Sora has become the current traffic password, and those who rely on AI to sell courses are the first to become popular

Sora has become the current traffic password, and those who rely on AI to sell courses are the first to become popular

The commercial use of AI is not yet clear, and those who sell AI courses will make money first.

After OpenAI released Sora, an AI video tool for Wensheng, AI video became popular, and the first thing that stirred up was the boom in AI knowledge payment. The first financial reporter learned that the current AI courses or paid community content includes how to use artificial intelligence-related technologies to create text and pictures, how to apply for Sora internal beta qualification, etc. And there are many people who are willing to pay for AI courses.

There is nothing wrong with looking for business opportunities in the AI wave, but some people also question that the content of AI courses focuses on introducing AI itself and some superficial usage, and the course makers themselves do not have enough understanding of AI, and the course is not very useful. In addition, Sora has not yet been opened for public beta, and the actual effect and detailed use of it are not yet known, so the rush to talk about using Sora to monetize may be of limited use.

What is the gold content of AI courses?

Recently, some netizens said in the video comment area of Li Yizhou, who sells AI-related courses, "Since Sora is on fire, you are the only Chinese god in the AI circle who can be on an equal footing with Altman."

Sora has become the current traffic password, and those who rely on AI to sell courses are the first to become popular

Li Yizhou replied to the comment, saying, "I will continue to work hard, and the big bulls who make big models and open up in China will continue to chase Altman!" Subsequently, Li Yizhou deleted the reply. There is also a spoof of "two AI giants in China and the United States" circulating on the Internet, one of which is Sam Altman, the founder of OpenAI, and the other is Li Yizhou, who sells AI-related courses in the field of short videos in China.

As one of the representatives of the sales of AI courses, according to public information, Li Yizhou is a Ph.D. in Industrial Design and Design Innovation Methods and the Institute of Design Strategy and Prototype Innovation at Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts. He studied at the School of Design and Art of Hunan University for both his bachelor's and master's degrees. After Sora sparked a large-scale discussion, Li Yizhou posted a video on his video account with the theme of "The Sino-US Game Behind Sora".

The reporter's investigation found that at present, Li Yizhou has accounts on Douyin, Video Account, and Xiaohongshu, and conducts live broadcasts from time to time, but the recent live broadcast content is all recorded videos, introducing the content of the AI course priced at 199 yuan.

"The course includes at least 10 kinds of AI tools to improve efficiency, 0 basic and 0 threshold enlightenment, limited to the top 200 students, 1 million computing power units per person, a total of 40 lessons, and practical teaching." ”

After the reporter purchased the corresponding course, he received an official phone call prompting that there would be a text message to add the official WeChat assistant. The content of the SMS is a link to the AI course and a way to add a teaching assistant.

After the reporter clicked on the course link, the page showed that the 199 yuan AI course package mainly includes 39 lessons, including the introduction of the interface of a boat life map, SD (Stable Diffusion) life map interface introduction, language model interface introduction, drawing interface introduction, language model interface introduction, what is computing power and token, 10 uses of artificial intelligence, what is artificial intelligence and AI2.0, what is the artificial intelligence that has exploded the whole network, How does artificial intelligence help us tutor children, how to make good use of AI (including writing resumes and cover letters, mock interviews), notion AI, AI rapid PPT, AI image enlargement tool, AI image vectorization tool, AI removing image background, AI generated logo pattern, online version of stable diffusion, basic formula for AI-generated pictures, model selection, picture control, line drawing coloring, picture book stories, silhouette digital human, digital human primer, Comprehensive case study of digital human, talk about science and technology Lecheng, talk about Jirui technology Wu Bin, and how to manage time.

Sora has become the current traffic password, and those who rely on AI to sell courses are the first to become popular

To sum up, among the 39 lessons, 6 classes introduced the use and charging of AI-related technologies, 3 classes were video recordings of Li Yizhou's conversations with others, and 2 classes talked about time management. The remaining 28 lessons are mainly the introduction of related artificial intelligence technologies and the demonstration of operation through tools such as Jianying. The 24 lessons in the entire package are less than 10 minutes long.

In the "10 Uses of Artificial Intelligence" course, 6 uses are used to write articles. The "AI Digital Human" course lasts for 3 minutes and 37 seconds, and the content mainly demonstrates how to use ByteDance's Jianying tool to make a digital human. The "Digital Human Comprehensive Case" course mainly demonstrates how to be an AI monk through the flash cutting tool.

In addition to demonstrating other companies' AI tools, Li Yizhou also said in the live broadcast that the self-developed "Yizhou Shengtu" needs to consume computing power, and it needs to continue to purchase after the computing power in the course package is consumed. In the course "What is Computing Power and Token", Li Yizhou introduced how to buy.

The reporter then added WeChat, the assistant related to Yizhou AI classroom, and saw on its recommended AI tool website, Yizhou Intelligence, that in order to increase the number of uses or conversations of language models such as Yizhou Intelligence and image models such as Yizhou Life Map, you need to pay to become a member. Among them, diamond members who can have unlimited conversations with Yizhou Intelligence and Yizhou Internet Plus language models, and can use Yizhou Life Map to generate up to 3990 pictures, need to pay 399 yuan per month. According to the website, the main difference between the different packages is the amount of computing power provided, with the more expensive membership packages having more computing power. After sending the question, the website chatbot replied to the reporter that Li Yizhou is the founder of Yizhou Intelligence, which is developed by Beijing Prompt Technology Co., Ltd. and is the Chinese version of the ChatGPT model developed by OpenAI.

Enterprise investigation shows that there are 8 enterprises related to Li Yizhou and existing or in business, of which in addition to Hangzhou Wisdom Singularity Business Consulting Partnership (Limited Partnership) Li Yizhou invested 10 million yuan, the registered capital of the rest of the companies is less than 1.5 million yuan, and the business scope of several companies includes artificial intelligence application software development, artificial intelligence basic software development, one sells smart homes such as smart bedside lamps, and the rest are difficult to see the main business.

As of press time, Li Yizhou's latest 199 yuan AI course package sold 162,000 yuan, with a total sales of 32.238 million yuan.

In December 2022, Li Yizhou said in a Douyin video that before the age of 35, he had a debt of 10 million, but after the age of 35, he can now steadily earn an extra 10 million a year.

Previously, Li Yizhou introduced his AI course in the comment area below his video account, emphasizing that every ordinary person should learn and use artificial intelligence well, he said, "We need our own big model, our own real AI, cynicism and blind singing are either stupid or bad." Do your own thing and let others do the talking. Li Yizhou then deleted the comment.

Are Sora paid tutorials also good business?

In fact, in addition to Li Yizhou's AI course, there have also been many paid courses or paid columns with Sora as a gimmick on the knowledge dissemination platform recently.

On February 20, the first financial reporter searched for "Sora" as a keyword on the knowledge payment platform "Knowledge Planet", and the results showed that the platform has more than 30 similar communities, of which 10 communities need to pay to join, and the payment amount ranges from 50 yuan to 198 yuan. According to statistics, most of the above-mentioned paid communities are themed on teaching users how to use Sora or using Sora to make money, with more than 50 and more than 200 community users.

The reporter randomly joined one of the paid communities and found that this type of community is similar to an online forum, where a lot of documents about Sora are shared, and community members are allowed to ask questions and interact with the main leaders of the community. Paid content refers to documents and text tutorials that are shared within the community.

The reporter found a copy of the "Sora Primer Manual" in the community, which was described by the community leader as "the most up-to-date and comprehensive Sora document". After clicking on it, I found that the outline of this 33-page document is mainly divided into the introduction of Sora, how to apply for the internal test qualification, the case analysis of Sora's Wensheng video, the top ten ways to use Sora to monetize, the principle of Sora, and the application scenarios of Sora.

After reading it in detail, the reporter found that the content under the above outline is extremely rough, about 80% of the content is the "handling" and collage of network search results, and there is very little original content. Even in the "Principle of Sora" section, the document directly intercepts the answer of a large model in China. In addition to the documentation, what is valuable in the community is some Sora-related news updates.

Subsequently, the reporter added the WeChat account of Duncan, the head of the community, on the grounds that he wanted to make money through Sora. In the chat, the reporter found that Duncan, like Li Yizhou, is not engaged in fields related to artificial intelligence. When talking about the "courses" he uploaded in the community, Duncan told reporters that the content he posted was basically from the Internet, and his work was only to collect, organize and summarize information related to Sora.

"Now learn about Sora, you have to know enough about this product to be able to sell classes, bring goods, etc., and get started quickly after the account comes out (referring to Sora's open beta to the public)" "Seize this wave of wind and take a look at the money-making tutorial". Duncan said in the chat that his main purpose in building a paid knowledge community is to take advantage of the information gap to make a profit.

In addition to spreading knowledge related to Sora and artificial intelligence, Duncan also teaches others how to use Sora to make money in the community, and he has summed up ten ways to make money: 1. Sell Sora accounts or invitation code fees; 2. Use Sora to generate videos and start as self-media; 3. Pay for knowledge and make Sora-related tutorials; 4. Use Sora to make live broadcasts of novel videos and tweets to promote Sora-related paid products;5. Live broadcast to promote Sora-related paid products;6. Make Sora tools and websites for shelling;7.Do e-commerce, search terms around Sora;8.Upload videos generated by Sora to the material website;9.Generate videos on behalf of others;10.Sell high-quality video generation prompts.

At present, it seems that the third rule of the above method, i.e., knowledge payment, requires the least amount of time and labor to produce Sora-related tutorials before Sora is open for testing to the general public. Duncan set the entry fee threshold for his community at 99 yuan, and when asked how to price these disseminated "courses", Duncan told reporters that he did not give an objective standard, only told reporters to "look at you" and "look at the content".

In the face of the information gap of artificial intelligence, some paid courses simply sell conceptual content to users with a "teach them to fish" attitude, while arbitrarily setting prices. And this is also the main way for most speculators, including Duncan and Li Yizhou, to make the "first pot of gold" by borrowing the new gimmick of artificial intelligence.

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