Please, when you go to watch "Warm", don't just stare at Wang Yibo

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"Warm" ended.

The children at the door are shouting to eat dumplings, the gray-haired old man leads his trembling wife down the stairs cautiously, and the young couple next to him is still humming "Stubborn" to discuss the plot just now.

For some reason, after watching the movie, I can feel a kind of warmth in the face of these sparse and ordinary plots.

Probably, this is the infectious power of the movie.

Please, when you go to watch "Warm", don't just stare at Wang Yibo

The style of "Warm" is very Peng.

Dapeng is always able to inject infinite enthusiasm into a small thing, and then amplify this enthusiasm, and finally form a warm eternity.

That's true for "Pancake Man", it's true for "Big Guitar", and it's true for "Exclamation Point".

Dapeng played the matter of "feelings" very clearly and portrayed it very profoundly, and this time the feelings were shown in the street dance.

Please, when you go to watch "Warm", don't just stare at Wang Yibo

Before the filming of the movie began, Dapeng asked many dancers: "If you want to play Bboy alone, who would you recommend?"

This time, the answer is surprisingly consistent, so there is the starring Wang Yibo.

After watching the whole movie, I suddenly felt a little in a trance, I don't know if Wang Yibo acted in Dapeng's movie, or Dapeng described Wang Yibo.

The story opens and ends noisily, and in retrospect, the real enthusiasm is in the long calm in the middle.

Please, when you go to watch "Warm", don't just stare at Wang Yibo

Let's talk about the lineup first, it's very good.

Huang Bo and Wang Yibo starring, Liu Mintao, Yue Yunpeng, Xiao Shenyang starring, Zhang Zixian, Song Zuer, Jiang Long special starring, and Casper, Feifei Wong, Zhang Haiyu co-starring.

Looking at the lineup alone, the collision is already very enthusiastic - the old cannon and the new, serious and funny, the era and the youth...

Let's talk about the content, it's very simple.

Hip-hop veteran Ding Lei (played by Huang Bo) met Chen Shuo (played by Wang Yibo), a young man who loves hip-hop, in the process of solving the crisis of the club, and worked hard together in the hip-hop circle where masters gather and capital dominates.

Please, when you go to watch "Warm", don't just stare at Wang Yibo

In the two versions of the poster and trailer of the film, the main line of the movie is already clear, but what I didn't expect is that the characters outside the main line are still enthusiastic.

At the beginning of the story, it was the lively stage of the hip-hop finals, and in the middle of the game, the camera switched to the small troupe of Brother Xie (played by Xiao Shenyang).

Brother Xie was the first character to be noticed, in front of the stage where there was only one person, he was still full of enthusiasm and hosted, and he could insist on performing without responding.

I remember that when Brother Xie gave Ding Lei a business card, he was ridiculed by Ding Lei: "There is still this." ”

Just listening to the "nostalgic" exit, I don't know why a sense of arrogance rose in my heart.

Please, when you go to watch "Warm", don't just stare at Wang Yibo

In the finals later, Chen Shuo danced wantonly on the stage, and Brother Xie held his mobile phone and frowned, his expression was incompatible with the boiling spectators around him.

Brother Xie and Chen Shuo both have an attachment to the "troupe".

Both may have their own reasons, but the mood of supporting each other to persevere the "troupe" to the end is surprisingly consistent.

Brother Xie frowned, it should be distressing for Chen Shuo.

The hardships of perseverance are only understood by those who really persevere. The excitement on the stage is fleeting, and it is more difficult to survive year after year.

This unhesitating insistence on the "old times" burned warmly in Brother Xie's body.

Please, when you go to watch "Warm", don't just stare at Wang Yibo

In addition to Brother Xie, Chen Shuo's mother (played by Liu Mintao) and brother-in-law (played by Yue Yunpeng) also added color to the whole movie.

Let's talk about the role played by Liu Mintao first, the wife who was reluctant to go on stage because of her husband's death, the sister who stuck to the same place in order to take care of her younger brother, and the mother who went into debt alone in order to let her son fulfill his dream.

When he saw his mother singing on stage again, Chen Shuo's tears slowly fell, and the theater was also embarrassed.

I heard many people say that if there is no family, if it is not for the son, how beautiful such a mother will be. On the contrary, Chen Shuo's mother, the brightest moment is the ordinary appearance of life.

Please, when you go to watch "Warm", don't just stare at Wang Yibo

She seems to have drawn a circle for herself, with her family members in it, happy for them, worried about them, and burdened with a lot of undue burdens for them, but she is willing and willing.

This is the enthusiasm for the family, not vigorous, but it gives Chen Shuo the courage to fail.

Let's look at my uncle again, it must be a funny setting in the play, but somehow, I was a little moved after watching it.

The most impressive scene was when the uncle, who was reluctant to contact people, held Chen Shuo's mother's hand tightly, walked through the crowd, and sat in the audience of the finals.

Please, when you go to watch "Warm", don't just stare at Wang Yibo

At first, he was a little restrained, looking around nervously, but when the game was near the end, he stood up and cheered and jumped together, cheering for Chen Shuo with tears in his eyes.

The withdrawn uncle, at this moment, was infected by this persistent enthusiasm and immersed in it, just like everyone in the theater.

This is a movie with a dream theme, but the dream has no limit. Regardless of gender, regardless of age.

Sometimes, just putting the plan in your head and doing it from your heart can get a big exclamation point.

Salutes, those who are warm.

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