Without Prigozhin, Wagner, who made Shoigu jealous, ended up divided into five

author:Written by Tang Jiehu

After losing Prigozhin, the backbone, Wagner, which once made Shoigu and other high-level Russian military leaders jealous, has been divided into five by Putin in half a year.

Since Prigozhin's death, the mercenary group "Wagner" has also disappeared. Recently, however, they were spotted on the Avdeyevka front, where fighting was raging.

Without Prigozhin, Wagner, who made Shoigu jealous, ended up divided into five

[Someone found Wagner's flag on the Avdeyevka front]

A number of Russian military media reported a few days ago that Wagner's flag was found on houses in the defense zone north of Avdeyevka.

The appearance of the Wagner flag is actually not surprising. In fact, since the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Avdeyevka has been one of the frontlines of the war between the two sides. In October last year, after the outbreak of a new round of Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Russia relaunched the operation to seize Avdeyevka, especially after entering 2024, the Russian army began to invest a large number of troops and launched a fierce attack on the town, although it paid a lot of losses, but at the same time made a lot of progress.

Without Prigozhin, Wagner, who made Shoigu jealous, ended up divided into five

[In the southern direction, the Russian army occupied the railway bridge south of the Avdeyevka coking plant]

The Russian army is concentrating a large number of forces in Avdeyevka, and it is normal that there are former mercenaries of Wagner among them. In fact, the so-called "Wagner" has now become a concept of the past, and the original Wagner forces have long since gone their separate ways and dispersed to various parts of the Russian armed forces.

Back on June 24 last year, because the contradiction with the Russian Ministry of Defense had reached the point of irreconcilability, Prigozhin launched a "march for justice" to Moscow under the slogan of "clean the monarch's side". Although the farce was finally put to rest under the mediation of Belarusian President Lukashenko, it also means that the fate of the Wagner Group has entered the countdown.

After the failure of the "mutiny", Prigozhin was sent to Belarus, and many Wagner members who were loyal to him also followed Prigozhin's footsteps to Belarus, and even later followed him to Africa to continue to do business overseas. The reason why these people are willing to follow Prigozhin to leave their homeland is not money, because the price offered by the Ministry of Defense is not low, but the key is that they agree with Prigozhin's ideas and his spirit of rebellion against authority.

Without Prigozhin, Wagner, who made Shoigu jealous, ended up divided into five

[Wagner leader Prigozhin in Rostov]

Of course, reality is always cruel. After Prigozhin and six Wagner executives were killed in a plane crash in August last year, Wagner, who was still willing to follow Prigozhin, was forced to make a choice. To sum up, there are 5 main choices in front of them.

The first is to sign a contract with the Ministry of Defense and accept the leadership of Deputy Defense Minister Yevkurov. Some of the Wagner soldiers who were recruited by the Ministry of Defense returned to the front lines, while the rest went to Syria and Africa.

The second is to continue to follow the high-level commander codenamed "White Hair" - Troshev to defect to the GRU, that is, the Main Directorate of Russian Military Intelligence, and go to Ukraine to fight as a member of this department.

The third is to accept the integration of the Russian National Guard and become an independent military unit under its umbrella, and the overall structure and mode of operation remain unchanged, and they are still the same as the original group. Considering that the National Guard is an armed force independent of the army and directly reports to the president himself. In other words, this group of Wagner soldiers will directly obey President Putin's dispatch.

Without Prigozhin, Wagner, who made Shoigu jealous, ended up divided into five

[After Prigozhin's death, Wagner members were adopted one after another, or went home to reunite with their families]

Fourth, he was recruited by Chechen leader Kadyrov to become a member of the "Akhmat" special forces. In October last year, Kadyrov revealed on social media that the special unit had co-opted at least 170 former Wagner members and that the related recruitment was ongoing, and he called on all Wagnerians to join it and continue to fight for the country.

Although the "Akhmat" special forces are nominally under the jurisdiction of the Russian People's Guard, the actual control is owned by Kadyrov, and the command of this unit is overwhelmingly Chechen, and the relevant funds and expenses are borne by Chechnya at his own expense. Therefore, it is not so much the army of Russia as Kadyrov's "private army".

As for the remaining people, they will either return to the fields and return to their families to live an ordinary life, or they will follow the "young master" - Prigozhin's youngest son Pavel to Africa, and continue to carry the banner of Wagner in Sudan and Central Africa and other places, carry out overseas business while continuing to serve Russia's overseas interests.

It needs to be added here that Wagner originally had operations in these places, and there are quite a few of them, and although Prigozhin is dead, these places are still controlled by the Prigozhin family.

Strictly speaking, only the Wagners who are still in Africa and follow Prigozhin's youngest son can be counted as the real remaining Wagners, and the others are actually not counted.

Without Prigozhin, Wagner, who made Shoigu jealous, ended up divided into five

[Prigozhin's youngest son, Pavel, led part of Wagner to Africa to develop business]

Closer to home, it is possible that the former Wagner mercenaries who appeared on the Avdeyevka front this time came from any of the above-mentioned units. Moreover, considering Wagner's strong combat effectiveness and fearlessness of life and death in the battle of Bakhmut, it is very likely that this group of former Wagner mercenaries who have appeared on the battlefield today are here to gnaw on the "hard bones". It's just that without Prigozhin, Wagner is still the brave and good fighter of the past, it's hard to say.

In general, with Prigozhin's resignation, Wagner's rebellious authority spirit is no longer there, and they can now be Putin's National Guard, or contract soldiers of the Russian Ministry of Defense, or "Akhmat" who has been incorporated into Chechnya, but can no longer be called Wagner.

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