Closing of the line of fire: Welcome to a good start, Danghong Technology and other 6 shares have a 20% daily limit, and the Shanghai Composite ETF (510980) rose 1.58% to a strong 4 consecutive yang, ranking first in the same category

Closing of the line of fire: Welcome to a good start, Danghong Technology and other 6 shares have a 20% daily limit, and the Shanghai Composite ETF (510980) rose 1.58% to a strong 4 consecutive yang, ranking first in the same category

Today (February 19, 2024), A-shares welcomed a good start to the Year of the Dragon, the Shanghai Composite Index closed up 1.56% at the end of the session, and the market trading was still active, with a turnover of nearly 1 trillion yuan in Shanghai and Shenzhen today, and a net sale of nearly 6.4 billion yuan in northbound funds!

The industry sector showed a general upward trend, catalyzed by Sora, AI concept stocks concentrated in communications, media and computer and other sectors rose first, high dividends on behalf of coal, petroleum and petrochemical also rose sharply, only a few sectors such as non-bank finance, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery fell.

Among the constituent stocks of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index, Laier Technology, Danghong Technology, Lixin Micro, Yuanjie Technology, Bohui Technology, and Haitian AAC all have a 20cm daily limit, and BIWIN Storage, Arcsoft Technology, Cambrian and other top gainers.

In terms of popular ETFs, the Shanghai Composite ETF (510980), which tracks the Shanghai Composite Index, opened higher and closed up 1.58% today, with a strong 4 consecutive yangs and active trading, with a turnover of nearly 48 million yuan and a turnover rate of 16.59%!

Closing of the line of fire: Welcome to a good start, Danghong Technology and other 6 shares have a 20% daily limit, and the Shanghai Composite ETF (510980) rose 1.58% to a strong 4 consecutive yang, ranking first in the same category

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[Sora subverts the AI video industry again, and the A-share artificial intelligence concept sector rises sharply]

Artificial intelligence (AI) giant OpenAI has made another big splash, and its latest Wensheng video model Sora has been widely praised for its "realistic" and "imaginative" video, which can generate videos up to 60 seconds, and also subvert the traditional video generation field with an average video generation length of only 4 seconds. According to incomplete statistics, more than 10 A-share listed companies have previously laid out multi-modal large models or AI video-related research and development.

[The 2024 Spring Festival stalls will come to an end, and the box office will set a record in film history]

The 2024 movie Spring Festival file ended with a number of records. Beacon data shows that the box office of the Spring Festival stalls totaled 8.016 billion yuan, and the number of moviegoers was 163 million. The Spring Festival stalls in the Year of the Dragon have taken their gold absorption to a higher level, setting a new record for the Spring Festival stalls in Chinese film history.

[Nearly 30 listed companies made a move last night! Listed companies sounded the "assembly number" for repurchases]

On the evening of the first working day after the Spring Festival (February 18), nearly 30 listed companies threw out buyback or shareholding plan announcements, using "real money" to boost market confidence. Among them, Wanye Enterprise (600641) plans to repurchase shares with 250 million yuan to 500 million yuan, involving the largest amount, and Sanwang Communication (688618) said that the repurchase of the company's shares intends to be used to reduce the registered capital in the future.

[Zheshang Securities: The market has basically entered the historical bottom range, paying attention to the positive changes in policies and industries]

Zheshang Securities pointed out that the continuous adjustment of A-shares since August 2023 has basically entered the historical bottom area. The micro liquidity shock led to an accelerated market adjustment at the beginning of the year, and on February 6, 2024, Central Huijin announced that it would increase its holdings, which boosted liquidity confidence and became an inflection point for micro liquidity repair. As the market returns to a steady state, the essence of where A-shares are bottom will depend on valuations and earnings. In terms of valuation, a number of indicators show that the market has basically entered the historical bottom area, and for profitability, the policy of stabilizing growth has been strengthened, and high-quality development has helped, and the overall profit is expected to gradually recover, and the structural highlights are expected to gradually appear. The market has basically entered the historical bottom range, and at this time, we should seize the opportunity with an optimistic attitude, pay close attention to the positive changes in policies and industries, and pay attention to the two major clues of low valuation and TMT.

[Huatai Securities: The allocation of A-shares after the holiday can be appropriately stable and progressive]

Huatai Securities said that taking history as a mirror, the market often has three major catalysts to get out of the bottom range: (1) the reversal of economic expectations, although the current macro data is uneven, but the high-frequency consumption data of the Spring Festival continues to recover, and the follow-up attention to the policy tone of the high-level meeting; (2) micro incremental funds, since December last year, broad-based ETF funds have continued to net inflow, and the current small and micro cap stocks capital and chip pressure may have cleared to the bottom range; (3) overseas flows turned, the US inflation data rebounded in January but the retail data cooled down significantly, and the uncertainty of the timing of interest rate cuts is still strong。 The first two of the above three points have reached the critical point of turning point, and the calendar effect shows that the winning rate of A-shares is higher after the Spring Festival and before the high-level meeting.

[The Shanghai Composite Index is near 2900 points, it is not advisable to be pessimistic!]

According to historical data, after the Shanghai Composite Index fell below the 1.24xPB valuation, it is expected to usher in a certain degree of repair in the coming period (1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year), and the PB valuation of 1.24x also corresponds to the stage low of the market, and now the PB valuation of the Shanghai Composite Index of 1.21x shows a high margin of safety.

【Buy the market point, related products SSE Composite ETF (510980)】

The SSE Composite ETF (510980) closely tracks the SSE Composite Index, with Wu Zhenxiang and Sun Hao as fund managers, and the SSE Composite Index is composed of a sample of eligible stocks listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, reflecting the overall performance of the SSE listed companies, and has always been known as the barometer of the A-share market. As the index with the longest history, the highest recognition and the most frequent use of A-shares, the majority of investors in the Shanghai Composite Index at 3,000 points have the most full awareness, and the willingness to lay out below 3,000 points is also the strongest.

CUAM SSE Composite Index A (470007) was established on 1 July 2009 and the fund manager is also Wu Zhenxiang, so as the manager of SSE Composite ETF (510980), CUAM has accumulated rich experience in the investment management of SSE Composite Index products.

According to the data, as of February 5, 2024, the top ten heavyweights of the Shanghai Composite Index (000001) are Kweichow Moutai (600519), Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (601398), PetroChina (601857), Agricultural Bank of China (601288), Bank of China (601988), China Merchants Bank (600036), China Shenhua (601088), Yangtze River Power (600900), Chinese Life (601628), and Sinopec (600028). ), the top 10 weighted stocks together accounted for 24.6%.

Closing of the line of fire: Welcome to a good start, Danghong Technology and other 6 shares have a 20% daily limit, and the Shanghai Composite ETF (510980) rose 1.58% to a strong 4 consecutive yang, ranking first in the same category

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