"Chengxing carved two radish chapters and deceived 30 billion", Jingdong's latest statement!

"Chengxing carved two radish chapters and deceived 30 billion", Jingdong's latest statement!

Every reporter: Wang Yubiao Every editor: Sun Zhicheng, Liu Xuemei

In response to the previous case of Noah Fortune's claim for joint and several compensation of 3.5 billion yuan from, on December 4,'s spokesperson official Weibo issued a statement saying that in the "Chengxing case",, as an unwitting victim, was involved in a malicious lawsuit that lasted for four years, and the company's reputation and rights and interests suffered significant losses.

The reporter of "Daily Economic News" noticed that the factoring contract dispute between Shanghai Gopher Asset Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Gopher"), a subsidiary of Noah Wealth, and Shanghai Ziyan Car Rental Service Co., Ltd. against, "Chengxing" Company, Suzhou Shengjun and other companies, was heard again in the Shanghai Financial Court on November 24.

This is the second trial of the case, which began in March. The lawsuit quickly sparked heated discussions, and on November 27, the entry "Carved two radish chapters deceived 30 billion" also rushed to the hot search on Weibo, making the once sensational Chengxing fraud case gain a lot of attention again.

A person related to Noah Fortune replied to the reporter of "Daily Economic News" on November 28, saying that it was not a recent choice to sue, and Gopher carried out the relevant prosecution in the fastest possible time when the incident occurred, striving to protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors to the greatest extent.

Subsequently, Noah Fortune also issued a statement on the untrue release of the Chengxing case through its official website, and said that the relevant content of the online inheritance case was seriously untrue, and Noah Fortune was also one of the victims of the Chengxing case.

Both sides have their own opinions, and the final outcome of the case is still pending the final judgment of the court. responded:

Noah Fortune maliciously sued to mislead investors and the public

In response to Noah Wealth's lawsuit, said that in the process of contract fraud in the Chengxing system, the Chengxing company used fake JD official seals, fake JD employees, fake JD systems and false transaction data to easily deceive Noah Fortune, known as the "global integrated financial platform", and its Gopher assets, and obtained huge financing from Gopher, which led to a thunderstorm. said that in the face of fraud that lasted for more than two years, Gopher's asset due diligence work had obvious flaws, huge loopholes in investment and financing management, and senior executive Fang Jianhua accepted huge bribes from Chengxing (sentenced in the first instance), resulting in significant losses to investors and failing to fulfill their corresponding responsibilities and obligations to investors.

The reporter previously learned from people familiar with the matter that during the entire counterfeiting process, Luo Jing, the actual controller of Chengxing, appointed several people to use fake work cards and visitor cards to infiltrate, pretending to be its employees to meet with Noah's researchers.

It is alleged that the company that handled the account of was Online Banking Online (Beijing) Co., Ltd., and Luo Jing registered the Guangdong Company of Online Banking, rented servers, falsified databases, made plug-ins to fake's supplier system platform, and modified account periods and red-letter notices. When it came to the written confirmation, Noah sent a letter to, and Luo Jing appointed relevant personnel to buy the EMS courier to intercept the mail and stamp it with a fake seal.

The verdict also shows that in the process of falsifying the "Chengxing Department" fraud case, no staff of and other companies participated in or knew about it, and the relevant fraud acts that occurred in were also committed by Chengxing personnel through the whole process of fraud.

Fang Jianhua, the executive mentioned by in the statement, is a staff member of Noah Fund, a subsidiary of Noah Corporation, who is responsible for the contact business with Chengxing companies.

According to the first-instance judgment documents, since September 2016, in the process of carrying out financing business with Noah Company and its subsidiary Gopher and defrauding Gopher of money, in order to seek improper benefits, with the approval of the defendant Luo Jing, the defendant Luo Lan gave Fang Jianhua a total of more than 300 Hong Kong dollars, equivalent to more than 200 yuan, several times.

According to Fang Jianhua's confession, he used his position to facilitate Luo Jing's company and accepted bribes on many occasions. According to the criminal verdict in Yangpu District, Shanghai, Fang Jianhua has been sentenced to criminal punishment for accepting more than 200 yuan from Luo Lan, a Chengxing company, in his business work, and has committed the crime of accepting bribes from non-state functionaries.

"Unbelievable" high-value lawsuits

Jingdong Noah has its own words

At present, the criminal case related to the "Chengxing case" has been sentenced in the first instance, and Luo Jing, the actual controller of Chengxing, and other fraud suspects have been sentenced. The fraud case that seems to have been sorted out clearly has now branched out again, and and Noah Fortune have their own opinions. said in a statement that according to public information, Noah Wealth has had more than ten similar incidents in recent years, faced problems with tens of billions of fund payments, and repeatedly concealed information from investors, and was repeatedly warned and punished by regulatory authorities, indicating that it has long-term serious risk control defects.

At the same time, pointed out that Noah Wealth and Gopher Asset Management still disregarded the trust of investors, refused to examine their internal management issues, and maliciously launched an unbelievably high lawsuit against the third party, in an attempt to confuse the public, continue to mislead investors and the general public, shirk and shift responsibility, and find a "scapegoat" for themselves, believing that the court will judge the case fairly.

Noah Wealth's related people previously responded to the reporter of "Daily Economic News" on November 28, saying that as a private equity fund manager, Gopher operates in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations in the fundraising, investment, and management of Chengxing Fund. Chengxing fund products have completed the filing procedures with the Asset Management Association. The Manager will continue to fulfill its obligations such as information disclosure in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations and contractual agreements, and diligently and responsibly safeguard the rights and interests of investors.

In response to this lawsuit, a relevant person of Noah Wealth said that it did not choose to sue recently, and Gopher carried out relevant prosecution actions in the fastest possible time when the incident occurred, striving to protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors to the greatest extent. This is not the first time that the trial has been delayed because the case involves other criminal and other procedures.

Regarding the possible losses caused by the incident to the company and the impact on financial data, Noah Wealth said that the wealth management industry is in a period of removing the false and preserving the true, and the non-standard asset allocation is a product of a special historical period. Since the promulgation of the new asset management regulations, the overall orientation of supervision is to promote the transformation of such businesses, and it is inevitable to withdraw from the historical stage. Since the new regulations on asset management, Noah has started the standardization transformation and completed the transformation quickly.

Noah Wealth said that the relevant expenses involved in the previous settlement plan have been fully accrued in the fourth quarter of 2020, which has completely eliminated the uncertainty caused by the Chengxing incident on the company's future performance. said in a statement that it had suffered significant damage to its reputation and rights by being involved in a malicious lawsuit that lasted four years.

The 3.5 billion yuan lawsuit triggered by the 30 billion Chengxing fraud case is waiting for the final judgment of the court. "National Business Daily" will also continue to track the progress and follow-up of the case.

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