Trump and O'Sullivan withdrew, and the Welsh Open was hit hard!

Trump and O'Sullivan withdrew, and the Welsh Open was hit hard!

On February 12, 2024, Beijing time, the World Snooker Welsh Open will officially kick off. Because the best performers of the season, Trump and O'Sullivan, have both withdrawn, which has caused this Welsh Open to suffer a heavy blow.

In the next game, China's first brother Ding Junhui will join Robertson, Mark Williams, Murphy, Lisowski, Higgins, Milkins, Zhang Anda, Allen, Hawkins, Kyren Wilson, Carter, Selby, Brecel to play, O'Sullivan, Grace and Trump are exempt.

This means that 14 of the world's top 16 players will be in action, and it will be interesting to see if they can defend their glory.

Trump and O'Sullivan withdrew, and the Welsh Open was hit hard!

Trump O'Sullivan withdrew from the Welsh Open

Before the start of the Welsh Open, world No. 2 Trump and world No. 1 O'Sullivan had both announced their withdrawal from the Welsh Open. After Trump withdrew from the Welsh Open, Duane Jones will take his place in the place and fight Highfield for a place in the round of 64.

After O'Sullivan's retirement, his place will be replaced by Alfie Davis, who will face Liam Graham in the postponed qualifiers. In addition, David Grace has also announced his retirement and his place will be replaced by Pinches, who will face world No. 6 Shaun Murphy in the match.

The retirement of O'Sullivan and Trump means that the two players who have participated in the most games this season and have the highest winning percentage have withdrawn, which also caused a heavy blow to this Welsh Open.

Trump and O'Sullivan withdrew, and the Welsh Open was hit hard!

The top 16 players in the world are playing and scheduled

At 17:30 Beijing time on February 12, 2024, the Welsh Open will kick off the opening match.

In this time frame, Milkins will meet Jamie Jones and Lisowski will take on Oliver Brown. Ding Junhui will face Kendrick, and Zhang Anda will meet Al Said.

In the game no earlier than 20:30, Neil Robertson will take on Jackson Page, while Murphy will meet Pinches.

In the match no earlier than 20:00, Mark Williams will take on Astley, and Allen will take on China's Cao Yupeng. Hawkins staged an encounter with Chinese teenager He Guoqiang.

In the 3:00 a.m. session on Feb. 13, Higgins will take on Ibrahim and Kyren Wilson will take on Cady.

In the match no earlier than 4:00 on the same day, Carter met Slessor, Selby faced Yuan Sijun, and Brecel met Jiang Jun.

Trump and O'Sullivan withdrew, and the Welsh Open was hit hard!

Ding Junhui and Robertson hit the first championship of the season

Heading into the 2023/24 season, Neil Robertson has not been in great form, leaving him at 68th in the current single-season standings. Unlike Robertson's performance, China's No. 1 Ding Junhui has been outstanding this season.

China's greatest snooker player is currently ranked ninth in the world and sixth in the season, becoming the best player in China and even Asia. As the most representative figures outside the British Isles, Robertson and Ding Junhui have not broken the championship drought this season, which makes them obviously a little behind among the top players.

If they want to prove themselves in the competition, then they will have to play better in the next games, and the Welsh Open is undoubtedly the best chance.

After all, O'Sullivan and Trump have withdrawn, as long as they can play a good competitive state, they have every chance to win the championship trophy. But in the current situation, this is not easy.

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