Can fried chicken franchise make money? An article tells you the truth about catering entrepreneurship

author:Fried Chicken Queen Franchise Center

  There is a very significant feature of the catering industry, that is, the business will not be too bad at any time, which is closely related to its people's livelihood needs.

  No matter how the economic environment changes, people always need to maintain the most basic living needs through food, the slight difference is that with the improvement of public living standards and changes in catering needs, more and more people have begun to pursue a high-quality life.

  So, is it worth doing catering business now? We might as well understand through a set of data comparison: according to the latest catering data, the growth rate of the catering industry from January to February 2024 is 12.5%, compared with 20.4% in 2023, the catering industry this year is showing a slowdown in growth, and the overall growth is mainly stable, and it is gradually transitioning to a normal growth stage.

  In this regard, Peng Jianzhen, president of the China Chain Store & Franchise Association, believes that from the perspective of the overall economic environment, as China's economy enters a new economic cycle, the future growth rate of catering may further slow down, and in the face of the new cycle, catering people should learn to adapt to the environment and know how to maintain competitiveness in the fierce market.

  A very important keyword is "slowing growth", which also means that the entrepreneurial environment of the catering industry may become more competitive in the future, and entrepreneurs who want to do fried chicken business will also face many challenges and pressures. Of course, it is not without opportunities to do fried chicken business, especially in recent years, with the emergence of catering franchise brands, many entrepreneurs have been helped to obtain entrepreneurial opportunities.

  What are the advantages of fried chicken franchise? Why do more and more people choose fried chicken restaurants to join? Specifically, the advantages of fried chicken franchise are as follows:

  1. Cost management

  Some people may say that if you choose to join a fried chicken restaurant, you will need to pay a payment fee regardless of whether you can make money in the end, so how can you talk about the advantages of its "cost management"?

  In fact, this problem is indeed possible, if you choose an unreliable fried chicken franchise brand, you will lose all the money, but on the contrary, if you choose a fried chicken franchise brand that can bring stable income, there will be some essential differences, the most intuitive performance is that it can save costs for entrepreneurs, for example, in the process of site selection, there will be professional teachers to the local business district to screen out the most suitable location for opening a store according to the needs of entrepreneurs, and through negotiation to help entrepreneurs obtain a store in a class A business district with the lowest rent, in addition, such as operation and promotion, business guidance and the supply of ingredients are all part of the cost budget, which can also bring entrepreneurs the convenience of low-cost entrepreneurship.

Can fried chicken franchise make money? An article tells you the truth about catering entrepreneurship

  2. Risk control

  As we all know, entrepreneurship is risky, investment needs to be cautious, no matter any venture capital project has a certain risk, that is to say, there is a certain uncertainty in entrepreneurship, and to avoid the risk in the process of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs need to have a certain experience in the operation and management of catering stores.

  However, if you choose to join the fried chicken restaurant, such as the fried chicken queen is obviously different, this is because the brand was the first to make a fortune as a supermarket store, which has accumulated a lot of market experience and reputation for the brand, and at the same time, the brand provides entrepreneurs with a "whole store output" model, including store location, decoration design, technical training, opening guidance, operation promotion and later supervision, etc., all of which are guided by professional teachers, which can avoid entrepreneurial risks to the greatest extent, so as to make entrepreneurship easier.

Can fried chicken franchise make money? An article tells you the truth about catering entrepreneurship

  3. R&D and innovation

  A very important factor in whether a fried chicken restaurant can continue to gain the favorability of consumers is whether the taste of the product can be recognized by consumers, and the taste needs of consumers are not static, so it needs to be constantly developed and innovated, so as to continuously increase the favorability of consumers.

  If the entrepreneur chooses to join the fried chicken restaurant, the actions required for the research and development of new products, such as market research and new product development, do not need to worry about the entrepreneurs themselves, because the brand headquarters will regularly develop new products, and share the ingredient formula and frying skills of the new products with the entrepreneurs for free, so as to ensure that the fried chicken franchise store will always be loved by consumers.

Can fried chicken franchise make money? An article tells you the truth about catering entrepreneurship

  In short, the competition in the catering industry will become more and more "volume" in the future, rather than being alone by a bunch of trivial "little things" to wear out the energy, it is better to choose to keep warm, through fried chicken to get the support of the brand headquarters, which may become an inevitable trend of future entrepreneurship.

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