My father proposed that I change my child's surname to inherit my mother's property, but there were many incidents because of this

author:Sycamore Azusa Shadow

I have three children, two sons and a daughter, the eldest son is 10 years old, the second son is 8 years old, and the youngest daughter is 6 years old. My husband does a small business, although he doesn't make a lot of money, but it is enough for us to live, and he is a person who takes care of his family, and it is precisely because of this that I have the courage to give birth to three children.

My husband and I have a few children, and our life is very stable, but some time ago my father proposed to let my second son change his mother's surname, which made our family a little messy for a while, not only my husband, but also my sisters on my mother's side also had a disagreement because of this matter.

My father proposed that I change my child's surname to inherit my mother's property, but there were many incidents because of this

My parents are in their seventies this year, and I have two older sisters, the eldest sister is the most promising of our three sisters.

My second sister is the most pitiful of our three sisters, at that time family planning, my mother gave my second sister to relatives after she conceived me. I am the third, and when my mother was pregnant, she thought I was a boy, so she sent the second sister away, but I didn't expect to give birth to me as a daughter.

The second sister has had a very difficult time in recent years, dropped out of school very early, married early and gave birth to children, and divorced again after marriage, and wandered around with a child. My parents felt ashamed of the second sister, so they gave most of the family's savings to the second sister and asked her to do a small business, so that her life could be considered better.

My father proposed that I change my child's surname to inherit my mother's property, but there were many incidents because of this

My parents' biggest regret in this life is that they didn't have a son, my dad often told me that several generations of single biography never thought that his generation would be extinct, and said that there was no one to go to the grave after a hundred years. My eldest sister and I often comforted my father, saying that we are also his descendants, so that he should not be too pessimistic, and my eldest sister and I often put down our family affairs and go home to accompany them, but we still can't untie the knot of the old man's heart.

In April, my dad had an operation for heart problems, and after the operation, he called me home and asked me if I could change my second boy's surname to his mother's name.

My parents have been diligent all these years and bought two buildings in the town, although the houses in the town are not as valuable as the houses in the city, but the area of the two buildings is large, and one has a yard, which is not a small amount.

I thought he was sick and wanted to make this request so that he could recuperate with peace of mind, but my dad said that he didn't think of this solution now, but he didn't talk to us before. I didn't dare to say yes at the time, saying that I would go back and discuss it with my husband.

My father proposed that I change my child's surname to inherit my mother's property, but there were many incidents because of this

Ever since my dad told me about this, my heart has been very confused, and when I went back and told my husband about it, he was also confused for a while. My father's idea may be very simple, my eldest sister and second sister both have only one child, the second sister's family is a daughter, and only my family has two boys, so the task of inheriting the family property falls to my son.

But after thinking about it, my husband and I both felt that this matter was awkward, and we didn't know whether we should agree to my father's request for a while. In fact, my husband and I are not greedy for money, and I don't want my dad's two houses, I always feel that things are not so simple.

In the blink of an eye, the Mid-Autumn Festival, the eldest sister and the second sister came home to see their parents, and I also took my husband and children back. We arrived late, and when we arrived, the eldest sister and the second sister didn't greet us as warmly as before, which I thought was a bit strange.

Later, I learned that my father had told the eldest sister about it, and the eldest sister told the second sister again. When the eldest sister saw me, she said: My family's conditions are better, I don't care, but this matter is a little unfair to the second sister. After speaking, I looked at my second sister again, and the second sister just lowered her head to eat and said: I listen to my parents.

I hurriedly said: We haven't decided whether to change it yet, but we're not really in it for money. The eldest sister looked at me and said, "Yo, you're so cheap and good."

My father proposed that I change my child's surname to inherit my mother's property, but there were many incidents because of this

What else did my husband want to say, but I stopped him, I didn't want everyone to lose face. Everyone had their own thoughts about a meal, and my parents didn't speak when they saw our sisters like this, and finally there was a table of dishes left.

On the way home, my husband suddenly told me in a serious way that he did not agree to change the child's surname. I asked him why, and my husband said: Your parents indicated that the property was given to our second child after changing the surname, so what should we do with the eldest and the third, the children are so old and sensible, I don't want them to make trouble like your three sisters, you look at today, your two sisters want to eat you.

When I went back in the evening, I told my husband that I just wanted to fulfill my father's wish, and it was not a big deal to change my surname. My husband said that it seems to be nothing now, but what will happen to the children when they grow up, they will ask why they don't have the second child, and we are creating conflicts for them.

This night, I quarreled with my husband for a long time because of this matter, in fact, we rarely quarreled, but this time we quarreled because of this matter, which hurt my feelings a little.

My father proposed that I change my child's surname to inherit my mother's property, but there were many incidents because of this

On the other hand, what makes me even more sad is my second sister, although the second sister was sent to a relative's house when she was a child, her parents would often go to see her, buy her things, and take her home when they have time, and take care of her the most when she grows up, but being sent away is a knot in the second sister's heart, and she can't be untied. And there is always a relationship between my parents and my second sister, so that neither of them is as close as ordinary parents and daughters.

I was afraid that the second sister would misunderstand, so I called her early the next morning, but I didn't expect her to answer the phone and not reply to the message. I thought she hadn't seen her phone for a while, so I went to look for her where she lived, but she scolded her, saying that I partnered with my parents to bully her, and sent her away for me when I was a child, and now I gave me all my family property for me, what else do I have to say. My parents and I felt very guilty about her because of this, but she always talked about it, and I really didn't even have a place to reason every day.

On the other hand, my dad saw that I was reluctant to agree to change the child's surname, and called me to scold me for not being filial, and asked me to say it if I didn't want to change, and I always dragged it out, and my husband's side, my father-in-law and mother-in-law also knew, and rushed over from my hometown, chasing me and asking me not to change the child's surname, the family has never been so messy.

In fact, my parents are really very good to our three sisters, from childhood to adulthood, they are dedicated to giving us better living conditions, we will buy a house after we get married, they will also contribute money to help, and now the old man put forward this wish I really want to meet them, but seeing so many family conflicts because of the change of surname, so that I and my two sisters, as well as my husband and I have been threatened, for a while I don't know where to go.