Apple's iPhone design leader will leave, and Huawei will launch disruptive products next year

Apple's iPhone design leader will leave, and Huawei will launch disruptive products next year

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Apple's personnel personnel have set off another "huge earthquake"! The head of product design for iPhone and Apple Watch will leave

Apple's iPhone design leader will leave, and Huawei will launch disruptive products next year

Tang Tan, Apple's head of product design for the iPhone and Apple Watch, will leave in February, which will lead to a "restructuring of the company's most critical product line". Meanwhile, Steve Hotelling, a senior executive in charge of touchscreen technology, health sensors and the Face ID interface, announced his retirement. Since the second half of 2022, Apple has lost at least 11 senior executives, all of whom are leaders responsible for many core functions. (National Business Daily)

A Google spokesperson admitted that the Gemini AI demo video content and voice prompts are in post-production

A Google spokesperson confirmed that the previously released demo video of the large language model Gemini was not recorded in real time, but was "patchworked" using still image frames and text prompts. Google says that the user prompts and output in the video are all realistic, but shortened for brevity. Meanwhile, the model shown in the video is Gemini Ultra, which outperforms current "advanced results" in 30 of the 32 academic benchmarks, outperforming human experts on a large-scale, multitasking language comprehension test for the first time. (IT House)

Yu Chengdong: Huawei will launch disruptive products next year and rewrite the history of the industry

The 2023 Huawei Pollen Annual Conference was held at the Songshan Lake base, and Yu Chengdong said that he would soon launch disruptive new products, and predicted that Huawei would launch products for HarmonyOS native applications and experiences next year. A number of apps have started or completed HarmonyOS native app development. (IT House)

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The first share of humanoid robots is coming! Large models bring "new stories"

UBTECH, a Chinese humanoid robot company, passed the hearing of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and will be listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange before the end of the year at the earliest. Since its establishment in 2012, UBTECH has accumulated financing of about 5 billion yuan, with a cumulative revenue of more than 2.8 billion yuan but a loss of more than 3.1 billion yuan. At present, UBTECH has served more than 50 countries and regions around the world, has more than 900 enterprise customers, and has sold more than 760,000 robots. (Direct IPO)

With the deployment of 500 professional equipment engineers, TSMC's U.S. factory labor disputes have eased

Labor disputes at TSMC's U.S. factories have been eased, with an agreement reached with the Arizona Construction Industry Council (AZBTC) to prioritize factory construction and develop transparency on workforce training and public safety issues. The agreement allows TSMC's U.S. factories and its suppliers to hire experienced expatriate workers. AZBTC will meet the manpower demand, and TSMC will send 500 equipment engineers to the United States to facilitate the rapid installation and future operation of equipment. (IT House)

Netflix's board of directors approved a 2024 executive compensation plan with a total compensation package of $40 million for the co-CEO

Netflix has unveiled its 2024 executive compensation plan, and executives will not have the authority to decide how compensation is distributed. The Co-CEOs are scheduled to receive an annual salary of $3 million with an annual salary package of $40 million, the Executive Chairman with a base salary of $100,000 and a total annual salary package of $1 million, and other management personnel with a base salary of $1.5 million and an annual total salary package of $11 million. (Interface News)

"Father of the Brain Machine" Nico Lailis: Neuralink without any innovation Musk doesn't even know where the brain is

Brain-computer interface company Neuralink has been criticized by Nicoline Leilis, the "father of brain-computer", for not making any innovations, and even questioning Musk's perception of the location of the brain. Nicolellis argues that even if invasive BCIs were invented, they would not be recommended to everyone, because the challenges of BCIs are not only technical, but also have medical and social considerations. (Finance Associated Press)

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OpenAI admits that GPT-4 is lazy: it can't be fixed for the time being

In response to the increasingly serious problem of laziness in the GPT-4 model, OpenAI said that it has not updated the model since November 11, it was not intentionally caused, and it is investigating and preparing to fix it. GPT-4 now not only writes code that likes to omit, but also lacks creativity and is unwilling to follow instructions, and users need to copy and paste multiple times to manually complete the code. Users need to be creative to save themselves, or use moral kidnapping or the use of money to induce the model to output the full code. (qubits)

Pika 1.0's first test spike Gen-2! Netizens are the first to experience the movie-level explosion effect, and the technical details are the first to be revealed

Pika 1.0 has sparked heated discussions on the Internet, allowing users to turn text into 3D animation, generate anime, cartoons, movies, and achieve style conversion. In a recent study, Pika proposed a DreamPropeller method that can generate text to 3D 4.7 times faster, and users have reported amazing results. This product is expected to be a leader in the next generation of video generation applications, and is currently ranked second in Discord for AI applications. (New Zhiyuan)

Realistic to the hair strands, the light is adjustable, and Meta has launched a real-time 3D avatar synthesis method

Meta's Codec Avatars Lab proposes a new virtual avatar synthesis method, Relightable Gaussian Codec Avatars, which can build more realistic real-time 3D avatars with adjustable lighting. The method can characterize multiple materials of the human head in a unified way, using spherical Gaussian to achieve real-time reillumination of full-frequency reflections, and to accurately track and model the underlying geometry in motion. As a result, the method captures 3D-consistent sub-millimeter details such as those of hair strands and pores on dynamic facial sequences. (Heart of the Machine)

The EU has reached a preliminary agreement on the world's first AI regulatory law, what are the dry goods?

Representatives of the European Commission, the European Parliament and EU member states have reached a preliminary agreement on the AI Act, the world's first comprehensive regulation of AI regulation, which seeks to strike a balance between protecting fundamental human rights and not hindering the development of the AI industry. The bill classifies AI systems into different levels, such as low risk, high risk, unacceptable risk, and specific transparency risk, and sets out corresponding regulations for different risk levels. AI applications with an unacceptable risk level will be outright banned. (Interface News)

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Gates' latest interview: Compared to the "hardcore" of Musk and Jobs I feel more easy-going

In an interview after the New York Economic Club's awards ceremony, Bill Gates talked about what he considers to be a "good boss", his positive attitude towards artificial intelligence, and the change in education. He argues that the internet has not made the world more fact-based and rational as he would have liked, and that AI could alleviate labor shortages and make the world richer. When it comes to education, he is concerned about the current math education, and although students can Xi online courses today, many problems still need to be solved. (Tencent Technology)

Doxxing Shein's mysterious CEO Xu Yangtian: low-key, hardworking, frank, even employees don't know him

Fast fashion giant Shein has a low-key strategy, and CEO Xu Yangtian is even more reticent, and even employees can't recognize him. Xu Yangtian is the driving force behind Shein, and he has used his self-taught SEO techniques and business intuition to shape Shein's success. Now, Shein is gearing up for an initial public offering (IPO) in the United States, which will be one of the largest IPOs in recent years and will also propel Xu to the global stage. This will present a new challenge for Xu Yangtian, and it remains to be seen whether he will be able to keep a low profile behind the scenes. (Tencent Technology)


The Blue Arrow Aerospace Suzaku 2 Yao-3 rocket was successfully launched

On December 9, 2023, the Zhuque-2 Yao-3 carrier rocket was successfully launched at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, successfully launching the Honghu satellite, Tianyi-33 satellite and Honghu-2 satellite into the scheduled orbit. This is the third flight of the Suzaku 2 rocket, with a total length of 49.5 meters, a take-off mass of 220 tons, and a take-off thrust of 268 tons. (36 Krypton)

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