The fire rescue brigade of the resort has launched a comprehensive fire safety battle of the provincial two sessions

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The fire rescue brigade of the resort has launched a comprehensive fire safety battle of the provincial two sessions

In order to do a good job in the fire safety and security work of the province's "two sessions", the resort fire and rescue brigade actively responded to the call of the party committee of the corps and detachment, fulfilled its duties, worked all night at night, and closely focused on the work goal of "strengthening risk prevention and control, eliminating fire hazards, and resolutely ensuring safety", adhered to the combination of points, lines and surfaces, and made every effort to promote the orderly progress of the fire and security tasks of the provincial "two sessions" with a high degree of political consciousness, ideological consciousness and action consciousness, and went all out to implement the security work with the highest standards, the strictest requirements and the most practical style.

High-level deployment is well planned

Layer upon layer compaction work responsibility

The Party Committee of the Fire and Rescue Brigade of the resort effectively unified its thoughts and actions to the deployment requirements of the higher-level Party committee, included the security work in the current key work schedule, held a special meeting to analyze and judge the fire safety situation in the jurisdiction, and arranged the deployment of supervision and inspection, fire prevention and control, publicity and education, duty and preparation, etc., to ensure that the responsibility is assigned to the person, to the post, and to the point. The chief officer of the fire and rescue brigade of the resort actively reported to the main leaders of the management committee on the deployment of the provincial "two sessions" fire and security work, and the management committee held the provincial "two sessions" deployment promotion meeting for the first time, making it clear that each department takes responsibility as the core, takes the problem as the guide, and takes the system as the starting point to tighten and consolidate the fire safety responsibility. Actively urge the persons in charge of street communities, key units, property service enterprises and other places to remobilize and redeploy the security work of the provincial "two sessions", further clarify job responsibilities and work requirements, and ensure that all work measures are in place.

Fine prevention and control of bullseye sites

Hidden danger blind spots are eliminated in place

Grid staff carried out comprehensive inspections of key units and places in advance, improved the "one point and one book" of the places, carried out warning interviews, analyzed the risk factors existing in the key places of the "two sessions", guided the implementation of fire prevention and control measures, and signed more than 80 letters of responsibility.

The fire rescue brigade of the resort has launched a comprehensive fire safety battle of the provincial two sessions

Focusing on large-scale commercial complexes, tourist attractions, hotels and restaurants and other public gathering places, as well as high-risk areas such as production and operation of rented and self-built houses, electric bicycles, etc., more than 30 in-depth inspections have been carried out, and more than 20 fire hazards have been investigated.

The fire rescue brigade of the resort has launched a comprehensive fire safety battle of the provincial two sessions

The Consumer Safety Committee has given full play to the role of comprehensive supervision, and promoted various functional departments to take the lead in carrying out more than 10 investigations and rectifications in the industry and fields; urged the street community to strengthen the number of hidden dangers in residential quarters and large commercial complexes; guided property service enterprises to strengthen the inspection of electric bicycles and shops along the street in the community; mobilized the police station to strengthen the inspection and training of small hotels in urban villages, and urged all units to implement the main responsibility of fire safety and strengthen supervision responsibilities.

The fire rescue brigade of the resort has launched a comprehensive fire safety battle of the provincial two sessions
The fire rescue brigade of the resort has launched a comprehensive fire safety battle of the provincial two sessions

Take precautions to temper elite soldiers

Actual combat training makes up for shortcomings

Carry out fire extinguishing and rescue evacuation drills and "six familiarization" work for more than 10 times in key places, constantly revise and improve the fire fighting and rescue plan, and comprehensively grasp the fire safety status of the units involved in the meeting and within 500 meters of the surrounding units, fire passages, fire water sources, etc.

Combined with the characteristics of disasters and accidents in the jurisdiction and the requirements of the current winter training work, we will carry out basic physical fitness, applied physical fitness, job skills and actual combat training to effectively improve the overall combat effectiveness of the team. Optimize the allocation of personnel, vehicles and equipment, strengthen the thorough investigation and maintenance of vehicles, equipment and equipment, reserve sufficient fire extinguishing agents and rescue materials, ensure that all kinds of vehicles and equipment on duty are complete and easy to use in fire fighting and rescue operations, and ensure that the team can always "pull out and win".

Strengthen on-duty and standby supervision

Strictly abide by the bottom line of political discipline

Resolutely implement the requirements of strict management of the party and the team, carry out in-depth ideological education during sensitive periods such as major activities and important nodes, accurately grasp the ideological dynamics of commanders and fighters, and resolutely overcome paralysis and war-weariness. Strictly implement the system of leaders leading shifts and being on duty to ensure that personnel are on duty.

Strict vehicle dispatch system, vehicles leaving the camp must perform dispatch procedures, the speed must be controlled within the limit, to ensure a high degree of stability of the team. Strictly implement the system of asking for leave, late roll call, and checking shops and posts, pay close attention to key links such as "people, vehicles, alcohol, network and electricity secrets, training and combat service, pornography, gambling and drugs", conscientiously implement the mechanism of self-inspection, self-reporting and self-improvement of potential safety hazards, ensure that the team always maintains a state of "ready for war", and resolutely prevent all kinds of accidents and cases (incidents) of violations of laws and disciplines.

We should pay close attention to publicity and training

Create a good atmosphere for performing duties

In accordance with the work standard of "one place for inspection, one place for training, and one place for publicity", fire volunteers and community professionals were mobilized to go deep into hospitals, high-rise buildings, shopping malls, markets, residential buildings and other places to carry out accurate publicity, and urge units to retrain all employees according to their positions and types of work. Use the self-developed APP applet to conduct online examinations for fire safety managers of all key units in the jurisdiction, and cultivate a group of "fire safety understanders". Through the fixed fire protection publicity columns in the community, the posting of fire protection propaganda posters, and the hanging of fire protection publicity banners, etc., actively guide the residents in the jurisdiction to pay attention to fire protection and actively participate in fire protection. More than 200 times of various fire warning propaganda videos and prompts were played on the LED screens of main roads, residential building TVs, and high-frequency loops; more than 1,000 short messages of winter and spring fire prevention and control safety tips were sent to the people in the jurisdiction through the cloud MAS SMS platform; and the fire safety precautions of the units were sent to the street communities, key units and property enterprises through the WeChat work group, and the warning education was widely carried out, so as to create a good fire safety environment for the smooth convening of the provincial "two sessions".

Source: Resort Fire and Rescue Brigade

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