Sad and bitter daughter looking for relatives: My father wears a military uniform and is very powerful, and my mother has curly hair and is very beautiful

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Sad and bitter daughter looking for relatives: My father wears a military uniform and is very powerful, and my mother has curly hair and is very beautiful

Thousands of miles away, the faint clue is like looking for a needle in a haystack

The story begins in June 2005.

One day later that year, the Yongming Town Police Station of the Santai County Public Security Bureau in Sichuan Province received a long-distance phone call from a caller claiming to be Wang Hong, saying that she had been abducted and trafficked by traffickers to Chaozhuangzi Village, Nancheng District, Dingzhou City, Hebei Province, when she was four years old, and that she was now 28 years old, married and had children.

Wang Hong said that since she was abducted until now, she has been missing her biological parents, she has worked hard, and now she finally figured out that her biological parents are in Yongming Town, Santai County, Sichuan, and the trafficker who abducted and sold her back then was called Liang Wenshun.

Wang Hong also provided information to the police, saying that her father was a soldier in a yellow military uniform, and her mother had beautiful curly hair. Wang Hong said that more than 20 years have passed, and she guesses that her biological parents, who are already old, must also miss her, and she hopes that the police will help her find her parents and satisfy her wish for reunion.

The police officer who answered the phone repeatedly questioned Wang Hong, hoping to understand and grasp some information as much as possible, but Wang Hong could not provide more information except for the above situation. Fortunately, Wang Hong provided the name of the trafficker Liang Wenshun, and if he found Liang Wenshun, the problem could be solved.

However, when the police came to Liang Wenshun's home in Yongming Village, Yongming Town, his brother told the police that Liang Wenshun had been sentenced to death and shot in Inner Mongolia ten years ago for human trafficking, and he didn't even know where his ashes were. As for Liang Wenshun's abduction and trafficking in human beings, his brother did not know anything.

The traffickers are dead, and the already slim clues are even slimmer. The police decided to start by looking for Wang Hong's relatives, and through the town's armed forces department, they listed all the active and demobilized veterans from the late 70s to the early 80s, and investigated them one by one.

Then, through the family planning department, all the files of infants and young children born around the 80s were retrieved, and although there were still abducted and trafficked children, the overall situation did not match the information provided by Wang Hong. Because the abductee's father is not a soldier and has never been a soldier.

The clues are getting slimmer and smaller, and it is becoming more and more difficult to find Wang Hong's parents. The Yongming Police Station was exhausted, so it had to report the situation to the Santai County Public Security Bureau. The county public security bureau instructed the "anti-abduction office" to handle it. The leaders of the bureau demanded that they must do everything possible to find Wang Hong's relatives.

The Yongming Police Station has done the work that can be done, and there is no other good way to "crack down on abduction", so it is better to start with the trafficker Liang Wenshun to find clues.

It is understood that Liang Wenshun was sentenced by the Santai County Court in the 80s for human trafficking, and in this regard, the "Anti-Trafficking Office" transferred Liang Wenshun's case file from the Santai County Court, and there was such a message in his confession: In the early 80s, Dong Mou, a villager in a village in Tangxun Town, Mianyang City, was afraid of being fined because he had given birth to a child, so he handed over his daughter to Liang Wenshun and took him to another place to send him away. Back then, because Liang Wenshun confessed that he was giving it away instead of abducting and selling, and Dong also recognized that it was Liang Wenshun, the daughter of Chaosheng, who gave it away. Therefore, this situation was recorded in Liang Wenshun's confession, but no guilty verdict was made in the verdict.

In order to find out whether the girl was Dong's daughter, and it was Wang Hong, who is now seeking help, the police rushed to Tangxun Town, found Dong, and asked Dong if he had given birth to a daughter back then, and whether he had given it away.

However, Dong categorically denied that he had given birth to a daughter and gave it away. According to Dong, the actual situation that year was that Liang Wenshun brought a four or five-year-old girl to Dong's house, Liang said that the girl was born by a relative and was temporarily fostered in Dong's house, and about half a month later, Liang took the girl away, but it is not clear where she got it. Back then, Dong reported to the case-handling personnel that he was also talking about other people's super-born children, not his own super-born children.

The police suspected that Dong might be afraid of taking legal responsibility for trafficking his own daughter, so they explained the policy to him, saying that his daughter (referring to Wang Hong) is now grown up and wants to come back to recognize her parents, hoping that Dong will fulfill her daughter's wishes. But Dong firmly denied that Wang Hong was his daughter.

After an in-depth investigation by the police, the local villagers also proved that Dong did only have two children, and now that the two children have started a family, there was indeed no case of giving away the superborn daughter to others back then.

Dong's clue was fruitless, and the "Anti-Trafficking Office" immediately sent a letter to the Inner Mongolia High People's Court, requesting to consult the file of Liang Wenshun who was sentenced to death in Inner Mongolia, hoping to find clues from his file that Wang Hong was abducted and trafficked. The Inner Mongolia High People's Court said that they did not directly target the county-level public security department, but the Santai County Public Security Bureau immediately questioned the Inner Mongolia side through the Sichuan Provincial Public Security Department, and the result was that Liang Wenshun's file did not contain the circumstances of Wang Hong's abduction and trafficking.

Continuing to look for clues, the police found from the file of the Santai County Court that there was a woman named Li, who had been implicated in Liang Wenshun's abduction and trafficking, and the police quickly found Li's home, to the great disappointment of the police, Li's husband said that when Liang Wenshun was punished by law, Li was afraid of being implicated, so he ran away from home in 1986, and there has been no news so far, and his relatives have never had contact with him.

Just when the mountains and rivers were exhausted, the abduction police decided to find the aforementioned Dong again, hoping that Dong would recall the origin of the little girl taken away by Liang Wenshun back then.

However, the police did their work again and again, but Dong still couldn't tell the true origin of the little girl back then. However, Dong provided that Liang Wenshun's ex-wife may know some information and told Liang's wife's address - Luxi Town, Santai County.

The police immediately rushed to Luxi Town, Santai County, and found Liang's ex-wife Wu at the Luxi Distillery, Wu said that it was Liang Wenshun who did not take the right path at the beginning, and she divorced Liang Wenshun in 1986, and she did not know about Liang Wenshun's criminal activities at all.

The search for clues from human trafficker Liang Wenshun was all cut off. The Anti-Trafficking Office suspects that Wang Hong was not abducted in Yongming Town, Santai County. As a result, the Anti-Abduction Office transferred the registration of all the cases of abducted children in Santai County from the late 70s to the early 80s, but it still did not match Wang Hong's situation.

Looking for a needle in such a haystack is really exhausted and has completely entered a dead end.

Sad and bitter daughter looking for relatives: My father wears a military uniform and is very powerful, and my mother has curly hair and is very beautiful

The love of licking the calf supported her vow to reunite with her flesh and blood

In the process of trying to find clues about Wang Hong's parents, Wang Hong, who was anxiously looking forward to it, also continued to call the Santai County Public Security Bureau and the Yongming Town Police Station to inquire about the progress of the search, and also called the Sichuan Provincial Public Security Department for help.

What's more, Wang Hong was worried that the Sichuan public security "did not take it seriously and did not work hard", so she repeatedly called the Ministry of Public Security and asked the Ministry of Public Security to "supervise and handle it." For this reason, the Ministry of Public Security and the Provincial Public Security Department have repeatedly demanded that the Santai County Public Security Bureau must seriously investigate and report the investigation in a timely manner.

Under the "pressure" of the superiors and with a sense of responsibility to do practical things for the people, the "Crackdown on Abduction Office" carefully studied the situation of Wang Hong's parents for several months, looking for clues about Wang Hong's parents, and believed that the information provided by Wang Hong had reached the end of the mountain, so the only way out was still in Wang Hong herself. How did Wang Hong determine that she was from Yongming Town, Santai County, Sichuan, and where did her clues come from. In this regard, the three police decided to "ask Wang Hong for verification".

The phone calls of the three public security stations actually aroused Wang Hong's infinite bitterness, and her heart swelled with painful thoughts for more than 20 years.

24 years ago, Wang Hong was 4 years old. At that time, she was still ignorant, she didn't know where her hometown was, and what impressed her the most was that her father was a People's Liberation Army and her mother had curly hair, which was very good-looking. When she was brought to Dingzhou City, Hebei Province by traffickers, because she was sick, no one wanted to buy her, so the traffickers gave her away. An old couple surnamed Wang in their 50s in Chaozhuangzi Village, Nancheng District, had no children and no daughters, and they took pity on the little girl, so they took her in and named her Wang Hong.

Speaking from the heart, Wang Laohan and his wife are very good to Wang Hong, Wang Laohan is a credit union employee, and whenever he pays his salary, he always has to buy this and that for Wang Hong. As soon as Wang Hong had cold and pain, the two old men took care of her and asked her for medical advice. Gradually, Wang Hong accepted the two old men, calling them parents and parents.

However, in Wang Hong's heart, she always thinks of her own parents and parents. As she grows older, Wang Hong always feels that her adoptive parents are not as young as her own parents, and compared with her own age and her adoptive parents, her adoptive parents are like grandparents, and there is always a big generation gap in her heart. She thought that one day, it would be nice to see her father who was a People's Liberation Army and her mother with curly hair. In her mind, her parents have always been so young, always so handsome and beautiful.

It's been almost 20 years in the blink of an eye, and Wang Hong has grown up. The feeling of missing my biological parents is getting stronger day by day. However, Wang Hong didn't know where she came from, and her adoptive father and adoptive mother only said that they picked it up, but did not tell her how she picked it up. The people in the village also said the same, saying that she was abandoned by someone and was very ill, and it was her adoptive father and adoptive mother who saved her. The villagers also don't know where she came from.

However, a strong desire torments Wang Hong, and she misses her biological parents all the time. She learned from all sides that she was from the south, but she didn't know which province it was. Since the age of fifteen or sixteen, she has quietly written letters to Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou and other southern provinces, and she can't remember how many letters she wrote or where they were sent. Every time she wrote letters, she sent them according to the names of the cities and counties on the map, some to the Public Security Bureau, some to the Letters and Visits Office, and some to newspapers and television stations, but all the letters were lost in the sea and there was no reply.

Wang Hong sent a letter to find her parents, but although she was very "mysterious", her adoptive father and adoptive mother still found out about her. The adoptive mother is not in good health, and she is most worried that her daughter will suddenly leave one day, and she is also worried that Wang Hong will not recognize her adoptive father and adoptive mother if she really finds her biological parents.

However, the kind-hearted adoptive father and adoptive mother did not blame Wang Hong, but they were afraid that Wang Hong would leave, so they still turned around and found someone to persuade Wang Hong to die of the heart of finding her biological parents. Some villagers spoke very harshly, saying that Wang Hong was ungrateful, and didn't want to think that when she was sick and dying, it was her adoptive father and adoptive mother who saved her life, and now that she has grown up, her adoptive father and adoptive mother are old, but she tries to abandon her adoptive father and adoptive mother, which is really unconscionable.

Wang Hong was robbed of white by the villagers, and her heart was very painful. She is a very filial girl, she is afraid that her adoptive father and adoptive mother will be too sad, for two or three years, she has also given up sending letters, burying infinite thoughts in her heart, thinking that when her adoptive father and adoptive mother are old, she will look for her biological parents. In this life, if you don't reunite with your biological parents, you won't be blind when you die!

Two or three years later, in 2003, the 76-year-old adoptive mother died, and the adoptive mother told Wang Hong that people's hearts are flesh and blood, and she knew the pain of Wang Hong's missing biological parents, she said that after she and her wife died, Wang Hong could go to find her biological parents.

The adoptive mother also told Wang Hong that Wang Hong was from Sichuan, but she really didn't know where Wang Hong was in Sichuan. When her adoptive mother died, Wang Hong was already married to a young man surnamed Zhao in her village. The Zhao family also supported Wang Hong in finding her biological parents, so after her adoptive mother died, Wang Hong began to make various efforts to find her biological parents. Ms. Wang's actions were also supported by her 78-year-old adoptive father, who told her that the traffickers had also brought two women to Dingzhou, a 28-year-old Li and a 20-year-old Liu. If you find these two people, you may be able to know where Wang Hong came from in Sichuan back then.

Wang Hong was very happy to get this situation, and through various efforts, she found out that she was abducted by traffickers to Li's house in Dingzhou, and to her disappointment, Li had already fled (after Li fled back to Sichuan, because her husband suspected her of being involved in traffickers, she later ran away from home as mentioned above - reporter's note).

Li couldn't be found, and Wang Hong looked for Liu again. Fortunately, it didn't take long for Liu to be found. Liu told Wang Hong that back then, human trafficker Liang Wenshun deceived Li and Liu, saying that they could earn a lot of money by working in Hebei, and they were sold to Dingzhou City after being fooled. There was also a 4-year-old girl who went with her, this is "Wang Hong".

At that time, Liang Wenshun said that Wang Hong was a doll born by one of his relatives, and he was afraid of fines, so he took it to Hebei by the way to give it away.

After getting this clue, Wang Hong thought that Liang Wenshun was from Yongming Town, Santai County, Sichuan, and my "Wang Hong" was the supernatural daughter of Liang Wenshun's relatives, so it was very likely that I was from Yongming Town, Santai County.

After thinking like this, Wang Hong was extremely excited, and she finally knew roughly where she was from. She felt that she was about to be reunited with her biological parents. No matter what the reason for her parents in the first place, she would not blame them. Her parents gave birth to her, and she wants to repay her parents for their kindness. She couldn't wait to find her biological parents right away.

She pinned her hopes on the Yongming Police Station of the Santai County Public Security Bureau and asked the police station to help her find her parents as soon as possible. She looked forward to the reunion with her parents.

Sad and bitter daughter looking for relatives: My father wears a military uniform and is very powerful, and my mother has curly hair and is very beautiful


Wang Hong's call for help was made again and again, from the Ministry of Public Security to the Public Security Department, and from the Public Security Department to the Santai County Public Security Bureau. Wang Hong's deep affection for her parents stirred up the three public security.

The Santai County Public Security Bureau is an excellent public security bureau in the country, and the handling police feel that if Wang Hong is indeed a Santai person, but the Public Security Bureau cannot find her biological parents, it is really difficult to explain to Wang Hong, and it is also ashamed of the Santai parents and fellow villagers. The leaders of the Santai Public Security Bureau demanded that they go to every inch of land in Santai to find Wang Hong's biological parents.

The strength of the nu has been exhausted, the road that should have been taken, the clues that should have been searched have been searched, it seems unrealistic to say that it is necessary to go through every inch of land, modern information is so developed, why not use effective radio and television and various media to expand the scope of search?

Do it when you think of it. As a result, the three public security bureaus requested the assistance of the county television station to broadcast a special program "Searching for Relatives with True Love" on the three news stations every day. In order to enhance the visual image, the public security bureau asked Wang Hong to send photos of her growing up, and Wang Hong sent a series of photos of her growth from the age of 7 to the age of 28. These 8 people have their own statements, and they all said their daughter's physical characteristics, but after checking with Wang Hong, who is far away in Hebei, they were all denied.

However, a few villagers insisted that Wang Hong was their daughter, and they either went to the TV station or the public security bureau, some asked for a blood test, and some simply asked for Wang Hong's real address, and they wanted to go to Hebei to pick up their daughter.

Both the TV station and the Public Security Bureau deeply understand the feelings of these people who have lost their children, but their actual situation does not meet the characteristics provided by Wang Hong. The show has been broadcast for more than a month, and people who recognize relatives continue to appear, but there are no people who match the conditions.

One month, two months, three months, and finally, in March 2006, a man in a green uniform came to the Public Security Bureau. He said he was sure that Wang Hong was his daughter who disappeared 24 years ago.

This man's name is Long Taiwu, 56 years old at the time, and he lives in the second group of three villages in Yongfeng Township (also known as Baoquan Township) in Santai County.

When Long Taiwu reported his address, the receiving police couldn't help but be a little suspicious. Because, according to Wang Hong, his parents may be in Yongming Town, Santai County, and Yongming Town is more than 40 kilometers north of the county seat, and Yongfeng Township is more than 50 kilometers south of the county seat, and the two places are more than 100 kilometers apart (which is also the reason why the search will go to the end of the mountains and rivers before), such a long distance, will Long Taiwu be Wang Hong's biological parents?

Whether it is or not, since Long Taiwu has come to recognize his relatives, let's listen to the ins and outs of his daughter's disappearance.

Long Taiwu joined the army in 1972 and served in a unit in Beijing for 7 years. In 1976, she married Ren Xianglan, gave birth to her son Long Jinquan in 1977, and gave birth to her daughter Long Lirong in 1978. It was also this year that Long Taiwu retired from the army and went home to become a farmer.

After returning home, Long Taiwu still wore a green military uniform for a long time (until the reporter went to interview him, he still wore the green military uniform that he brought home after leaving the army). When his son and daughter were three or four years old, they often wore his military hat with red five-star to "show off" to show off his military prestige among the children in the same village.

On the fourth day of the fifth lunar month in 1982, because the next day was the Dragon Boat Festival, Long Taiwu discussed with his wife that he wanted to buy a new set of clothes for his son and daughter, and they would wear them during the Dragon Boat Festival. On this day, Long Taiwu used two baskets, one for his son and the other for his daughter, to buy clothes in Yongfeng Field, which was three kilometers away from home.

When they arrived on the street, because of the crowding, the couple put a pair of children and a basket at the door of a familiar neighborhood, Long Moumou, and asked Long Moumou to take care of it, and Long Taiwu and his wife went to the store to buy clothes.

More than half an hour later, Long Taiwu and his wife came back after buying clothes, but their son and daughter were gone, and asked Long Moumou, Long Moumou said, "I didn't pay attention to these two children, maybe they went to pee."

Long Taiwu and his wife hurriedly went to find it. However, from the upper street to the lower street, I ran back and forth for an unknown number of times, and there was no trace of my children. I chased five or six kilometers along the highway at the entrance and the entrance of the field, but there was still no one to be seen. In the evening, Long Taiwu's wife and niece, who were in elementary school, sent their 5-year-old son Long Jinquan over. Asked Long Jinquan, the child said that a man told him and his sister that their parents went to his aunt's place, and then this person led his brother and sister to the outside of the field, Long Jinquan walked to the gate of Yongfeng Primary School, and remembered that his aunt's daughter was also a cousin studying in school, so he ran to ask his cousin if his parents went to his cousin's house. Because my cousin was in class, he didn't see my cousin until she was out of school, and then my cousin sent him home.

In this way, the son was found, but the four-year-old daughter Long Lirong was missing. The next day, Long Taiwu and his wife fostered their son at a neighbor's house, borrowed more than 600 yuan, and began to look for them in neighboring towns. They searched outside for more than half a month, sleeping in a cave, squatting on the edge of the house, and endured a lot of hardships, but they did not find the slightest clue about their daughter.

After that, Long Taiwu and his wife continued to borrow money, spent more than 6,000 yuan successively, went out to look for it many times, but never found their daughter, but owed a lot of debts year after year, so until now, the family can't even afford to buy a TV. If it weren't for listening to other villagers talk about the "true love for relatives" of the three TV news, Long Taiwu would not have known that there was such a news.

The situation that Long Taiwu said was roughly consistent with the information provided by Wang Hong. But it is still not completely certain that Wang Hong is the daughter of Long Taiwu. So, the Public Security Bureau asked Long Taiwu to contact Wang Hong by phone, and through "telephone conversation", to see if Wang Hong could recall some things at home, so as to prove that Wang Hong was Long Taiwu's daughter. Otherwise, only a paternity test can be done.

On the phone, Long Taiwu talked with his "daughter" thousands of miles away for more than an hour, he was recalling, and his "daughter" was also reminiscing. But Wang Hong was only 4 years old when she disappeared, and her childhood memories were very limited. On the phone, perhaps because of blood relationship, none of them wanted to put down the phone, and it seemed that the more they talked, the closer they became, but because there were too few things that could be recalled, it was necessary to further determine whether they were father and daughter.

After putting the phone, Long Taiwu made a heart and immediately bought a cordless phone, he wanted to talk slowly with his "daughter" on the phone, slowly reminisce, and find back the life of his missing daughter.

After the phone was bought, every night, Long Taiwu had to call Wang Hong and talk to his "daughter". The dragon wife also talked to her "daughter" on the phone, but because there were really too few things to recall, it seemed impossible to prove that Wang Hong was Long Taiwu's daughter.

Wang Hong, who was thousands of miles away, also had doubts about whether Long Taiwu and his wife were her biological parents.

However, one day, an unexpected person evoked Wang Hong's distant and deep memories. Because of this memory, Wang Hong finally cried "Dad, Mom" on the phone.

Coincidentally. One day, a woman in her 30s from the same village who married to a foreign country in the same village went home to visit her parents, and heard that Long Taiwu had set up a telephone at home, in order to find the memories of the past with her "daughter" who was thousands of miles away. The woman said that when she was in high school (i.e. grades 5 to 6), she knew best that once Long Lirong was scratched by a dog's paw and bled out, and after the injury was healed, Long Lirong left a scar on the corner of her left eye. That scar made Long Lirong "broken", and it looked obvious.

Speaking of their daughter being caught by a dog, Long Taiwu and his wife were also excited. They also remember this incident vividly, but for some reason, they haven't remembered it for so long. After being reminded by the woman, Long Taiwu immediately called Wang Hong, talking about being caught by a dog back then, Wang Hong on the other end of the phone seemed to have opened the floodgates of childhood memories suddenly, and she actually said how she was scratched by a dog because she was playing with a puppy, and how she was called "Sister Taotao" (It was the woman who remembered being caught by the dog) who beat the dog to death, and gave her a red potion and other episodes, and the other end of the phone and the other end of the phone scrambled to tell the scene of the year, and as they talked, the other end of the phone was called "Daddy, Mom" again and again, and Long Taiwu and his wife wept.

Wang Hong is Long Lirong, the daughter of Long Taiwu back then, and when the news came out, the police of the Santai County Public Security Bureau's Anti-Trafficking Office were very happy and expressed their heartfelt blessings to Wang Hong for finding her biological parents.

The Dragon Boat Festival in May, that is, the day Wang Hong (Long Lirong) disappeared that year, she returned to her hometown from thousands of miles away. In order to welcome his daughter, Long Taiwu notified his two sons who worked in Guangdong (after the daughter disappeared, Long Taiwu and his wife gave birth to another son), and the family chartered a van to rush to Chengdu Shuangliu Airport to take their daughter back to their home in Santai Yongfeng Township.

Sad and bitter daughter looking for relatives: My father wears a military uniform and is very powerful, and my mother has curly hair and is very beautiful

The flag bearer is Yang Yong, a police officer who "cracks down on abduction" in Santai County

Wang Hong returned to her hometown with her husband and son after 24 years of separation, and was warmly welcomed by the villagers. Long Taiwu held a wedding banquet, eating, drinking, and it was really lively for three consecutive days. After that, Long Taiwu's daughter Wang Hong (i.e., Long Lirong) and son Long Jinquan sent a big red pennant to the Santai County Public Security Bureau, expressing their family's infinite gratitude.