Shokin's first split headphone OpenFit experience: more technology blessings In order to listen to music more comfortably

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In many previous experience evaluations of Shokin products, we will mention that Shokin's bone conduction professional sports headphones have almost become a necessary accessory for running outdoor off-road circles. But it is this manufacturer that has almost become a representative of "in-ear sports headphones" and recently released its first split in-ear headphone product. Shokin OpenFit, also known as "comfort zone".

Shokin's first split headphone OpenFit experience: more technology blessings In order to listen to music more comfortably

Better wearing comfort

As you can see from the name, this time the main focus is on comfort. Open the package, this light khaki-looking "Warm Sun White" is very recognizable, not as conventional as black and white, if you have a white skin color, it can almost blend in with the auricle from a distance.

Open the box, this pair of headphones is the protagonist of today, unlike many in-ear or semi-in-ear headphones, the OpenFit comfort zone is an open in-ear design, the feel is very light, and the rear hanging is very soft. This is the foundation of its main focus on comfort. The inside of the earphone, the contact place between the earphone core and the earnail cavity is double-layer zero-degree silicone, which is very close to the softness of our human skin, and the outside of the fuselage is made of skin-friendly silicone, which not only has a certain anti-slip performance, but also improves the comfort and stability of wearing.

Surely many people ask, were the headphones uncomfortable before? Let's review, like AirPods Pro, this kind of in-ear type needless to say, you know that you have worn it, due to noise reduction requirements, it must be physically isolated from the outside world, and it is certain to block the ears, and it is inevitable that the ear canal will be stuffy for a long time; So I have a pair of AirPods Pro and a pair of AirPods second-generation every day. The former is used in places such as the subway, and the latter is in places where there is no need for noise cancellation, such as offices, and it is easier to wear.

Shokin's first split headphone OpenFit experience: more technology blessings In order to listen to music more comfortably

But semi-in-ear headphones still need to be partially in the ear. Especially in the office scene, a few hours of conference calling, a few hours of strength, the weight of these few grams does not seem heavy, but it is not so comfortable to put the pinna for 5-6 hours. If you exercise with it, you can run and jump a lot, such as skipping rope, and there is a hidden danger of falling.

Shokin's first split headphone OpenFit experience: more technology blessings In order to listen to music more comfortably

So from the perspective of comfort and reliability, the OpenFit comfort zone is a natural advantage for the ear-hook design. Shokin further reduced the volume of the sound generator without losing sound quality, adjusted the weight of the earphones (so you can see the special design of the earhook part), and the weight of a single earphone in the OpenFit comfort circle is controlled at about 8.3g. The actual test is that most people can almost only feel a small thing on the pinna of the ear when they wear it, and that's it.

Directional sound field technology

Completely different from in-ear or semi-in-ear, OpenFit comfort zone is completely in-ear, and the vocal part is all outside the ear canal, which fundamentally eliminates the problem of discomfort in Peshu. Ear canal blockage, swelling, stuffiness and the like do not exist.

Shokin's first split headphone OpenFit experience: more technology blessings In order to listen to music more comfortably

In order to do this, behind it is the efforts of the Shokin R&D team. Open-ear headphones are not the same as two small speakers hanging on the ears, which is not only a bad experience, but also a big problem for privacy. And this is the core technology of open-back headphones, and it is also the place where the skills of each company are tested: the sound of the sound generator is sent into the ear canal through the "directional sound field technology". Shokin has its own patented DirectPitch directional sound field technology in this part.

Shokin's first split headphone OpenFit experience: more technology blessings In order to listen to music more comfortably

A directional sound field, as the name suggests, is a sound field that is made to have a directional character. This is the basis of no sound leakage, which can be simply explained as the construction of a specific sound field, often using two or more sound sources, the sound sources are placed according to a certain topology, and the amplitude difference and phase difference between different sound sources are controlled to control the intensity and weakness of the sound pressure distribution in the space to achieve specific spatial directivity.

Shokin OpenFit comfort zone is not the first open-back headphone product, but comfort + sound leakage control, it is the best we have tried so far. The latter, in particular, is impressive. The actual test is worn at the workstation and the volume is turned up to the maximum, and colleagues who are 60 cm apart cannot hear the sound leakage.

Open-back headphones can also pursue sound quality

Many people think that bone conduction and open-back headphones are just "listening", regardless of sound quality.

But OpenFit has its own pursuit in this regard. According to the official introduction, the blessing of the Shokz OpenBass low-frequency enhancement algorithm custom sound unit makes the OpenFit comfort zone the best sound quality headset in the current Shokz OpenBass product series ever.

Although the OpenFit comfort zone is not intended for listening to music while sitting upright, it pursues the balance of maximum comfort and the best sound quality when wearing it for a long time in office meetings, going out for sports, etc.

Shokin's first split headphone OpenFit experience: more technology blessings In order to listen to music more comfortably

But wearing the OpenFit comfort zone, most people can still hear the difference between different types and different sound sources. OpenBass largely makes up for the lack of bass in the previous Shokin bone conduction headphones, giving them the maximum bass they can give in a limited volume, making the sound of this small headphone far less soft than its body.

In terms of structure, Shokin has placed an 18mm×11mm large dynamic driver unit at the front end of the OpenFit earphone, which adopts a customized composite diaphragm, which has the characteristics of high amplitude and high sensitivity. In order to achieve the three-frequency balance, a flexible upward arc bending ring of lightweight polymer material is added to the inner edge of the unit to enhance the sense of low volume. The dome structure in the middle is made of double-layer super-linear carbon brazing material, which provides a strong and stable high-frequency output.

Shokin's accumulation in the field of sports

For more than ten years, the "Shokz" brand has almost become synonymous with "bone conduction sports headphones" and "in-ear headphones". From marathon world record holder and Olympic champion Kipchoge to many sports enthusiasts in daily life such as running, cycling, triathlon, mountaineering, etc., they are all fans of Shokin professional sports headphones.

In the past three years, the growth rate of Shokin China market has been as high as 172%. According to IDC research data, from 2020 to 2022, Shokin China has always been the No. 1 in the bone conduction headset market in terms of shipments and sales, and has achieved a market share of 71.4% in 2022. The same is true for overseas markets, Shokz's in-ear headphone products are currently available in more than 60 countries and regions around the world, with more than 20,000 stores and more than 10 million users worldwide. According to the latest report released by global growth consulting firm Sullivan in February 2023, Shokz leads the global sales of in-ear headphones.

If the product line of Shokin professional sports headphones represented by bone conduction technology can accompany sports enthusiasts to better surpass themselves, then the birth of the split in-ear headphones Shokin OpenFit comfort circle is in line with the needs of a wider range of life scenarios. Whether it is outdoor leisure, indoor sports, home entertainment, or any daily environment such as office, OpenFit comfort zone can provide users with a comfortable experience in all scenarios.


The biggest feature of the Shokin OpenFit comfort zone is its non-inductive wearing experience. That's why the official name "comfort zone" is known. The design team behind it has put a lot of effort into reducing its presence after wearing, so that users can not feel the burden on their ears as much as possible. But at the same time, the OpenFit comfort zone does not sacrifice sound quality or user experience for comfort.