Li Yizhou, who is also hailed as "the Chinese AI god on an equal footing with Ultraman"

Li Yizhou, who is also hailed as "the Chinese AI god on an equal footing with Ultraman"

"The only Chinese AI god who is on an equal footing with Ultraman. ”

Sora is on fire, and Li Yizhou is also on fire, but this sentence is not what I said.

Recently, there has been a picture of "the two AI giants of China and the United States" circulating in the circle of friends. On the left is Sam Altman of OpenAI, an absolute leader in the AI industry. The other one was funny, that was Li Yizhou, a self-media blogger who sold AI courses on Douyin and Xiaohongshu live broadcasts. The reason is simple, his AI class sold out. According to the data circulating in the industry, the revenue has been in the hundreds of millions.

Li Yizhou, who is also hailed as "the Chinese AI god on an equal footing with Ultraman"

It's just that this is a society that speaks with results. Although he only sells classes, some netizens commented under Li Yizhou's video account, "Since sora is on fire, you are the only Chinese god in the AI circle who can be on an equal footing with Ultraman", Li Yizhou himself replied "I will continue to work hard". It's really a dare to say, a dare to take it, if you dare to tell a joke, I will dare to take the joke.

With Li Yizhou's sudden enrichment came a huge scolding, which had many levels.

OpenAI's successive moves, including the emergence of Sora, have made countless AI practitioners nervous. A few days ago, I chatted with an investor and asked how to look at Sora, and the other party admitted that he would no longer look at several technology projects in similar directions that he was talking about.

The AI war is scorching, and when AI practitioners are carrying risks and burning money to roll up technology, computing power, and computing business, a "water seller" who doesn't seem to be in the stream has made a lot of money by selling Xiaobai AI courses, and is also known as "equal to Ultraman", which is difficult to make practitioners who are really doing things feel balanced.

Get rich on the cusp of the waves, this money is hot.

What a person

The cultivation of "a Chinese AI god on an equal footing with SamAltman" is also a process of China's top students taking off Kong Yiji's long shirt.

His Douyin introduction has several tags: Ph.D. from Tsinghua University, founder of three technology companies, tens of millions of financing, professional manager, good at solving AI artificial intelligence, business model, knowledge IP and traffic problems.

Among this near-perfect persona, three labels are the most attractive: Tsinghua Ph.D., artificial intelligence, and the founder of a technology company. However, after a deep investigation, it is not very tenable, which is one of the reasons why Li Yizhou was criticized.

Personality is an important part of the self-media, after all, everyone has a strong nature, and being born in a prestigious school is one of the best labels, in recent years, Peking University sisters, Tsinghua seniors, and Harvard dads have been popular on Douyin and Xiaohongshu.

Dr. Tsinghua on Li Yizhou's lips is real, but the purity cannot be regarded as the highest. His bachelor's and master's degrees are at Hunan University, and his doctorate is at Tsinghua University, not full of Miao Zhenggenhong, the important thing is that his major is not related to artificial intelligence, and the description is also very awkward "Industrial Design and Design Innovation Methods Major, Design Strategy and Prototype Innovation Institute", which belongs to Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts.

In addition to self-media content, Li Yizhou's public information is not much, and there is an ancient material that is the most representative.

In 2012, Li Yizhou, who was studying at Tsinghua University, appeared on the popular workplace reality show "You Belong". In the face of the bosses sitting in the audience, including Zhou Hongyi, Wang Xiaochuan, Li Guoqing and other first-generation Internet bulls, Li Yizhou's performance is very good, and it is difficult not to be a fan.

He showed excellent eloquence and typhoon, double business online, and there was something to say. He is sensitive to the new trends of the Internet, and has done his homework on various companies, and analysis and insight come as soon as he opens his mouth. He expressed his respect for every boss, but his posture was high, he made reasonable and measured comments on each business, and a wave of entrepreneurs were coaxed by the boss, and he was also crowned with the title of "the strongest job seeker".

This is a young man with excellent all-round strength. But these did not make Li Yizhou go better, and the business was repeatedly defeated.

According to public reports, Li Yizhou graduated from Tsinghua University in 2013 and founded Keywu Technology, the initial direction was to provide a set of software and hardware solutions for female users, and successively launched mobile power supplies, 3dD printing accessories, sleep recorders and other products, and the financing record ended in Series B.

After that, Li Yizhou switched to self-media and began to take off Kong Yiji's long shirt.

Tsinghua doctor, eloquence, and talent, Li Yizhou has almost perfect, dimensionality reduction and combat ability and personality. But his road to self-media was not smooth at first, and his initial positioning was a business elite and sharing business knowledge, a bit like the set of things that investors transformed into self-media. It doesn't matter if the investment can't go on, and it doesn't matter if the business is not successful, we have cognition. However, the audience is narrow and lacks commercialization, so for a long time, his Douyin fans were fixed at about 6,000.

Until February 2021, he released a short video that was different from the past and confided in his heart: After the age of 35, how many friends feel the same way as me?

"Cognition" is a new generation of chicken soup for the soul, which sounds reasonable and useful, although it has no substantive use, it always makes people psychologically comforted, which is the pain point and outlet that Li Yizhou has insight into. After the success of the start, Li Yizhou grasped the traffic passwords such as "how the poor counterattack, how ordinary people get rich, and how the rich recognize", and opened the knowledge payment that attracted countless money, and it is said that he realized more than 20 million in 4 months.

At the beginning of 2023, ChatGPT exploded worldwide. Li Yizhou decisively gave up the "ordinary people turning over" course with a monthly sales of millions, and instead launched the "artificial intelligence course that a family of three must learn" for 199 yuan. In the promotion of Douyin and Xiaohongshu, he is always shouting "There are less than 10 places left, and the price will increase immediately". But Li Yizhou's AI class did sell out.

Li Yizhou saw a huge need. Contemporary migrant workers all have different career dilemmas, and the impact of AI on their careers is too fierce, and they can't lie down, and they always want to do something to change the status quo. Buying a course is the best psychological outlet, even if you eat ashes after buying it, you have lied to yourself that you have worked hard.

Why the explosion

It turns out that selling water, maps, and shovels to gold diggers makes more money than those who go into the water to pan for gold. Although it may seem a bit out of the way, it is low-cost, low-risk, and rewarding.

Now we can talk about how much money Li Yizhou made and why Li Yizhou made money.

An earlier data shown to me by a senior MCN entrepreneur shows that in 3 years, Li Yizhou earned 175 million yuan just by selling courses, of which the income of "Everyone's Artificial Intelligence Lesson" was 27.86 million yuan, and the income of "One Boat One Lesson" with a unit price of 2,980 yuan was 149 million yuan.

You see, the business of selling courses is also in line with the "rule of 28", and courses with higher unit prices contribute most of the income. It should be noted that the 175 million earned by Li Yizhou is probably the data of half a year ago, and it does not include the income of "Yizhou Intelligence" members and other products.

Whether it is tens of millions or hundreds of millions, Li Yizhou has made a lot of money by selling AI courses, this matter is certain, there is nothing to question, what surprises me is that the number of people who pay for the course of 199 yuan is 140,000, and the number of people who pay for 2980 yuan is 50,000. Roughly calculated, further repurchase of 10 times more expensive products, the conversion rate actually exceeded 30%.

"Attracting new customers" and "repurchase" are both explosive orders, how did Li Yizhou do it?

First of all, look at attracting new customers. The above-mentioned entrepreneur told me that the team began to study Li Yizhou very early, and he began to transform into selling AI courses in mid-2021, and before that, he was already the absolute head IP of new media knowledge payment, "At that time, among the accounts selling IP courses on Douyin, Li Yizhou was at least the Top 3 level." ”

Therefore, at the level of "attracting new users", Li Yizhou's ability is beyond doubt, which stems from his mastery of the "core technology" of selling courses - "speech skills and field control in the live broadcast room".

Here's a pretty apt little example. Yesterday, I saw a complaint in the circle of friends that "if you don't buy classes, you will be pitted", to the effect that just because Li Yizhou said in the live broadcast room, "The skill of forcing orders is good", it was quickly blocked, which led to playing the mini program game later, and Li Yizhou's live broadcast promotion appeared in the level and could not enter, and the game could not be played.

But she still agrees with Li Yizhou's marketing skills, because it can "screen out the target customers to the greatest extent and reduce the follow-up conversion cost". It's kind of ridiculous: you can hate him, but you can't disapprove of him.

The above-mentioned entrepreneurs also confirm this view. I have always believed that impulsive consumption is the motivation for buying courses in the live broadcast room, but he said that the people who saw the "comparison chart of Chinese and American large models" are most likely not Li Yizhou's target customers, and the people who buy courses in the live broadcast room will not be the mainstream users of AI large models at this stage.

Therefore, the customers who will be "impulsive" are just the result of Li Yizhou's accurate screening, don't reverse the causal logic between them. The high repurchase rate is actually the same reason, from the moment you enter Li Yizhou's private domain, a wonderful "harvesting" drama begins, but this is what you and I want, just like I am an adult, I lose money in A shares with my strength, and I can't complain about others.

Referring to the wonderful discussion of the "Voting and Tucao Conference" in the issue of "Questioning Wang Cen, Understanding Wang Cen, and Becoming Wang Cen", I try to reproduce what kind of money Li Yizhou makes.

The first is emotions, most of which are anxiety and a small part are about the future. How can a modern person not know and not know how to use artificial intelligence and large models?

"Business needs passion or desire, not knowledge, so in an age where knowledge is everywhere in ours, how to confuse knowledge, make people forget knowledge, and return to the state of primitive passion and desire, is the key to winning or losing business." "It's a bit extreme, but that's what it means.

Then there's the character design. Talking about artificial intelligence in the name of Tsinghua University, before speaking, the target user believed half of it first, plus "the founder of a number of technology companies", and it does have AI-related products (Yizhou Intelligence), customers don't care if you are an API or a shell, you can use it, it's easy to use, as for the membership packages like "Amber" and "Gold" in the back, it's still that sentence, customers have the strength to pay.

Then there are feelings. Someone commented under Li Yizhou's video account, "Since you have become popular, you are the only Chinese god in the AI circle who can be on an equal footing with Ultraman", followed by three expressions covering their faces. Look at how people reply, "I will continue to work hard", "We need our own big model, thinking that ridicule and singing are either stupid or bad", "Do your own thing and let others say it"...... If you don't say it on the same channel, there will always be someone who will pay for this kind of feeling.

Li Yizhou, who is also hailed as "the Chinese AI god on an equal footing with Ultraman"

Finally, there is "knowledge", which can also be called talking points. Compared with research papers, it is much easier to read relevant books, or even search for how to use such "high-cost actions" in large models, and buy a class to watch a few minutes of videos. Therefore, there are also such voices: Li Yizhou has contributed to the popularization and introduction of science for domestic low-level users.

The above is the "virtual" part of Li Yizhou, as well as the "real", that is, a series of products set up "carefully", preceded by courses, short videos and live broadcast traffic, through the proven and skilled private domain operation skills and processes, to achieve interlocking paid conversion. But I won't introduce it too much, so as not to be accidentally injured.

The MCN entrepreneur summed it up well, Li Yizhou talked about "how you make money", but he always emphasized that the delivery is "knowledge" and tools, "it is impossible to guarantee that you can make money".

The gameplay and rules in the era of short videos and live broadcasts are all the same, as for whether it is selling AI lessons or something else, it really doesn't matter, there are always new species coming out, isn't it?


The one who asked Li Yizhou why he was scolded, and why he was scolded so extensively and so unfeelingly? To put it another way, who can make money without being scolded now? What's more, you are not making a fortune in a muffled voice, you are getting rich on the cusp of the waves.

At the beginning, Wang Cen just changed careers to become a blogger, and he was also "discussed" enough, but Brother Cen was born as a "serious investor", rooted in Miaohong, a partner of a big fund, even if he changed careers to eat crabs, he did not let go of the old skills of consumption, as for the business model, no matter if you call it cutting leeks, knowledge payment or business training, at least he still eats with real skills, and there is a layer of "duty" background. But the AI track is so new, at least relatively new, you are in a new track, enter so late, but first hold the rice bowl steady, which naturally makes the spectators unhappy: we haven't taken chopsticks yet, why do you eat first?

On the other hand, it is difficult to say that Li Yizhou is not scolded for others. "The two giants of Chinese and American AI, Ultraman vs Li Yizhou" is really not for nothing, Mr. Li is now being scolded by the magnitude of "Chinese AI giants".

As you can see, the anxious mentality of AI competition is definitely not limited to practitioners, but also to the business community and even public opinion. If you want to know the truth, look at the rumors first. What is a rumor? It is the closest word to the heart.

After the explosion of Sora, first some people said that Xie Saining, who was born in the ACM class of Jiaotong University, was one of the inventors, and then some people said that ByteDance was about to launch a Chinese version of Sora - of course, both rumors were denied by the owner, and I don't want to say that the rumors are unverified truth, I just want to say that the wishes behind these two rumors are undoubtedly true: how people hope that Sora is really invented by Mr. Xie, and how much they hope that Chinese companies can quickly release products and make a loud response.

Drop a bag a little. Donno wrote a passage from Plato's Phaedo, which Borges told about Kafka's friend Max Broad, who discovered it. I'm sorry, but the sources are complicated, so you just need to listen to Plato's business.

Phaedo writes about Socrates' last afternoon, when his friends learned that the ship from the island of Dros had arrived and that Socrates was going to die by drinking hibiscus juice, and he met with his friends in prison and made a touching dialogue. At this time, Plato wrote the most stirring sentence of his life: "I believe that Plato is ill".

So, Plato seems to be saying, "I don't know what Socrates said in his last afternoon of life, but how I wish he had said these things, I can imagine that he said these things".

Plato is not the same as us? His desire for Socrates to leave that dialogue that didn't exist is as strong as his desire for Mr. Xie to invent Sora, and Byte's upcoming Chinese version of Sora.

Looking at how popular Sora is, how quickly it iterates on technology, how fancy it is, and how transparent the development of AI technology is, there are barriers to understanding, and the desire for rumors cannot come true. People will inevitably have two reactions at this time: first, to study hard and try to understand, and second, to scold and complain. The first is constructive and the second is destructive, both of which have always been accompanied by appearance, and are also a reflection of the two basic desires of human nature, the desire to live and the desire to die. So under the attention/traffic, how many people here have become Li Yizhou's potential customers, and how many people over there will grit their teeth at him.

This afternoon, a picture of Mr. Li disbanding the user's WeChat group began to circulate again, and to be honest, in such a strong collective emotion, whether there is really a user backlash and whether Mr. Li's course is really valuable or not seems to be less important. Since Mr. Li has chosen to eat in a land of right and wrong, on the cusp of the waves, he will definitely bear these infamy and costs, which is particularly unreasonable, but it is particularly realistic, and I wish Mr. Li good luck.

Cover and illustration source: Internet screenshot

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