The 6 famous generals in history who are truly high-achieving and shocking

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Since the death of famous generals in ancient times, people who read history have sighed that the birds are hidden in the bow, and the rabbits are dead and the dogs are cooked. In fact, there are only a few famous generals in history who are truly accomplished.

1. Bai Qi (Qin State)

The 6 famous generals in history who are truly high-achieving and shocking

Bai Qi is a native of Meixian County, Shaanxi, and has been the main general for more than 30 years, breaking Yingdu in the south, destroying Changping in the north, attacking Han and Wei, attacking more than 70 cities, and destroying countless enemies. Covering the army and killing generals, the prestige of the six countries, and the merit of Wu Anjun. However, he complained about Fan Sui, who was the marquis, and would lose peace with each other, and advised King Zhaoxiang of Qin to attack Zhao on a large scale, and refused to go on the expedition because of illness, which made the monarch and ministers jealous and was demoted to a soldier. In 257 B.C., he died in Du You.

On the military exploits of famous generals in the past dynasties, Bai Qi annihilated millions of enemies in his life, and was called a killing god, although Han Xin, Wei Qing, and Li Jing were beyond their reach.

2. Li Mu (Zhao Guo)

The 6 famous generals in history who are truly high-achieving and shocking


Li Mu was a native of Longyao, Hebei Province, and a famous general of Zhao during the Warring States Period. The town guarded Yanmen County, broke the Huns, and annihilated more than 100,000 enemies. Extinguishing the ragged, defeating the East Hu, descending the forest Hu, and fleeing alone, the Huns did not dare to commit the border for more than ten years. Attack Yan in the north, capture Wusui and Fangcheng, but Qin division in the west, before and after the battle of Fei and the battle of Fanwu, the Qin army was broken, and Wu Anjun was sealed with merit. However, there is the opposition of the Qin general Wang Jian outside, and the slander of the servant Guo Kai inside.

In 229 BC, Li Mu was secretly captured and killed by King Zhao.

Li Muli assisted the three masters, and was the Great Wall of the country. Compared with Bai Qi, it is more than enough to be more than Wang Jian and Lian. "Li Mu died, Zhao Guo died". It can be seen that the importance of the famous general.

3. Han Xin (Western Han Dynasty)

The 6 famous generals in history who are truly high-achieving and shocking

Han Shin

Han Xin is a native of Huai'an, Jiangsu, and recommended Liu Bang for Xiao He and worshiped him as a general. Pacify Sanqin. When the Chu and Han dynasties were chasing the deer, they successively swept through the Wei, Dai, Zhao, Yan, and Qi countries in the Battle of Puhan, Jingcheng, and Weishui, and forced Xiang Yu to kill himself in Wuxian, and ordered the founding of the country.

In 196 BC, he was accused of rebellion, and was conspired by Empress Lu and Xiao He, killed in Changle Palace, and razed the three clans.

Han Xingong I was slightly no longer seen, known as a soldier immortal, looking at his achievements, compared to Lu Shang and Zhou Gong, not much better. However, in the place of fame, it is difficult for people and ministers, and the so-called merit that covers the world is not rewarded, and those who are mighty and shocked are in danger.

4. Hu Luguang (Northern Qi)

The 6 famous generals in history who are truly high-achieving and shocking

Hu Lu Guang

Hu Luguang is a native of Shuozhou, Shanxi, and the eldest son of Hu Lujin of Xiangguo. Since joining the army, he has not tasted defeat, the sound vibrates the right, the name shocks the enemy country, the general enters the prime minister, worships the left prime minister, and seals the king of Xianyang. Full of nobles, Mobi at that time. However, there is the Northern Zhou Dynasty outside, and there is the slander of the ministers inside.

In 572, Hu Luguang was lured into the palace by Gao Wei, the queen of the Northern Qi Dynasty, and was killed in the Liangfeng Pavilion at the age of 58.

Shepherd Zhao died, light died and died together, all of them were slandered outside and inside, and they were the same in different worlds. Deceive to shock the power of the Lord, self-destruct the solidity of the Lord, order the disintegration of the generals internally, and avenge the powerful neighbors externally.

5. Yu Wenxian (Northern Zhou)

Yu Wenxian

Yu Wenxian is a native of Wuchuan, Inner Mongolia, and the son of Yu Wentai. Outstanding appearance, sensitive and measured, with the relatives of Zhou Gong, the importance of generals. Zhenshu land, Yuqi country, Keye city. Good at scheming and calculating, good at caressing, and destroying the front, taking the lead, the group is happy, and happy to serve. When the Qi people heard its prestige, they were not afraid of its bravery. Entering the king of Qi with merit, he thinks that he is mighty, he is highly respected, and he has the heart of retreat.

In 578, Emperor Xuan of Zhou Yu Wenyun ascended the throne, fearing the authority of Yu Wenxian, summoned him to the palace, arrested him in Fujia, and hanged him to death at the age of 35.

Yu Wenxian "is wise and brave in the world, attacking and fighting like a god, the enemy country is dependent on survival, and his life is determined by its severity". Or is it also a party, a summoning one.

6. Fu Youde (Ming Dynasty)

The 6 famous generals in history who are truly high-achieving and shocking

Fu Youde

Fu Youde is a native of Huaibei, Anhui Province, who has been attached to Zhu Yuanzhang since he was subordinate to Chang Yuchun, and has made meritorious contributions from conquest to war. Xiding Bashu, the first in merit. The northern expedition to Mobei, the south to Yunnan, and the horse to success. Feng Yingchuan Marquis, into the Duke of Yingguo, plus the prince and the prince. Due to the death of the crown prince Zhu Biao, the grandson Zhu Yunwen was young, and Fu Youde had an in-law with the king of Jin, which was not conducive to his grandson. And because of Zhu Yuanzhang's suspicion, he died without guilt at the age of 70.

The founding generals of the Ming Dynasty gathered together, and they were known as the two generals of Chang Yuchun and Fu Youde with their bravery. Looking at its lower Shu sweeping Yunnan, invincible, the generals of the crown, with the talent of Mu Ying and Lan Yu, when conquering Yunnan, they were all their deputy generals, which shows the high status of their army.

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