【New Year Walk to the Grassroots】Shandan: "New Year Time" in the Farm

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Rural revitalization depends on industry, and industrial revitalization must get out of its characteristics. In recent years, relying on advantageous resources, Shandan County has focused on five major industries such as "sheep, potatoes, grass, vegetables and horses", and vigorously promoted the upgrading of grass and animal husbandry industry to intensive, large-scale and standardized, the breeding system has been basically formed, and the industrial chain has been continuously extended, providing strong industrial support for the implementation of rural revitalization, and the "money bags" of the masses have gradually bulged.

【New Year Walk to the Grassroots】Shandan: "New Year Time" in the Farm

The Spring Festival is a day of family reunion, joy and peace, everyone is enjoying the Spring Festival holiday to bring leisure and comfort, but in the Qili family farm in Shandan County, in the standardized sheep house, the "sheepherd" Zhang Jun is busy every day to see the ingredients, feeding, cleaning, busy, see a lively and lovely meat sheep, happiness written on his face.

"In recent years, our farm has introduced two new breeding methods, one is a semi-open sheep shed, one is a closed steel structure automatic sheep shed, automatic breeding shed has automatic temperature control, automatic drinking water and other equipment, the growth rate of sheep has accelerated, the reproductive rate has also been raised, this year, I raised a total of more than 700 basic ewes, more than 100 rams, slaughtered more than half before the Spring Festival, a good harvest year. Zhang Jun, head of Qili Farm in Shandan County, said.

【New Year Walk to the Grassroots】Shandan: "New Year Time" in the Farm

Similarly, in the spacious cowshed of Xinqi Family Farm in Shandan County, sturdy Simmental beef cattle leisurely eat nutritious "lunch", and cute calves also make "moo" sounds from time to time.

"At present, the stock of our farm is more than 800 heads, the breed is mainly based on Seaford, Simmental and local cattle, which is very popular with everyone, and it is almost the New Year, and there are many people who want beef and mutton, in addition to the local, such as Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan and these places are the first to pre-order, and the income is also considerable. Yuan Chaohu, the director of Xinqi Family Farm in Shandan County, was busy cleaning the cowshed and adding forage while describing his "good life".

【New Year Walk to the Grassroots】Shandan: "New Year Time" in the Farm

Prosper an industry and enrich the people. In the rural revitalization strategy, industrial prosperity is the key, the development of cattle and sheep industry is a microcosm of our county to promote the development of characteristic industries, characteristic breeding allows Shandan to embark on a road of industrial enrichment, not only to expand the employment and income of the local people, but also to promote rural revitalization to provide strong support. In 2023, the livestock and poultry breeding and slaughter volume in Shandan County will reach 2.9572 million and 1.5224 million respectively, a year-on-year increase of 9.94% and 9.56%, and the total output value of animal husbandry in the county will reach 1.54 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 16.6%. (Shandan financial media reporter Chen Xiaoyan)

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【New Year Walk to the Grassroots】Shandan: "New Year Time" in the Farm

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