Rain Solar Term Chant (Outer 5 Songs)

author:Qingyanwei Literature

Author: Kim Dengren/Ruan Youyuan/Ke Meizhe/Liu Gaoyou/Han Junqing/Wang Zhuan

Rain Solar Term Chant (Outer 5 Songs)

The rain season groans

Jin Dengren (Poyang, Jiangxi)

Everything is recovering, and there are people busy working in the fields.

Sudden cold and warm change in a thousand ways, rain and sunshine in a hundred places.

The buds in front of the sun are smiling, and the grass is high in the wind.

The bamboo shoots are still rising, rolling up their sleeves and cheering for the well-off.

spring rain

Ruan Youyuan (Anhui)

The rustling drizzle laughs at the hillside, and the green pastoral willows are drunk.

The heart is selfless and affectionate, in exchange for more than 10,000 treasury silver.

Rain Solar Term Chant (Outer 5 Songs)

Seven laws The seventh day of the first month is good to write the first six rains

Ke Meizhe (Jiangxi)

The joyful raindrops hit the window lattice, and it seems to be a sweet song that is very beautiful.

The water live ditch is surging in spring, and the smoke and grass are cold.

The high mountains are purple and green, and the fields are bright and green.

Livelihoods have always been smooth, and several miles of life have been laborious.

Seven Laws The Seven People's Day Festival at the beginning of Jiachen

Liu Gaoyou (Weinan, Shaanxi)

In the past, Nuwa bothered to make pigs and sheep first and then people.

Seven spirits and seven emotions into a position, with both shoulders and feet.

Yurong will always stay in the three-point show, and the mighty air is always a hundred times clear.

I only hope that the wind and sunshine are good, and we welcome the blessings and benefits of the people.

Rain Solar Term Chant (Outer 5 Songs)

Seven Laws At the beginning of the year, the seven people have a sense of the day

Han Junqing (Wuchuan County, Inner Mongolia)

All things are born on seven days, and the descendants of thousands of auspicious generations are red.

Nuwa is skillful and has a surname, and she has made many contributions to heaven and earth.

In the past, the glory was rewarded, and now the joy is the same.

There is endless happiness in Huaiyuan's dreams, and he does not forget the first male with deep gratitude.

Seven Uniques Seven Wins Festival at the first month of the first month

Wang Zhuan (Hami)

People have a birthday, Nuwa, and the first month of the dragon is a blessing.

The long-faced soul is united, and the ancestors are Xi Xiang.

Rain Solar Term Chant (Outer 5 Songs)

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