55-year-old Zhang Min settled in Chiang Mai, Thailand!


Hey friends, let's have a light chat today. Did you know that Zhang Min, the former goddess of the screen, has now become a Buddhist believer in the pursuit of inner peace. Let's take a look back at her glorious past and explore her transformed attitude towards life.

55-year-old Zhang Min settled in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

"Qingqing Zijin, relax my heart. This line from Bai Juyi's "Long Song Xing" seems to be depicting Zhang Min's elegant and lovable temperament in front of the fluorescent screen in the past. I remember that at that time, Zhang Min captured the hearts of countless audiences with her iconic smile and smart eyes. She has left a deep mark on her film and television works, and she has also been the dream lover in the hearts of many teenagers.

55-year-old Zhang Min settled in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

However, when his acting career was in full swing, Zhang Min chose an unexpected turn - to quit the entertainment industry. This decision caused quite a stir at the time. After all, in that seemingly glamorous circle, where competition and pressure coexist, it is really commendable to be able to resolutely let go.

55-year-old Zhang Min settled in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

In recent years, Zhang Min has faded out of the public eye and embarked on a journey of love for Buddhist practice. Some people say that time is a knife to kill pigs, but for her, time is more like a wise man, giving her a deeper and calmer beauty. Although the appearance is no longer as dazzling as it was back then, the heart is becoming richer and more peaceful.

When it comes to the current state of life, Zhang Min gives people a sense of low-key and full of wisdom. She chose to live a life away from the hustle and bustle and inward to explore the true meaning of life. In the context of the fast-paced and materialistic pursuits that pervade the entire social environment, Zhang Min undoubtedly offers another possibility: to achieve spiritual abundance and satisfaction through spiritual practice and introspection.

Through such a contrasting transformation—from the smoke and smoke of red dust to the pure land of Buddhism—we can feel the profound impact of the passage of time on the changes in the state of life of an individual. At the same time, I can also feel that no matter how the outside world changes, maintaining inner stability and improving cultivation is the most important thing.

Zhang Min tells us with his own practical actions: what really makes people shine is not only caused by external conditions and achievements, but more often comes from the self-cognition, insight into the essence of life, and the tranquility and tenacity brought about by the construction of the spiritual world.

Finally, I would like to express my deepest wishes to Zhang Min, who is far away from the flashing lights and on the path of Dharma practice: May you find all the precious beauty on your own path on the journey of your soul, and may you reap unprecedented peace and joy every quiet morning.

Well, friends, in this fast-paced, high-pressure environment, please don't forget to stop once in a while, listen to your inner voice, and find your own true happiness!

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