Haaland: I would like to have Messi's dribbling if I could, and I didn't complain about the substitution of the fifth son of the Champions League, Denko

Haaland: I would like to have Messi's dribbling if I could, and I didn't complain about the substitution of the fifth son of the Champions League, Denko

Recently, Haaland was interviewed by the French media "Le Corpus", talking about his adaptation and achievements at Manchester City in the past year.

Haaland: I would like to have Messi's dribbling if I could, and I didn't complain about the substitution of the fifth son of the Champions League, Denko

You're 23 years old, and if we see each other in 10 years, what do you hope you'll be able to accomplish by then?

"That's a good question. Obviously, I want to win a lot of trophies with my team-mates, but I also want people to remember me because I'm different on the pitch and the way I play. ”

"Anyway, that's what I try to do every week, so to speak, I want to show something special, and yes, I want to be someone who is considered different. ”

Do you feel different from other players now?

"Yes, I can't say anything else, anyway, everybody is different, everybody has their own way of playing. For me, coming to Man City and proving what others said was wrong, I can adapt well to the team, these are changes. ”

'In the past they used to play without a real striker, Pep Guardiola didn't use a real number 9 and so far everything is going well and I like that very much. ”

After last season, how do you find new sources of motivation, both collectively and individually?

'It's what it feels like to achieve the treble, we want to taste it again, that's it, it's a new season and my team-mates and I want to do it again. ”

What makes us believe that Haaland will do better than last season?

'Of course, it's hard to do better, we won the historic treble and everybody expects more from us, everybody wants to beat us even more. ”

'Last year everyone wanted to beat us in the Premier League because we were the defending champions and this season it will be even more so because now the whole of Europe wants to beat us but I didn't plan that much. ”

"My motivation has really improved day by day through training, developing myself and improving down to the smallest detail, and it is this fighting spirit that keeps me motivated to try to achieve the same or even better performance as last year. ”

"Now, to be honest, I didn't expect to break the Premier League goal record (36) in my first season in England, but, given the quality of the team, I knew it was possible from mid-season and I can only thank my team-mates for providing me with such good conditions. ”

No matter what the game is, you're always at your best, how did you manage to be so focused?

"It all starts with one foundation: be passionate about what you do, you have to be very passionate, or you can't stick to it, and that's why I'm focused every day, because it's something I always love to do. ”

'It's good because Guardiola demands a lot from us and you can't relax with such a demanding coach and you have a game every week and the game will tell you how well you prepare or not. ”

'It's our life to play every week and you can't relax, the key is not to prioritise the games because they're all important and we can't slow down because we have to play Bayern Munich or Real Madrid next Wednesday against the bottom of the table on Saturday. ”

'First of all, because the league is a marathon, there is no game more important than the others, and then, because that's how you prepare for the Champions League, that's the mentality I've always had: live in the moment, focus on the moment and not let yourself be distracted by other ideas.

Haaland: I would like to have Messi's dribbling if I could, and I didn't complain about the substitution of the fifth son of the Champions League, Denko

How did you feel about not scoring in the Champions League semi-finals and finals last season?

'I've scored a lot of goals all season, right? seriously, let's take the home game against Real Madrid, which was probably the biggest game in City's history, I had a chance to score two or three goals that day, but Courtois also played the best game of his life. ”

'You know, it's not just about scoring goals, the main thing is that we won and played well. Then, the final was very special, the two sides were very close in quality and everything was decided in one game. ”

"At the end of the day, there's no better feeling than a team win and obviously, in the best case scenario, I'll score a hat-trick (laughs), but in the final there's no time to think about that individual factor, you just have to win. ”

"It was even the first time in a long time that I cried because I had achieved my biggest dream, and all these emotions and joys largely overwhelmed my individual performance in this competition. ”

Have you ever doubted it?




Are you sure?

"Nope. ”

Despite your excellent season, at least initially, there were reservations about how well you fit in at City, but that perception quickly subsided, but what did you think of those criticisms at the time?

"I don't watch the news much, and of course, I don't live in a cave, and I hear these statements, and my mindset is, I can't decide what people think or like, so I can just live with it, and if they say that, don't worry. ”

'At the end of the day, I think I showed people that I can adapt to the Premier League and that City can play fantastic football even when I'm not there, well, we struggled a little bit at times, but playing at this level throughout the season, it's normal, and in the end, we achieved what only Manchester United have in the Premier League [the treble]. ”

You are always in the right position in the box and scoring goals, what is the secret to always being in a good position?

"There's an element of instinct in that, and obviously there's an element of training, and that instinct is this belief that the ball will reach somewhere, a kind of sixth sense hidden in the brain. ”

"But, on top of that, you have to do a lot of work to improve yourself and learn to understand your teammates and make choices based on their position, so the understanding of the game and instinct will tell you how to go. ”

It's worth noting that you and De Bruyne have an incredible rapport

'I want to point out that not only do I have a good chemistry with him, but also with Bench B, Grealish, Foden or Mahrez, but actually, it's very special for Kevin De Bruyne. ”

'Because he's reached this level, even before coming to my Manchester City, when I watched them play and saw the trajectory of his passing, I already imagined how I was going to 'eat the pie', in which area, in what position, etc. ”

'In fact, we've gotten to know each other very well since I've come to Manchester City, we like to work on the basis of that synergy and we think the same way. ”

Haaland: I would like to have Messi's dribbling if I could, and I didn't complain about the substitution of the fifth son of the Champions League, Denko

In the game, you also seem to be very happy to use your physical fitness to directly suppress your opponent, right? 

"Yes, I love this confrontation in football, I love this kind of fight, it's an incredible feeling and when you feel like the opponent wants to get on the body, it brings something extra to this confrontation. ”

"I would even say that I like to feel the pain in my shoulder, my arm, my chest after the fight, it's a great feeling, I love it. ”

But is there a particular aspect of the game that you want to improve?

"It's no surprise that I'll tell you: I want to improve a little bit in every aspect, but maybe it's my header and my right foot that counts, my left foot can always do better, but it's okay, right?

'I also want to improve further in terms of dribbling, which is not easy because we play a game every three days, but with Guardiola we are committed to very small details that allow us to improve every week. ”

If you could get an ability from another player, what would you choose?

"I wish I could have Messi's dribbling, it's a good option, isn't it (laughs)?

What do you expect from a coach, and is the most important thing a tactic or a relationship?

'It's both, the tactical contribution and the game are crucial, but I believe that if we have a good relationship, everything will be better. ”

So in the case of Pep Guardiola, do you have both?

'I have a very good relationship with Pep, of course, he is very demanding of us and he is very direct and honest, but that's the way he coaches, no matter what, to develop and progress, it's better to know everything in a very direct way. ”

'Sometimes he's fierce (laughs) and you can see that in the first round against Burnley (when Haaland seemed unhappy with the B seat when he entered the dressing room at half-time, Pep Guardiola stepped forward to exchange ideas with Haaland). ”

"But I appreciate it because it shows that he is fully committed to the game and has a lot of passion, which is not always pleasant, but at the same time, he makes you see the whole and I know that his goal is to make you a better player. ”

"But, mind you, it's just work. Because we joke a lot outside of work, really, he has a lot of smiles on his face, and that's how this group has lived for a few years. ”

Did Pep Guardiola make you a better player, or did you make Manchester City a better team?

"No, I would say that under Guardiola I have improved very well, I see that every day and I think the results we have show that. For my part, I believe I have an ability to play more directly when necessary, which allows us to deal with pressure when necessary. ”

At that time, the big clubs all over Europe wanted to sign you, how did Pep Guardiola convince you to come to Manchester City?

"To be honest, he didn't say anything, the style of football that Manchester City have developed over the course of a few seasons says it all, Tiki-Taka adapted to the Premier League and I really wanted to be a part of that and since we wrote a page in history, I feel like I made the best choice. ”

Speaking of history, did it frustrate you almost broke the record in the second leg of last season's Champions League last-16 tie against Leipzig, but Pep Guardiola replaced you after you scored five goals, and you could have broken Messi's record by then?

'Yes, of course there was a lot of frustration and maybe I might not have scored the sixth goal, we don't know, but be careful, I didn't complain at all because I have a lot of respect for Alvarez, who replaced me, and he deserved that game. ”

"So, no, I didn't go to Gua Shuai after that, I didn't complain to him angrily, maybe I still have a chance to break this record, who knows?"

Haaland: I would like to have Messi's dribbling if I could, and I didn't complain about the substitution of the fifth son of the Champions League, Denko

After so many years of Mero matchups, are we now in the era of Haaland vs. Mbappe?

'It seems like everybody thinks that, but beware, we have to remember what crazy things Messi and Ronaldo have done, and we also have to remember that they are still capable of doing that because even as they get older, they are still great players. ”

"I've had the privilege of seeing two extraordinary players play, but, back to your question, I never talk about myself against other players, it's not my way of doing things or the way I look at things, I focus on myself and just want to get better every day, continue to enjoy what I do and be the best version of myself. ”

But have you seen the performances of players like Mbappe, Vinicius, Osimhen?

"Yes, of course, because I watched a lot of football on TV and by the way, I saw Bellingham's incredible debut at Real Madrid and it really makes me happy for him. ”

"I'm passionate about football, it's something I've always loved, you could say it takes up all my time, both professionally and in life, in addition, I love playing in the garden with my sister, but there are so many games and training and I have to think about recovery as well. ”

You've achieved a lot at club level and now one of the goals is to achieve great success with the Norwegian national team?

"Oh yes, of course, I dream of helping the national team achieve great things, we are a small country with only 5.5 million inhabitants, so it is not easy, but I dream of playing in the European Cup or the World Cup. ”

"Imagine yourself winning the European Championship or the World Cup... It's not impossible, but haha, right now, we're fighting to qualify first and foremost, and that's what I'm aiming for. ”

"First of all, qualifying for a major event and then we can dream of bigger things, it's a big challenge and I love it. After all, coming to Manchester City last summer and winning the treble in his first season was already a challenge. ”

Would you trade the Champions League for the World Cup?

"Hahahaha, no, the trophy won last year is historic. ”

So after you've won the Champions League four or five times, can we talk about that again?

"Poof, it's still too hard to choose (laughs). ”

Do you consider yourself the best attacking player in the world right now?

"In my head... It depends on what you're referring to as an offensive player, and it's a tricky question... Am I the best? maybe. I know Pimenta [Haaland's agent, who was also present at the player's interview] wants me to be cautious (laughs). ”

Do you think you can win this year's Ballon d'Or?

"I believe in myself, I really believe, I know I still have a lot of room to improve, I'm still young, but yes, I think I have a chance this year. »

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