What happened to Wuling Motors?

What happened to Wuling Motors?

 According to the China Securities Journal, Wuling Motors recently became popular on the Internet because of a lawyer's letter, which attracted heated discussions among netizens.

  Recently, Wang Fei, the host of Zhejiang Minsheng Information Broadcasting, received feedback from Wuling car owners in the program and commented on the relevant issues, so he received a lawyer's letter from Wuling. Wang Fei said in the apology video that Wuling's lawyer asked him to apologize to Wuling for 15 days after deleting the original video.

What happened to Wuling Motors?

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  However, with the successive broadcast of Wang Fei's apology videos, the "ridicule" of Wuling on the Internet is endless. Wang Fei said in the fifth apology video released that he and Wuling had reached a settlement. Regarding the settlement, Wuling told reporters that the two sides have reached a consensus.

A settlement is reached

  The reporter noticed that at the request of Wuling's "15-day apology on the whole network", Wang Fei released a collection of videos titled "Wuling Apologize" on his Douyin account. As of December 8, the video collection has been updated with a total of 5 episodes, with a cumulative playback of 44.211 million.

  In the first episode of the video collection, Wang Fei said that he received a lawyer's letter from a lawyer entrusted by Wuling, and apologized for receiving feedback from the owner in the program that the charging power of the Wuling Nano new energy vehicle did not match the publicity, and he expressed inappropriate remarks in the program. "Regarding the charging transformer equipped with 2 kilowatts in the relevant models, and the charging interface is rated at 250 volts and 32 amps, it is a reflection of backward compatibility, not misleading consumers, and it is correct. The store told the owner that it was 7 kilowatts, which was a slip of the tongue, it was the owner who misunderstood, and I was misled. ”

  Wang Fei said in the video that at the request of the lawyer, he deleted the original video and apologized to Wuling for 15 days.

  However, in the 5th episode of the video, Wang Fei said that he received a call from Wuling and sent a settlement memorandum, and there was no longer any need to continue to apologize, and the matter had been settled.

  In response to the settlement, Wuling told reporters that the incident was because Wang Fei's platform released false remarks about the company's models, so the company issued a lawyer's letter to him. Because Wang Fei has apologized and deleted the original video, the two sides have reached a consensus.

  After Wang Fei released the apology video, netizens hotly discussed. Some netizens said: "Wuling finally realized: the longer the apology lasts, the more widely the news spreads." ”

What happened to Wuling Motors?

Image source: Douyin

Wuling sets "small goals"

  The Wuling NanoEV, which has aroused heated discussions, is another micro electric vehicle launched by Wuling after the Hongguang MINIEV. Back then, Wuling Hongguang MINIEV was known as the "people's scooter", but now it is no longer brilliant, and its sales have dropped from a maximum of 50,000 units in a single month to less than 20,000 units for many consecutive months in 2023.

  Judging from the data disclosed by SAIC, in the first half of 2023, Wuling achieved operating income of 26.995 billion yuan, compared with 32.967 billion yuan in the same period last year, and net profit attributable to the parent company of 40.1829 million yuan, compared with 351 million yuan in the same period last year, both declining.

  Jia Xinguang, executive director of the China Automobile Dealers Association, told the China Securities Journal that with the rapid development momentum of other domestic car companies, the price of electric vehicles is declining, and its intelligence, sense of science and technology have also risen, Wuling's original price advantage may have been weakened.

  It is worth noting that on the eve of the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show, Wuling launched the Hongguang MINIEV replacement version of the car - the third-generation Macaron of Hongguang MINIEV, with an official guide price of 46,800 yuan.

  Sun Dexing, senior marketing officer of Wuling Passenger Vehicle, said that before 2023, the proportion of consumers who are willing to buy pure electric vehicles with a range of more than 200 kilometers will be about 20%. By this year, consumers who want to buy pure electric vehicles with a range of 200 kilometers and 300 kilometers have accounted for nearly 50%.

  Industry insiders believe that Wuling launched a new version of the model or hopes to meet the needs of users in terms of long battery life, so as to promote the volume and cope with the decline in sales.

  In addition to the above-mentioned replacement models, SAIC-GM-Wuling recently announced that its first super A-class family sedan "Wuling Starlight" was launched. The new model is available in two configurations, priced at 88,800 yuan and 105,800 yuan, respectively.

  Wuling disclosed on December 1 that it sold 59,372 new energy vehicles in November. Among them, 34,573 units of Wuling Binguo and 23,518 units of Wuling Hongguang MINIEV, of which 18,570 units were sold of third-generation macarons.

  What is quite interesting is that Wang Weisen, who is certified by Weibo as the deputy general manager of marketing of SAIC-GM-Wuling, posted on Weibo on December 2 that it has returned to the level of 50,000+. After unloading the burden and readjusting, get back on the fast track!

  He also said that short-term small goals: Binguo will maintain 30,000+, Hongguang MINIEV will stand on 30,000+, and Starlight will achieve 10,000+.

What happened to Wuling Motors?

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