"Lottery players alone in 220 million" hot discussion has not disappeared, the industry: lottery supervision is missing

"Lottery players alone in 220 million" hot discussion has not disappeared, the industry: lottery supervision is missing

Recently, a lottery player in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province spent 100,000 yuan to buy 50,000 single note numbers of the same "Happy 8" lottery ticket, the result of all wins, a single note bonus of 4475 yuan, a total prize of more than 220 million yuan. This incident sparked heated discussions on the Internet, and topics such as whether the winners had interests continued to ferment on social platforms.

The mainland's "Lottery Management Regulations" stipulate that the personal information of lottery winners shall be kept confidential, but at the same time, it also stipulates that the issuance, sale and drawing of lottery tickets shall follow the principles of openness, fairness, justice and good faith. Once there is a hotly debated winning event,Fucai in the protection of personal privacy and the realization of public scrutiny between how to strike a balance?

To this end,The first financial reporter recently interviewed Su Guojing, the founder of the China Lottery Industry Salon. When the lottery won the lottery Happy 8 (hereinafter referred to as "Happy 8") was first piloted in Beijing and other places when it was introduced to China more than 10 years ago, Su Guojing was one of the leaders of the pilot in Beijing at that time.

Yicai: The 220 million winning incident has triggered a large public opinion among the people, and the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Civil Affairs said in an interview with the media that it has begun an investigation. Some netizens have suggested that the relevant government departments adopt the principle of "obvious abnormalities in the relevant transaction behavior" to conduct investigations, is this suggestion feasible?

Su Guojing: I don't think this kind of suggestion is feasible. Because of the lack of legal basis for this,The lottery industry currently only has the "Lottery Management Regulations,The regulations do not have clear provisions for similar situations. First of all, the investigation of lottery players needs a standard, this time to launch an investigation of 220 million yuan, that 100 million yuan, tens of millions of yuan, millions of yuan to win the situation should also be investigated?

If the lottery buyer has any doubts, or even believes that the lottery agency has violated the law, he can complain to the lottery agency, or he can also report to the relevant law enforcement department, or even file a lawsuit.

First Finance:This incident has aroused public concern about the credibility of the welfare lottery,Lottery management regulations" stipulate that lottery sales agencies should promptly issue lottery tickets, sales to the public to fully announce,Accept the supervision of the public. At the same time, it is also clarified that "the personal information of lottery winners shall be kept confidential". Without any information about the winners, how can the public monitor effectively, and can the publication of the winners' identities contribute to public scrutiny?

Su Guojing: According to the Regulations on the Administration of Lotteries, lottery funds are made up of lottery prizes, issuance fees and community chests. Where the prize money goes is a big concern for everyone. From the foreign situation,Most areas can not publish the winner's information,The mainland's "Lottery Management Regulations" also stipulate that the winner's information can not be disclosed,There is nothing wrong with keeping the winner's information confidential,But the relevant departments need to further standardize the publicity, publicity and publicity of the winning information.

Now some netizens have suggested that in response to public opinion's doubts about the big prize, the situation of the winner and the flow of the prize money should be investigated according to some principles, which has not been checked in the past. As far as I know, the relevant departments have also investigated the flow of funds of all jackpotters in some provinces, but the main problem found is not in the lottery lottery and prize redemption links, but in the distribution of lottery public welfare funds.

While it is possible to keep the identity information of the winners out of the picture, the mainland does need to strengthen public scrutiny of welfare lotteries. We can also allow more public participation in the lottery process,Or you can carry out a third-party lottery,Originally, the sales and lottery of the lottery are two independent systems,Fucai Center is responsible for sales,The lottery can be done by a third party,This also helps to eliminate the public's doubts.

First Finance: Why don't fucai agencies do these measures that can increase public supervision?

Su Guojing: Fundamentally speaking, it is a problem of institutional mechanism,Some things fucai center is not authorized to do,It is a public institution,Not an enterprise with the right to make its own decisions.

In accordance with the relevant regulations, the lottery implements two lines of financial revenue and expenditure management. "Two lines of revenue and expenditure" means that the two national lottery centers (welfare lottery, sports lottery) and all provincial lottery centers are only responsible for the issuance and sale of lottery tickets, lottery income or the whereabouts of the community chest, have nothing to do with them, and even the issuance fee is limited to them, because the issuance fee is also budget management, first to hand over to the treasury, and then the finance will be allocated back to the two lottery centers.

Therefore,Lottery buyers do not know the accurate public welfare use of this lottery ticket when they buy lottery tickets,Lottery issuing and sales agencies do not know the final destination of the lottery community chest,Only know that it is handed over to the higher authorities,Know a general direction of use. There are pros and cons to the two lines of revenue and expenditure, which has also led to some problems such as unclear rights and responsibilities, sales volume is king, and departmental interests.

CBN: How should the welfare lottery establish an effective supervision mechanism?

Su Guojing: "Lottery Management Regulations" stipulates that the financial department is responsible for the supervision of the lottery, the civil affairs and sports departments are responsible for the management, and the lottery center issues and organizes sales. In practice, the responsibilities and powers of relevant departments are not clear, supervision is not perfect, and there are many problems in system design. Provincial Lottery Center was originally only a lottery sales unit,That is, can only be responsible for selling lottery tickets,It should be an enterprise,But in practice,Provincial Lottery Center has exercised part of the issuance、Management rights. Because they belong to public institutions in terms of establishment.

In terms of supervision,The financial sector should have been the regulatory department of the lottery,But the current lottery supervision manpower is often insufficient,Often to replace the daily supervision after the rectification of problems,The mainland lottery is deficient and imperfect in terms of supervision.

Strengthen lottery supervision,It should be strictly implemented in accordance with the responsibilities and powers of the current "Lottery Management Regulations",The provincial lottery center will be restructured into enterprise management,At the same time, improve the transparency of the lottery in the examination and approval, the use of the Community Chest.

Now in order to improve the credibility of the lottery agencies,All provincial lottery centers are issuing social responsibility reports,To release the use of the lottery community chest to the public,But in fact they do not grasp the use of the lottery community chest,The release of the lottery social responsibility report should be jointly issued by the civil affairs、Finance joint lottery center and other departments. Although the social responsibility report released in the past two years also has the participation of local finance and civil affairs,But from the content of the report,Basically beyond the release authority of the lottery center,But if it is replaced by the perspective of civil affairs and finance,Here in the face of the public welfare of the public notice details are obviously not perfect and detailed. The purpose of the lottery is to raise funds for the Community Chest, but the imperfection of the whereabouts and publicity of the Community Chest will affect the social credibility of the Welfare Lottery.

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