Wuling Yangguang new energy commercial vehicle was officially pre-sold, with a starting price of only 73,800 yuan

Wuling Yangguang new energy commercial vehicle was officially pre-sold, with a starting price of only 73,800 yuan

【February 19, 2024】With the arrival of the start of construction season, Wuling Motors has brought a new good partner for the majority of consumers - Wuling Yangguang. This new generation of ultra-large space new energy commercial vehicle officially opened pre-sale today, with a total of 3 models, including 230KM and 300KM two endurance versions, and the official pre-sale price is set at 73,800 yuan - 85,800 yuan.

Wuling Yangguang is characterized by its large space and efficient energy utilization, aiming to provide users with more convenient and economical solutions for commercial vehicles. Whether it is urban logistics or rural transportation, Wuling Yangguang can meet diverse needs. The design of the new car also fully considers the user's experience, and strives to bring users a more comfortable and safe driving environment.

In order to allow more users to experience the charm of Wuling Yangguang in advance, Wuling Motors has specially launched a triple Yangguang ceremony. Users only need to place an order through online channels such as Wuling Motors APP and Wuling Motors Mini Program to enjoy the following discounts:

Yangguang Finance/Replacement Gift: Users can enjoy a financial discount of 3,000 yuan or a replacement subsidy of 3,000 yuan (choose one of the two), providing users with a flexible car purchase plan.

Yangguang call gift: Users can choose 6.6KW AC slow charging configuration models, and they can get a 7KW charging pile (excluding installation), making charging more convenient.

Yangguang service gift: the next user can enjoy a free battery balancing service worth 1,000 yuan to ensure that the vehicle performance is always in the best condition.

The pre-sale of Wuling Yangguang has undoubtedly injected new vitality into the commercial vehicle market. With its large space, efficient energy utilization and abundant pre-sale discounts, Wuling Yangguang is expected to become the new darling of the new energy commercial vehicle market. For those commercial vehicle users who pursue efficiency and economy, Wuling Yangguang is undoubtedly a rare and good choice.

Whatever the people need, Wuling will build. As a new generation of new energy commercial vehicles with large space built by Wuling based on a new platform, Wuling Yangguang's product strength is the driving force behind impressing consumers. The new car is equipped with Wuling Red No. 1 battery for the first time, and with the support of a core system - Feiliu ultra-intelligent temperature control system, two leading technologies - MUST ultra-thin structure technology and Winner ultra-durable battery cell technology, it has the reliable strength of long battery life, high safety and ultra-durability. Among them, the Feiliu ultra-intelligent temperature control system helps Wuling Yangguang to replenish energy more efficiently and leads the low-temperature endurance achievement rate through the three key parts of the Feiliu liquid cooling structure, intelligent temperature control system and Feiliu insulation mechanism; adopts MUST ultra-thin structure technology to effectively reduce battery maintenance costs and create a large cargo box space; with the ultra-durable battery cell technology, it integrates battery cell fast charging, battery cell anti-aging, and battery cell safety technology to improve the durability of battery cells in an all-round way, making battery cells faster, longer lasting and safer. The three super stunts focus on solving the pain points of commercial vehicle batteries, which are safe and ultra-reliable.

Wuling Yangguang new energy commercial vehicle was officially pre-sold, with a starting price of only 73,800 yuan

In terms of load, the new car has a class-leading 6.5m³ large space, with a cargo compartment length of 2830mm, a maximum width of 1680mm, and a height of 1365mm. The industry's first 270° large four-six-point tailgate with side sliding door, as well as an ultra-low tail threshold ground clearance of less than 600mm, make it easier to load and unload. The vehicle adopts a high-strength cage body with stronger load-bearing capacity, with a frame high-strength steel accounting for 83%, a roof that can withstand a maximum pressure of 6.8 tons, and is equipped with 12-layer thickened tire tires of the largest size in the same class.

In addition to meeting the demand for cargo, Wuling Yangguang also adopts ergonomic design to achieve a comfortable and safe driving experience. The through-type cabin is the widest in its class, practical and comfortable, and the main and passenger seats can be adjusted in four directions to adapt to different driving positions. In terms of detailed configuration, the new car is equipped with the only 8-inch suspended central control entertainment screen in the same class, multimedia/music and other functions are readily available, relieving the fatigue and anxiety of the journey at any time, and there are 7 storage spaces for intimate storage and convenient travel; the front MacPherson independent suspension helps the driving process to be stable and comfortable, giving the commercial vehicle a professional driver-level cockpit, so that the road to wealth is not tired for a long time.

Wuling Yangguang new energy commercial vehicle was officially pre-sold, with a starting price of only 73,800 yuan

In addition, the new car supports fast charging and AC charging piles, and the whole system is equipped with fast charging as standard, and it only takes 30 minutes to charge from 30% to 80% at room temperature.

With 42 years of experience in commercial vehicle manufacturing, it has been the top seller in the micro-car market for more than ten consecutive years. For a long time, SAIC-GM-Wuling has become the most valuable Chinese auto brand trusted by millions of commercial vehicle users with the spirit of "hard work and self-improvement". Times are changing, but Wuling's original intention to meet the needs of users in different eras remains unchanged based on user pain points. In the future, Wuling will face the field of new energy commercial vehicles, take Wuling Yangguang as a starting point, continue to lead the industry to new development, and strive to become a popularizer and leader in the field of new energy commercial vehicles. At present, the real car has arrived in the store one after another, and we sincerely invite the majority of users to enter the store to experience!

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