laitimes issued a statement on the 30 billion "Chengxing system" fraud case, also calling itself a victim issued a statement on the 30 billion "Chengxing system" fraud case, also calling itself a victim

On December 4, Jingdong released a reply to the "Chengxing Case" that has been hotly discussed by market public opinion in recent times through the Weibo official Weibo "Jingdong Spokesperson".

BOE said that recently, the "Chengxing case" has attracted widespread attention from the media and the public., as an unwitting victim, was embroiled in a malicious lawsuit that lasted four years, and the company's reputation and rights suffered significant losses.

In the process of contract fraud, the Chengxing company used fake JD official seals, fake JD employees, fake JD systems and false transaction data to easily deceive Noah Fortune, which is known as a "global comprehensive financial platform", and its Gopher assets, and obtained huge financing from Gopher, which led to a thunderstorm. In the face of fraud that lasted for more than two years, Gopher's asset due diligence work had obvious flaws, huge loopholes in investment and financing management, and senior executive Fang Jianhua accepted huge bribes from Chengxing (sentenced in the first instance), resulting in heavy losses to investors and failing to fulfill their corresponding responsibilities and obligations to investors.

According to public information, Noah Fortune has had more than 10 similar incidents in recent years, faced problems with the redemption of tens of billions of funds, and concealed information from investors many times, and has been repeatedly warned and punished by regulatory authorities, indicating that it has serious risk control defects for a long time. At present, the criminal case related to the "Chengxing case" has been sentenced in the first instance, and Luo Jing, the actual controller of Chengxing, and other fraud suspects have been sentenced. We believe that the court will fairly adjudicate the case by still ignoring the trust of investors, refusing to examine their internal management issues, and maliciously launching an unbelievably high lawsuit against the third party, in an attempt to confuse the public, continue to mislead investors and the general public, shirk and shift responsibility, and find a "scapegoat" for themselves. It is hoped that Noah Wealth and Gopher Asset Management will face up to their own problems, show sincerity and rectification measures, especially improve the most basic integrity and literacy as a wealth management company, and truly safeguard the rights and interests of the majority of investors. issued a statement on the 30 billion "Chengxing system" fraud case, also calling itself a victim

On November 28, Noah Fortune also issued a statement on the official website about the "Chengxing case". According to the content, Noah is concerned that the content related to the "Chengxing case" disseminated on the Internet is seriously untrue, which has seriously infringed Noah's reputation rights and misled investors and the public. As one of the victims of the fraud case, Gopher took decisive judicial rights protection actions as soon as the incident occurred in 2019, doing its best to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of all fund investors and actively promote risk mitigation. The case is in the trial stage, and Noah suggested that all parties concerned should respect the judiciary and not mislead the public.

Blue Whale Finance has reported that the dispute between Noah and is derived from the contract fraud case created by Luo Jing and the "Chengxing Department" created by Luo Jing. And the actual controller behind the Chengxing system is Luo Jing. Since the beginning of 2016, Luo Jing began to create a "Ponzi scheme", and has successively raised funds from Gopher Company, Xiangcai Securities, Yunnan Trust and other institutions.

It wasn't until 2019 that the "Chengxing" fraud case was exposed, and many investors found themselves stepping on the thunder. In 2022, the Shanghai No. 2 Intermediate People's Court (hereinafter referred to as the "Shanghai No. 2 Intermediate People's Court") made a first-instance judgment in 2022, finding that Luo Jing was sentenced to life imprisonment for the crimes of contract fraud and bribery of non-state functionaries.

She is a member of the Mulan Hui, a club of domestic business women leaders, and has won the title of "Business Mulan" many times, and the "Chengxing Department" she founded is involved in the three major industries of pan-entertainment, intelligent hardware, and big health. Within a few years, it had acquired A-shares, H-shares and three listed companies in Singapore.

From February 2015 to June 2019, Chengxing Holdings and related companies defrauded Xiangcai Securities, Moshan Factoring, Shanghai Gopher, Yunnan Trust, Anhui Zhongxin and other institutions of more than 30 billion yuan of funds through fictitious supply chain trade with Suning and, and used this to finance the underlying assets, and ultimately caused losses of more than 80 billion yuan.

In 2019, Luo Jing, the actual controller of Chengxing Holdings, found Noah again and tried to continue financing through Noah to cover up the scam. Noah did not choose to condone mistakes, and decisively chose to call the police as soon as possible to protect his rights and interests through justice.

Judicial materials show that through various seal appraisals, video collection, multiple confessions, etc., Jingdong Company and Suning Company did not sign the underlying purchase and sale contract involved in the case with the "Chengxing Department" company, but the "Chengxing Department" personnel fabricated the receivables claims of the two companies by forging seals and related purchase and sales contracts and other underlying materials, and used this to trick the victim units into financing cooperation.

In June 2016, Noah Holdings and "Chengxing Department" carried out the transfer of accounts receivable creditor's rights. At this time, the "Chengxing Department" had real business with, which also became the basis for Noah Holdings to provide financing for the Chengxing Department. Noah proposed to send business personnel to the JD office area, and JD would stamp the business confirmation letter in person. However, has indicated to the "Chengxing Department" that it cannot stamp the confirmation letter. "Chengxing" did not inform Noah Holdings of this situation, but falsely claimed that the account period of's business was changed from 30 days to 180 days.

Subsequently, Noah Holdings agreed to send the confirmation slip to by express delivery and sent back after stamped. "Chengxing Department" provided's docking personnel Yu and his contact information, and the recipient address was's headquarters in Yizhuang, Beijing, and Noah Holdings sent confirmation letters to's headquarters many times, and also received confirmation letters stamped with's official seal. The confirmation they received had been intercepted in the middle by the courier of the "Chengxing Department" through the purchase of EMS, and the official seal of Jingdong stamped on it was also the "radish seal" privately engraved by the Chengxing Department.

According to the facts of the case, the employees of the "Chengxing Department" used their identities as suppliers of to enter's office premises in the name of visitors, and used forged badges to impersonate employees to connect with the due diligence personnel of the victim unit; they even made fake VC web pages (supplier systems) to modify and replace data such as statements on the webpages in real time through the plug-in system, and fabricated business data; and also opened accounts to impersonate's accounts to collect payments.

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