What is more valuable than gold is human attention? Yes

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Each of us is like a giant hourglass, being pulled by countless trivial things every day, which seem insignificant, but like chains that bind our freedom.

I remember a friend asking me how I could make the most of my daily energy instead of wasting it. He always felt that he had wasted a lot of time, obviously he hadn't done anything, but he felt as if he was tired, that invisible tiredness. Most of the mental deficiencies have a trait that they can see a palpable tearing sensation, their time is shattered, and they are unable to concentrate on one thing. Every day is occupied by trivial things, I want to break the situation, I want to change, but I have more than enough energy to do it, resulting in endless internal friction.

What is more valuable than gold is human attention? Yes

Human attention is more valuable than gold. To learn to relax and focus, so that you need to do less every day. What you pay attention to in the long term will determine what kind of person you become, and the attention span of another person in a day is extremely limited, and it will be gone. Switching between different things consumes a lot of attention. Each switch consumes a lot of energy. You must know that people's thinking and behavior have inertia and will form habits. When you get into one state and then switch to another, you have to put a lot of effort into changing your mindset.

So, really good people do very little every day and may only focus on one or two things a day. At this time, his energy is extremely concentrated and full, which is called focusing. Focus is the greatest force in the world, and I believe that many successful people should understand this sentence. However, most people's day-to-day time is highly fragmented, and in the end, almost 80% of your energy isn't actually doing anything serious, but is being spent switching tasks.

What is more valuable than gold is human attention? Yes

We yearn for change, but we feel powerless, and we are exhausted by inner struggles and internal friction. So, how can you break this vicious cycle and regain control of your life?

First of all, we need to be clear: change is not an overnight process, it requires gradual adaptation and adaptation. Here are a few tips I hope will inspire you:

1. Set priorities and focus on core goals

Setting clear goals is the first step. Whether it's at work, at school, or in life, you need to set a core goal for yourself. Once you have a goal, you can focus your time, energy, and attention on it. In this process, don't be overly obsessed with trivial things, learn to let go, and stop losses in time.

2. Develop efficient time management skills

Once you have a goal and direction, it's time to start moving. You need to find time management skills that work for you, such as the Pomodoro technique, the four-quadrant method, etc. These methods can help you plan your time wisely and avoid wasting too much time on trivial matters.

3. Establish a list of tasks and gradually remove obstacles

Once you have a priority list and time management skills, it's time to gradually get rid of the little things that are holding you back from achieving your core goals. You can divide your to-do list into short-term and long-term tasks, starting with short-term tasks and gradually building confidence and experience. As you become more proficient at handling chores, you will find yourself much more efficient.

What is more valuable than gold is human attention? Yes

Dear Lens family, if we want to get rid of internal friction and break through the situation and be reborn, we need to learn to plan our time and energy reasonably. Of course, this is a protracted battle that requires our continuous efforts and perseverance. Trust me, as long as you are willing to change, you can definitely get the life you want!

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