Corn "unfavorable year", the highest drop of 70 yuan! Corn market on 16 February

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After the sixth day of the first lunar month, all walks of life will also return to the right track, and similarly, the corn market will also restore the fundamentals of purchase and sales!

Corn "unfavorable year", the highest drop of 70 yuan! Corn market on 16 February

At the end of January, the spot corn price in Weifang, Shandong fell to 2270 yuan/ton, compared with 3070 yuan/ton at the end of August 2023, a decrease of 800 yuan, and the corn quotation fell by 26.06%!

However, approaching the Spring Festival, due to the news released by the agency, the domestic production area corn grain sales before the festival is generally more than half, which alleviates the market's concerns about corn selling pressure, some enterprises have successively appeared a certain replenishment operation, spot corn prices show a bottoming up trend, approaching the New Year, Shandong Weifang corn price rose to 2340 yuan / ton, compared with the previous low value rose 70 yuan / ton!

Regarding the trend of corn prices after the year, the market views before the holiday are more divided!

Corn "unfavorable year", the highest drop of 70 yuan! Corn market on 16 February

On the one hand, some people believe that due to the acceleration of the pace of corn grain sales, the price of spot corn is low, and the purchase and sale of corn after the year may be upgraded, the pricing power of grain farmers may increase, and the price may show a strong trend;

On the other hand, some people believe that due to the later Spring Festival than in previous years, after the Spring Festival holiday, the temperature may rise, the risk of selling pressure on the Northeast tide grain may be concentrated, and the corn may be weak after the year!

According to the experience of previous years, under normal circumstances, the post-holiday deep processing resumed procurement, and the growers were relatively positive in cashing in before the year, and the mentality of pressing grain prices after the year was stronger, and mainstream enterprises mostly raised prices to stimulate farmers to sell grain, and the corn market was theoretically strong!

However, from the perspective of market reality, in the past two days, with the gradual increase in the listing quotations of deep processing enterprises, the phenomenon of sporadic deep processing listings in the third and fourth days of the first year has "disappeared". With this, the phenomenon of falling prices has increased significantly, the decline in the corn market has revived, and the market has highlighted the "unfavorable year"!

Corn "unfavorable year", the highest drop of 70 yuan! Corn market on 16 February

From the perspective of regional performance, the Northeast and Shandong, the mainstream corn producing areas, deep processing quotations showed a joint downward trend, among them, five deep processing enterprises in Northeast China fell in price, the highest drop reached 70 yuan/ton, Liaoning Yihai Kerry listed price of 1.12 yuan/jin, a decrease of 70 yuan, Suihua Xiangyu fell by 45 yuan/ton, in Shandong, the price of Qixing lemon also reached 40 yuan/ton......

At present, the corn market is still in the early stage of the market, and market shocks are also normal, but this also sets the "tone" for the corn market after the year, and the purchase and sale game may be "white-hot" in advance!

On the one hand, the main body of grain collection after the holiday is relatively single, the grain storage has not resumed the operation of corn storage, feed enterprises are pessimistic about the prospect of breeding, the procurement mentality is not high, traders are cautious hoarding, and the stage is mainly based on the collection, and the inventory of deep processing enterprises is relatively safe, the inertia of the replenishment is the main, and the quotation is more with the market;

On the other hand, the risk of corn selling pressure has increased! In recent days, I have often brushed up to the jokes in the Northeast, which is generally that the temperature has risen, the ingredients at home have been civilized, and the frozen product inventory has been consumed every day. Although this is only a paragraph, it also reflects the recent abnormally warm situation in the Northeast, which has an adverse impact on corn storage, especially the frequent cultivation of shelf grain and ground grain in the Northeast, which will inevitably cause the risk of grain deterioration, therefore, farmers are more active in selling grain after the holiday!

What do you think about this? How do you think the corn market will perform after the year? Welcome to leave a message, thank you for your attention!

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