their best, and this fighting spirit is the most worthy of our learning!

So, let's pay tribute to these heroes, learn from their fighting spirit, and let the positive energy continue to pass on on the field!