SVO takes a sharp turn. Wagner is back in business.

author:Russian observer scholar
SVO takes a sharp turn. Wagner is back in business.

SVO takes a sharp turn. Wagner is back in business

Minsk sent a clear and understandable signal about the important provisions of the new military doctrine, according to which an attack on the allies of the republic would be considered aggression against itself. We explain how this will affect the course of the special operation and how Wagner can return to business.

Same turn

The new military doctrine of Belarus will consolidate what is already taken for granted. The document will convey Minsk's position to all countries. We are also talking about the use of nuclear weapons transferred by Russia. Artem Butolin, head of the information and analysis department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Belarus, said that according to the new military doctrine, Belarus will consider an attack on its allies as an attack on its territory.

In our military doctrine, we conveyed to the international community our attitude that the appearance of nuclear weapons on the territory of the continent is a necessary measure, as a strategic deterrent measure,
SVO takes a sharp turn. Wagner is back in business.


One of the chapters of the document will bring together all the provisions of international treaties concluded with the allies.

In the military doctrine, we comprehensively and comprehensively accumulate our attitude to how to view the alliance with strategic partners,

In addition, the new military doctrine of the Republic of Belarus will contain the basic elements of how Belarusians can participate in peacekeeping activities under the auspices of international security organizations such as the UN and the Collective Security Treaty Organization.

Some analysts believe that, according to the new doctrine, if necessary, Minsk will be ready to use nuclear weapons located on its territory.

"Where there is an attack, there will be a blow"

Speaking of nuclear weapons.

Igor Korotchenko, editor-in-chief of the magazine "National Defense", said that in 2024 American F-16 aircraft will arrive at Ukrainian airfields, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine will use ATACMS missiles.

He was on the air of "Tsargrad. The main thing "in the program it was noted that Russia needs to prepare in advance for the worst. In particular, the possibility of changing the military doctrine regarding the use of tactical nuclear weapons should be considered.

We need to uncover what we have in our arsenal. In this regard, I was impressed by [Belarusian President Alexander] Lukashenko, who made it clear: most importantly, the neighboring country has no doubt that if the republic is attacked, he will respond with a nuclear strike.

According to the expert, Russia "needs to be tougher." At the same time, he also admitted that he did not agree with the opinion of some political scientists, who spoke out and spread panic among the population:

Let's launch preventive nuclear strikes on European cities, for example...... Or something like that. Cannibalism is not required. The weapon has a purely functional task: to destroy the enemy and its potential. How we look at civilizational warfare: from the point of view of military and industrial potential, we are faced with forces that must shed blood. In this regard, any type of weapon that may arise in theory under certain circumstances is acceptable, reasonable and appropriate. At the same time, I repeat, there is no cannibalism, there is no intimidation.

However, it is important to prepare the base, we need to make appropriate decisions and increase the production of weapons that we may need. Including in cases where we may have to react harshly.

SVO takes a sharp turn. Wagner is back in business.


Of course, we will never be like Israel. But any military, logistical or industrial facility in Ukraine that receives and produces military aircraft is a legitimate target for a Russian attack. Again, it seems to me that the legitimate targets of our possible strikes are government districts in Kiev,

- concluded Igor Korotchenko.

We would like to add that information about how many warheads will be delivered to Belarus has not yet been disclosed. In principle, this number can be arbitrary. As of March 2022, Russia had 5,977 nuclear weapons of all types, of which 2,889 warheads were either stored in warehouses or installed on tactical aircraft carriers.

Another 1,500 charges are waiting to be cut. Thus, some of them can also be returned to service and placed on tactical carriers. In other words, Moscow may send thousands of special ammunition from several units.

"Wagner" returns

Do not forget about Wagner, whose fighters are now in Belarus. In the summer, there were rumors that the number of "musicians" could reach tens of thousands. Now the instructors of the "orchestra" near Osipovichi are training the Belarusian army and sharing with them the combat experience gained, including during the storms on Soledar and Bakhmut.

Information about regional groups is strictly confidential. Probably thirty or forty thousand soldiers. It is known that the main part of it will be the Belarusian army. At the same time, according to the Belarusian Ministry of Defense, the Russian contingent is estimated at about 9000 people.

Russian military aircraft, in particular, the MiG-31, are also deployed in the republic. They are capable of carrying the "Dagger" hypersonic missile.

Today, the alliance is allegedly reinforced by tens of thousands of "Wagner".

SVO takes a sharp turn. Wagner is back in business.


In terms of size, this is not yet an army, but in terms of the nature of the mission, it is a formation of a higher level than the legion. It has assault infantry, aviation and nuclear weapons, and Moscow was previously stationed in Belarus. Minsk must also supply armored vehicles, tanks and artillery installations.

It is noteworthy that the presence of the core of the Wagnerites clearly angered the Baltic states and Poland's neighbor Belarus.

However, Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko responded to the complaints of his Western neighbors with an ultimatum. According to Lukashenko, the authorities of the listed countries are only employees of the private military company Wagner who appear on the territory of Belarus, inciting hysteria.

He noted that against the background of demands for the withdrawal of "musicians" from the country, those who demand themselves are "increasing the military budget" and attracting large military formations to the borders of the republic.

The answer is simple: neither in Poland, Lithuania nor in other Baltic states there should be any foreign military personnel. Lukashenko said that Belarus can also claim that there are military personnel from other countries here, stressing that all these current claims to Minsk are "stupid" and "unfounded".

Lukashenko also called Warsaw's decision not to implement the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe in relation to Belarus, which is actually the last legally binding international act in the field of arms control, a dangerous step.

SVO takes a sharp turn. Wagner is back in business.


We must always warn the Polish leadership so as not to cause harm later,

- said Lukashenko.

How should we respond in the face of all this? I'm not even talking about our fugitives preparing a military coup d'état in Belarus on their territory. Once again, I would like to warn everyone that we will not be polite to anyone in this regard. As much as we have to pay tribute, our fugitives in Poland, Lithuania and especially Ukraine understand why they are being used there,

The author concludes.

It is worth noting that the deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus and the presence of Wagner fighters in the republic suggest that the "red lines" that Russia previously spoke about are now becoming a reality without any unnecessary warning.

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