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NetEase Cloud Music announced that the price of student members will be reduced to 5 yuan per month

NetEase Cloud Music announced on Weibo today that it will offer a student membership of only 5 yuan per month for users aged 14 to 22. Users who meet the participation conditions can search for "student membership" in the NetEase Cloud Music app or open it in the member center. In this regard, Netease Cloud Music said that this is an unauthorized, blatant, and pleasant decision to reduce prices in the context of the continuous rise in the prices of various members that have lasted for several years. Officially, student members will be able to enjoy more than 20 privileges, including member music library, lossless sound quality, member sound effects, monthly free downloads, VIP exclusive personality dress, etc.

The new trailer of "Black Myth: Wukong" was released and recorded on a real machine

Today, the light of the domestic game "Black Myth: Wukong" announced at TGA 2023 that the game will be officially released on August 20, 2024, landing on PS5 and XSX|S、PC。 The official also recently released a plot promotional video, all the content is recorded on the PC, including actual gameplay clips and cutscenes, and supports 4K resolution.

Baldur's Gate III, developed by Larian Studios, won the Game of the Year award at the TGA (The Game Awards).

Baldur's Gate III, which launched in August this year, brought the cRPG genre into the mainstream, sweeping major awards, including the Golden Joystick Award and numerous gaming media awards. Founded in 1996 in Ghent, Belgium, Larian Studios had lackluster early game sales, with its first best-selling game being Divinity: Original Sin, released in 2014, which sold more than 500,000 copies, and its 2017 sequel, Divinity 2, was a huge hit, selling more than a million copies in two months. Its success with cRPGs caught the attention of Wizards of the Coast, which invited the studio to produce a sequel to the famous cRPG game Baldur's Gate series. TGA's other awards in 2023 include: Best Game Director, Best Narrative & Best Art Design: Alan Wake 2, Best Sound Soundtrack, Best Original Soundtrack, Final Fantasy 16, Best Indie Game Sea of Stars, Best Indie Game Debut Cocoon, Best Action-Adventure Game The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Best Ongoing Game Cyberpunk 2077, Best Mobile Game miHoYo's Honkai: Star Dome Railway, Best Game Adaptation The Last of Us (HBO), etc.

Musk shares Cybertruck's 48V design with competitors Ford CEO expressed his gratitude

Although initially considered a joke, Tesla did distribute a document to rival CEOs about the Cybertruck's 48V vehicle architecture, for which Ford CEO Jim Farley thanked him. Farley confirmed Thursday that he received the document from Tesla, dated Dec. 5

It is rumored that the US bitcoin ETF issuer has entered the stage of key details in negotiations with the SEC

Discussions between U.S. securities regulators and asset managers looking to list bitcoin ETFs have advanced to key technical details, suggesting that regulators may soon approve the products, industry executives said. Thirteen companies, including Grayscale, BlackRock (BLK.US), Invesco (IVZ.US) and Ark Investments, are applying to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for ETFs that track the price of Bitcoin.

The U.S. court officially ruled that Changpeng Zhao must not leave the United States while on bail

A judge has formally ruled that Binance founder Changpeng Zhao must remain in the U.S. until his case is pronounced in February, as he is unlikely to return to the U.S. if he is allowed to travel to the UAE while on bail. On December 7, local time, Seattle District Court Judge Richard Jones agreed with the U.S. Department of Justice's proposition, arguing that Changpeng Zhao should remain in the United States until February 23, 2024, because if he leaves the United States, he risks absconding on bail.

The U.S. autonomous vehicle industry urged the transportation sector to support development: otherwise it will lose to China

According to Reuters, a coalition of U.S. groups representing the self-driving car industry wrote a letter to U.S. officials on December 7 warning that the U.S. Department of Transportation needs to support the development of self-driving cars, or the nascent industry risks losing out to competitors such as China. According to the report, the Autonomous Vehicle Industry Association, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Automotive Innovation Alliance and other groups said in a letter to U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg that the autonomous driving industry is at a critical juncture and needs strong leadership from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

The Tata Group is said to be planning to build the country's largest assembly plant, producing a quarter of the world's iPhones

Apple and its suppliers plan to produce more than 50 million iPhones a year in India in the next two to three years, with more to come, according to sources. If the plan comes to fruition, India will account for a quarter of global iPhone production. In order to strengthen its dominance in the supply chain, the American technology giant Apple has been seeking to diversify the industrial chain. Attracted by India's low labor costs and various incentives, Apple is very ambitious to build production capacity in India.

Xiaomi proudly launched the surging OS technical white paper, and the various errors in it looked like a patchwork

Last night, Xiaomi grandly launched the Xiaomi Surging OS Technical White Paper V1.0, which is 182 pages long and is available for download on Xiaomi's official website. There is also a lot of discussion about it on Sina Weibo, and it is indeed good news that Xiaomi can publish a technical white paper detailing the technical architecture and improvements. But I didn't expect that there were too many mistakes in this white paper, and many netizens found that screenshots of this situation were sent, so it became a large-scale ridicule scene.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen4 embraces 3nm TSMC foundry

Blogger Digital Chat Station broke the news that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen4 model is SM8750, codenamed SUN, based on TSMC's 3nm process process, which will be Qualcomm's first 3nm mobile phone chip. It is reported that Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen4 uses TSMC N3E process, while the Apple A17 Pro, which has been mass-produced, uses TSMC N3B process.

YMTC Zhizhi released a 4TB SSD: the read speed can reach 7000MB/s from 1299 yuan

Today, YMTC Zhitai officially released the 4TB capacity version of Ti600 and TiPlus7100, priced at 1299 yuan and 1799 yuan respectively. Among them, the Ti600 4TB version uses the original QLC particles of YMTC and adopts the Xtacking 3.0 architecture of the crystal stack, and the interface speed of a single chip can reach 2400MT/s;

For the first time, Apple transferred its core device development resources to Vietnam with BYD participation

On December 8, Beijing time, according to people familiar with the matter, Apple will allocate iPad product development resources to Vietnam for the first time, which is an important step for the company to build the Southeast Asian country into an alternative manufacturing center. Apple is working with BYD, a major iPad assembler, to transfer new product introduction (NPI) resources to Vietnam. New product introduction is when tech companies like Apple work with suppliers to design and develop new products to ensure that the engineering is ready for production. This is the first time that Apple has transferred NPI resources to Vietnam on a core device such as the iPad.

Apple has notified its suppliers that it wants to purchase batteries for the iPhone 16 from its factory in India

Battery makers such as Desay Battery have been encouraged to build new factories in India, while Taiwanese battery maker Simple Technology has been asked to expand production in India. Japanese company TDK is building a 180-acre factory in Manesar, Haryana, India, to produce iPhone batteries. Companies such as Desay and Simpu package batteries produced by TDK and others into modules and send them to assembly companies such as Foxconn. Apple is working to move its supply chain away from China. According to WSJ, citing sources familiar with the matter, Apple and its suppliers plan to produce more than 50 million iPhones a year in India in the next two to three years, and then plan to increase production by tens of millions of units on top of that.

Toshiba and ROHM Semiconductor will invest approximately USD 2.7 billion in the production of power chips

Toshiba and Rohm Semiconductor Corp. said on Friday that the two companies will invest 388.3 billion yen ($2.7 billion) to jointly produce power chips, the first cooperation since Rohm participated in the $14 billion acquisition of Toshiba. The latest collaboration is what Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is hoping for, as they fear that Japan's power chip industry is too fragmented to catch up with industry giant Infineon Technologies.

Google admits that at least one of the performance demos of the newly launched Gemini AI was edited

Google has just released its most powerful AI model suite, Gemini, to date, but the company has been accused of lying about performance. A Bloomberg op-ed claims that Google has misrepresented Gemini's performance in a recent video. Columnist Parmy Olson said Google showed an impressive hands-on video of What the AI quack at its launch earlier this week, in which Gemini looked extraordinarily capable — perhaps too capable.

The top ten Internet buzzwords in 2023 are released: far ahead, dig, dig, dig, dig, etc

The results of the 2023 "Top 10 Internet Buzzwords" hosted by Language Weekly officially announced today. These include: i-person/e-person, conspicuous bag, special forces tourism, X-gate, far ahead, dopamine ××, Kong Yiji literature, princess/prince, please ××, you're weird, dig.

Tech News

The European Extreme Telescope (ELT), which is being built in Chile's Atacama Desert, is expected to be completed in 2028

It will be the world's largest optical telescope, with a primary mirror diameter of 39.3 meters, spliced together by 798 small hexagonal lenses, and a light collection area of 978 square meters, which will be able to gather more light for clearer images, more advanced than any current optical telescope, and will change the study of exoplanets, black holes, dark matter, and the early universe. Its planned successor, the Overwhelmingly Large Telescope (OLT), was shelved in the 2000s due to complexity and cost, and the OLT's primary mirror will be up to 100 meters in diameter. Many of the optical telescopes currently under construction or planned elsewhere are not as advanced as ELT. The giant Magellan telescope, a combination of seven 8.4-meter-diameter lenses, has a primary mirror diameter of 24.5 meters and is expected to be built in the 2030s, with only one-third the light-gathering capacity of an ELT. The telescope, which is planned to be built in Hawaii with a diameter of 30 meters and is smaller than the ELT, was halted due to a dispute with the original inhabitants over the construction site of Mount Mona Kea.

New research suggests a new possible explanation for Hubble tension

A recent study has proposed that the Hubble tension – a difference in the measurement of the expansion rate of the universe – could be solved with another MOND theory of gravity. The theory is that the observed differences are caused by local changes in the density of matter. Research from the Universities of Bonn and St Andrews suggests a new possible explanation for the Hubble strain.

Scientists use ultrasound to guide the microbubble robot through complex cerebral blood vessels

Researchers have developed a bubble microrobot that uses ultrasound to guide it through tiny and complex cerebral blood vessels. The miniature vehicle has been successfully tested in mice and has the potential to be a means of precise drug delivery to treat diseases such as brain cancer and stroke.

Studies have shown that cosmic fission may have played a role in the formation of heavy elements

New research suggests that cosmic fission may have played a role in the formation of heavy elements. Analysis of ancient stars has shown that there is a correlation between light metal and rare earth nuclei, suggesting that superheavy nuclei are produced beyond the known periodic table. This discovery confirms the theory of cosmic fission and shows the existence of elements with an atomic mass of 260, expanding our understanding of the universe.

Scientists at the University of Cambridge identified the mRNA patterns that cause off-target effects and found a way to fix it

Researchers have found that chemical modifications to synthetic messenger RNA used in therapeutics can cause cellular machines to misread its instructions, resulting in unexpected immune responses. Importantly, they also found a solution to this problem.

Researchers have reported a new Spectre attack known as SLAM, exploiting these mechanisms to bypass pointer validity checks

Modern CPUs have far more 64-bit pointer addressing space than needed, so major CPU vendors offer a mechanism to use some of the address bits to store other data: Intel uses linear address mask (LAM), AMD uses high-bit address ignorance, and Arm uses top byte ignorance. Researchers have reported a new Spectre attack known as SLAM, exploiting these mechanisms to bypass pointer validity checks. For SLAM attacks, Intel plans to release software guidelines in the future, Linux engineers have developed patches to disable LAM by default until the software guidelines are released, ARM has made similar statements, and AMD has stated that the existing Spectre v2 patch will address SLAM attacks.

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