Countdown to the winter vacation! 4 tips for children, please check them!

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Countdown to the winter vacation! 4 tips for children, please check them!

It is said that happy times are like white horses passing by, fleeting...... I really want to feed the fat little white horse of time, so that it can get stuck in the gap of time and can't get out?

However, during a winter vacation, maybe the white horse was not fed fat, but we ourselves gained a few pounds. In addition, it is the beginning of the school season, and I have to return to the festival, and I only feel that the "post-holiday syndrome" has recurred-

How to alleviate the students' "school opening syndrome" after the holiday? How to prepare for "heart-to-heart"? How to adapt to collective learning and life faster? How to continue to move forward on the road of dreams...... You might as well try the "heart-to-heart strategy" prepared by the teacher for everyone to enjoy for seven days.

Countdown to the winter vacation! 4 tips for children, please check them!

"Work and rest in mind" - adjust work and rest and adapt to the rhythm

The leap between the field of life and the field of learning starts with the adjustment of work and rest. A happy and peaceful New Year, a conversation with relatives and friends, a beautiful scenery on the journey, and fascinating games have led many students to go to bed late and wake up late, and their winter vacation life is more casual. There is a big difference between the holiday life and the group study life at school. However, the success of his studies lies in hard work, diligence and absurdity. Actions are made in thought, and destroyed in follow. In the week before the start of school, you should adjust your schedule to allow your body and mind to return to the rhythm of school as soon as possible. Shorten the adaptation time for the start of school, and reduce the emotional internal friction caused by the large difference between the study life at the beginning of school and the life during the winter vacation. You may wish to adjust your work and rest step by step and synchronize it slowly.

(1) Normal campus time and ringtone: If you don't have a strong sense of time at home and have a casual schedule, you can find a homeroom teacher and ask for a copy of the school's winter schedule and print it out and paste it on the wall. And download the bell between classes on the Internet, and use such a familiar campus sound to help students work and rest according to the school rules.

(2) Effective supervision and mutual reminders: everyone's willpower is limited, self-supervision has blind spots, and it is not easy to implement thoroughly, but everyone has self-esteem, so they can be supervised by parents, or set up a "winter vacation schedule adjustment group" with classmates to supervise and remind each other, and gradually adapt to the regular study and life of the school.

Countdown to the winter vacation! 4 tips for children, please check them!

"Healthy heart" - put down the mobile phone and keep exercising

If you are tired during the holidays, let healthy exercise help dispel it. During the winter vacation, many students kept their mobile phones in their hands, and the games were online at any time. However, excessive playing with mobile phones for a long time not only harms the eyes of students, but also damages the brain development in the development period, and brings a lot of harm to the mind and emotions. During the winter vacation, visiting relatives and friends, and eating a diet heavy on oil and salt for a long time, led to excessive weight gain among many students. Youth lives up to the time, and beauty is born to the sun, in order to meet the best self at the beginning of school. Healthy "heart-to-heart" may as well be carried out.

(1) Screen management and correct use: Everything has two sides, and we advocate that we reduce the dependence on electronic products, especially mobile games, and use electronic products for no more than two hours a day. Especially when studying, separate it from your phone, don't put it in front of your eyes, and be your own master. Tianxingjian, a gentleman strives for self-improvement. At the same time, self-management is strengthened by putting learning software in a prominent position on the homepage, and closing or uninstalling other entertainment software.

(2) Winter vacation is more "active" and not "freezing": Winter is the golden period of physical reserves, combined with your own physical fitness and exercise environment. In order to fully devote themselves to the high-intensity study life of the new semester, students can arrange an exercise program.

1. Jogging 400-600 meters, stretching the ligaments of joint mobility, especially the shoulder and knee joints

2. Abdominal jump: 15 times X3 group (pay attention to the quality of the completed action)

3. Crotch high-five: 30 times x3 sets (thigh height parallel to the ground)

4. Push-ups (kneeling push-ups): 15 times x4 group for girls, 20 times x4 group for boys

5. Skipping rope continuous jumping: 300 x3 groups, rest at 2-minute intervals

6. Jump-up: 20 times x3 sets, with an interval of 2 minutes to rest

7. Continuous frog jump: 10 times x 2 sets, with 2 minutes of rest

Countdown to the winter vacation! 4 tips for children, please check them!

"Learning to collect the heart" - to review the old and learn the new, learn and think in parallel

The impetuousness during the holiday should not stay for a long time, and it is understandable to calm the heart before the start of school. Every holiday is undoubtedly the best time for everyone to overtake in the corner, it is recommended that you make good use of the holiday time, do more induction, check and fill in the gaps, and if appropriate, you can do a certain preview, which is also necessary. Forge ahead despite knowing the shortcomings, look at the distant mountains and do your best, learn to "collect your heart" and look forward to meeting.

(1) Prepare supplies and create an atmosphere: As the saying goes, if you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools, and when the school supplies are ready, you can learn to be handy. Prepare your own study utensils in advance, such as pens, erasers, rulers, dictionaries, etc. Try to create a clean and quiet learning environment when studying, and if possible, you can go to the library or the community reading room. It is also recommended that you should dress not casually, but should wear the school uniform you usually wear at school to remind yourself.

(2) Check and fill in the gaps and preview new knowledge: Learning new course knowledge in the new semester is the goal and normal of every student, and everyone is rushing on the road of pursuing new knowledge all the time. Thousands of high-rise buildings rise from the ground, Confucius Zeng Yun thousands of years ago: "Reviewing the old and knowing the new, you can be a teacher", reviewing the old is the method, knowing the new is the goal, and it is difficult to achieve the goal without the correct method. This is to create a new future from the old, although there are changes, but do not violate the fundamental truth, and after reviewing the past, knowledge and experience can be generated. You can systematically sort out the content of each subject you learned in the previous semester. Establish a systematic connection between the partial, scattered, and fragmented knowledge learned in the previous semester. Enable yourself to form a systematic and structured internal understanding of what you have learned in the past. The mistakes collected in the previous semester were classified and digested according to basic, comprehensive, inspiring, and typical questions. Combined with the situation of the review, it is best to prepare the content of the new course for about a week to adapt yourself to the difficulty of learning each subject in the new semester. Only by reviewing the past and learning the new in a timely manner can we achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Countdown to the winter vacation! 4 tips for children, please check them!

"Forge ahead and collect the heart" - analyze and summarize and set goals

The "channel switch" from the holiday to the beginning of school should also plan a new journey in the summary. Before the start of school, invite your parents, class teachers and subject teachers to help you combine the learning situation of the previous semester, test results, and do a good job of self-analysis and summary. At the same time, set a comprehensive goal for the new semester, make a detailed planning schedule, and then achieve the goal step by step. Suggested objectives can be divided into two categories. Forge ahead to "collect your heart", make yourself more confident on the road of the new semester, and seek up and down on the long road of studying, where there is a will, there is a way.

(1) Long-term goals: At the end of the next semester, what level of academic performance should be reached, how many hours of volunteer service should be reached, and what level of sports such as long-distance running and long jump should be reached.

(2) Short-term goal: what ranking and how much progress will be achieved in each grade test in the new semester. Or surpass a classmate who is slightly better than you. The goal should be the goal of the "nearest development zone", which is the goal that can be achieved with a strong jump.

Everyone's study and life has inertia, that is, the consistency of daily work and rest, learning and thinking. In order to avoid the "winter vacation syndrome" such as lack of concentration, sleepiness in class, casualness, anxiety and so on in the early stage of the school year, from a loose state to a nervous state of learning quickly from a loose state during the winter vacation. It is necessary for students to change the track in time, do a good job of "closing their hearts" in advance, and adjust their status to enter the learning track.

Let's take this strategy together to start the road of struggle in 2024 and accelerate in the upcoming new semester!

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