"Golden time-honored brand" sells well in the "Spring Festival stalls"

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On February 16, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily learned from Xicheng District that as a key commercial enterprise in Xicheng District and an important participant in the "2024 Beijing New Year Festival", during the Spring Festival this year, dozens of directly-operated chain stores in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Xi'an, Suzhou and Baotou bloomed in more places, from Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei in the capital economic circle to Suzhou in East China and then to Xi'an in Northwest China. The gold service conveys the unique cultural characteristics of jewelry, forming a hot consumption scene, full of "New Year's flavor", and frequent highlights.

"Golden time-honored brand" sells well in the "Spring Festival stalls"

The Chinese New Year consumer market is hot, and the amount of "dragons" soars

The Spring Festival is the peak consumption season, most consumers will choose to buy gold jewelry as gifts for relatives and friends or self-reward, and the public impression of "middle-aged and elderly people love to buy gold" is different, more and more young people are setting off a "gold rush" fever. Located in No. 306, Guang'anmen Inner Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, the Caibai head office is crowded and endless, in the New Year of the Dragon, gold jewelry with dragon elements is very popular, such as "hugging the dragon" series of jewelry, embracing the word blessing, money bag, gourd, peace fruit, flowers, meaning to embrace good fortune and good luck; In addition, a multi-worn Year of the Dragon "Round Perfection Auspicious Money" series, as well as Zodiac investment gold bars, Caibai shares launched nationwide, and the 2024 Jiachen (Dragon) Year of the Year gold bars exclusively sold in Beijing are also on sale.

"Golden time-honored brand" sells well in the "Spring Festival stalls"

Huimin culture is heating up again, and this New Year is a bit "trendy"

The "temple" is full of fun, enjoying a collection of good things, and the dragon goes to sea, and tastes the national tide and fashion. During the Spring Festival, Caibai Co., Ltd., as a "China time-honored brand" enterprise, was invited to participate in the Beijing Daguanyuan Temple Fair and Shichahai "Lotus Market" cultural activities. Independent research and development and design of the "Jingcheng Baiyun" series and the Year of the Dragon star products appeared in the two exhibition areas, among which and Beihai Park jointly developed the "Sea Oath Golden Alliance" series of products attracted many visitors to stop and buy, the most representative is the "Kowloon Xiangrui" series of products and "Dragon Lift" pure gold jewelry, conveying the good wishes of good luck and good luck. In the "Xicheng Good Things Collection" section of the Daguanyuan Temple Fair, Caibai brought the "Jingcheng Baiyun" series and star products of the Year of the Dragon independently developed and designed, providing citizens with "connotation" and "appearance" online cultural consumption services, injecting new vitality and vitality into cultural innovation. During the event, Caibai also launched a number of special Spring Festival activities, so that the public can experience the traditional culture during the Spring Festival holiday, and also experience the affordable Spring Festival consumption atmosphere.

"Golden time-honored brand" sells well in the "Spring Festival stalls"
"Golden time-honored brand" sells well in the "Spring Festival stalls"

In the museum, the New Year is celebrated, and the "new" meaning is full of celebration of the New Year

As a museum registered by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Cultural Relics - Beijing Caibai Gold and Jewelry Museum, Caibai General Store exhibits nearly 1,000 precious gold jewelry jade, mineral crystals, and insect pearls, covering gemology, paleontology, mineralogy and other fields, with more than 20 fashion check-in points. On the occasion of the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon, on the fourth floor of the museum, the scientific research team of Dr. Chen Rui of the Institute of Zoology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the science popularization team of Shi Tanji launched the "Insect Per Forest - A Journey Through Hundreds of Millions of Years of Time and Space" exhibition of the world's rare insects, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in the "time and space tunnel", popularize the knowledge of insects, and convey the concept of sustainable development. On the second floor of the museum, two interactive experience areas have been added, an AI interactive photo experience area and a canyon treasure hunt and love roaming virtual experience area, integrating technology and innovation to enhance the shopping experience.

Text/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Xie Li

Edited by Zhang Yuehao

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