Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?

Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?

Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?
Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?

Wang Sicong, who had been silent for a long time, finally appeared in public.

A few days ago, as the chairman of Beijing Huanju Commercial Management Co., Ltd., he appeared at the signing ceremony of the Taishan Cultural Tourism and Fitness Center project.

The event was formal, but his attire was casual — his gray sweatshirt, black sweatpants, and purple sneakers stood out compared to the rest of the attendees in suits and ties. Netizens laughed: Wang Sicong is the one who truly realizes the freedom of dressing.

As a "famous rich second generation", public opinion loves and hates Wang Sicong. "Love" is due to his unique entertainment attributes, while "hate" comes more from his slightly arrogant "rich man's posture".

After being banned from Weibo in 2022, Wang Sicong seems to have stopped a lot, but legends about him have always been circulating on the rivers and lakes, and the most attractive topic has always revolved around "Wanda's successor".

Now, when it is rumored that "Wanda is in a gambling crisis, or will be burdened with a debt of 30 billion", is it a coincidence or an intentional arrangement for the "disappeared heir" to reappear?

Wang Sicong, who is 35 years old, is he really ready to "turn back"?

Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?
Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?

If Wang Sicong's life so far is made into a movie, the first shot of the whole film must be infinitely luxurious:

Mansions, sports cars, beautiful women, yachts, banknotes... Elements related to wealth are piled up in the picture in a random manner, and there is no need for any narration to explain, and the "rich" is clear at a glance.

Wang Sicong, who was born in 1988, is 35 years old this year, and his past life is full of such lens language.

On Thanksgiving Day 2012, he wrote on his personal social media: "Thank God for choosing a 'simple' mode for me when I came into this world."

Others said that he "worked 10,000 times harder than others in the matter of reincarnation", and he also chose to acquiesce.

Compared with other "children of rich families" who are active in the public eye, he is one of the very few people who never hides it, and he never shies away from those existing wealth and the advantages brought by wealth, and is even very happy to mention it.

In an interview, someone asked him how much he felt he had to do with "Gao Fu Shuai", he smiled slightly and asked the other party directly:

"Do you think I need to be handsome? I'm so rich, rich and handsome, don't I have one, and I have the most important one. ”

Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?

Wang Sicong likes to buy cars, as for how many he has bought, he can't remember it himself, "I haven't counted it carefully".

For a while, it was rumored on the Internet that buying a car was as simple and easy as buying groceries, and he saw it and hurriedly came out to refute the rumors: "That's not right, in fact, I buy more cars than groceries."

Once he was chatting with a friend, and the other party asked how the performance of a certain brand of expensive sports car was, he first said a few words, and then turned his head to his friend and said: "You don't need to understand this, after all, you won't have a lot of intersections with it in your life." ”

Then he said: "It was said on the Internet that a game anchor drove this car, and there was only that one in Shanghai, which must be a rumor, because if there is, the only one must be parked at my house." ”

At the age of 29, he took a group of friends to a birthday party called "Wang Festival" on an island in the Maldives. At the age of 33, he took another wave of people to Sanya to hold a birthday party. According to some media reports, on his 34th birthday last year, he took his new friends to a KTV to spend 250,000 yuan.

The iron is smart, and the flowing water is a party.

In Wang Sicong's view, playing is to have fun.

Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?

It is rumored on the Internet that Wang Sicong held a birthday party

Wang Sicong has been the "son of the richest man" for a long time, and he does not reject this title.

Talking about starting a business with the "first pot of gold" given by his father, he did not shy away from saying: "People must know how to use their own advantages", "If you have money, you should let the money play a role, and you have to use your disadvantages to compete with others?"

In his eyes, a rich family background is a shortcut to success, and it is a "talent" that some people can't ask for in their lives.

It is rumored that when Wang Sicong first entered the investment field, some people in the industry asked him what his criteria were for selecting projects, and he put forward three conditions: ideas, creativity and the ability to produce great products. But when asked what he expected in return, his answer was:

"If you have money, you can slowly choose the projects you want to invest in, and if you have money, you don't have to rush to get a return on investment, and I don't rely on the company to make money. ”

Because he has money, he rarely cares about the so-called "profit" and "revenue".

If you have money, you will spend it, and if you have money, you will show it, and the outside world will laugh at him for being crazy and ridiculing him for "gnawing at the old", for which he laughs all:

"Your thoughts and comments won't change my current situation, so I don't need to prove it to you, whatever you say. ”

In Wang Sicong's heart, he has never been a high-profile "show off his wealth", he is just "being himself".

Rich is his most obvious and truest label.

Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?
Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?

Wang Sicong's sense of superiority over the "rich second generation" is extremely obvious, and perhaps his friends feel it the most.

In the memories of friends, accompanying Wang Sicong on a trip was a great deal of peace of mind, because wherever he went, he could accurately tell the history of the restaurant's most iconic meals and the most expensive red wines.

"I'll order what you want to eat", this is his mantra, he is always worried that his peers can't understand those foreign language menus and maps, friends say, "he always dislikes first, and then helps", talking without thinking is his norm.

Looking closely at Wang Sicong's circle of friends, people can see stars such as Yang Mi, Lin Gengxin, Chen He, etc., as well as some unknown people with ordinary family backgrounds.

For example, there is a friend he met when he was studying in England and bought pirated discs, and the two played together for many years, and one year he gave each other a car as a birthday present.

Wang Sicong admits that there is no "level" in the circle of friends, because "I don't care about my friend's family background, it still depends on the person itself, whether it is fun and has a good character, and it doesn't matter if you have money or not." I'm not as rich as I am anyway. ”

Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?

Wang Sicong and Lin Gengxin

The same sense of superiority is exposed in his attitude towards his pets.

Wang Sicong has a pet dog named Wang Keke, for which he opened a Weibo in 2014, and from time to time he will post the latest Apple mobile phones, watches and big-name accessories he bought for his dog.

Later, a screenshot of Wang Sicong's WeChat circle of friends with "Coco Little Princess" went out on the Internet-

Zhou Hongyi, the founder of 360 Group, asked him if he could take a dog on a plane, and if he bought a child ticket?

Wang Sicong replied: "I don't know, I'm a private jet."

"Live as well as a dog" became popular at that time.

Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?

When participating in the recording of a program, the host asked him to cook a meal on the spot, Wang Sicong did not directly refuse, but said:

"I'm a person who has a lot of requirements for both hardware and software. The rice cooker has to be imported, and the rice has to be imported, otherwise I can't make it. ”

"Did you know that I used Fijian water to cook rice yesterday?"

Hearing this, the staff was speechless, and the cooking was stopped.

Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?

Inadvertently showing wealth is part of Wang Sicong's life, and to some extent this also expresses his recognition of the label of "rich second generation".

He doesn't think there's anything wrong with being a "very self-conscious" person, and everyone has their own way of behaving, because "everyone's upbringing is different, and I grew up abroad."

Pride and directness are the way he treats people and things, and he rarely thinks about how the other person feels and what the result is.

What is success? For him, "it's about doing whatever you want." ”

Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?

Although he always flashes with the superiority of the "rich second generation", Wang Sicong still defines himself as a "dick", "Everyone is the same, the only difference is that I have money and can buy things they can't buy."

He commented that he is exactly the same as an "otaku", he doesn't like to go out, and is keen on online games and beautiful women, in order to play games and watch live broadcasts, he can sacrifice the time to go to work in the company:

"Work two days a week and play games the rest of the time. ”

When Wang Sicong was in elementary school, his family sent him abroad to study, and he did not return to China until he graduated from his bachelor's degree. At that time, he always felt that he was very shabby, because he attended a boarding aristocratic boys' school in secondary school, and his pocket money was about five or six hundred pounds a month, compared to his classmates, he seemed to be the "poorest" one.

It was at that time that Wang Sicong fell in love with online games and comics, and because he wanted to contribute to the animation industry, he joined the Japanese to English animation as a subtitle translator for several years.

Many years later, Wang Sicong also reposted a news that a video platform stole subtitles to support his "original dream".

Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?

Old photos of Wang Sicong

From the point of view of interest, Wang Sicong is indeed no different from the "second middle school youth", but from the perspective of the way to realize his dreams, it is difficult for him to be classified as an "ordinary person".

Wang Sicong, an ordinary boy, ushered in a "new world" at the age of 16.

That year, he learned that his family was actually very rich by chance, and the world suddenly opened up.

Like most boys, Wang Sicong's dream when he was a student was to have a computer that "didn't get stuck" to play games - until he realized this dream at the age of 33, spending 1 million.

In 2021, he invited two Internet engineers to his home on the grounds of transforming his home network, and when he started working, the other party asked him what his specific needs were, and he blurted out: "There are no requirements, just expensive and good." ”

After that, he took the engineer on a tour of the computer accessories he had purchased:

The two processors were specially flown back from abroad, and the total price was almost 130,000 yuan; the graphics card was the world's top, costing about 100,000 yuan; he was actually not very satisfied with the hard disk, because "it was almost 30,000 yuan", which was the cheapest and most common of all accessories.

In the process, he casually picked up an accessory on the table and said in a very ordinary tone:

"This thing is very expensive, there are only two in the world, I got one, do you want to introduce it to you?"

On that day, Wang Sicong assembled a "decent processor" for 1 million yuan, which did not include the monthly broadband fee of 200,000 yuan.

Talking about the original intention and process of assembling this computer, Wang Sicong said with a smile: "Now I finally have a little money and can do something I like." ”

Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?

In order to realize his childhood unfulfilled dream, Wang Sicong officially entered the e-sports industry in 2011 and acquired and founded the IG team. Four years later, he established Shanghai Panda Interactive Entertainment Culture Co., Ltd., and in October of the same year, he served as the chairman of the China Mobile E-sports Alliance.

In 2018, at the age of 30, he started his professional LOL career in a high-profile manner, announcing that he had become a professional e-sportsman, but for some reason, he only lasted 31 days before announcing his retirement.

Netizens joked that he may have the best professional record in esports history, because in his short and rushed career, he only participated in one game with IG staff and won - statistically, his win rate is 100%.

doesn't care about the eternity, only cares about what he once had, Wang Sicong believes that as long as he runs fast enough, he will never be able to catch up with himself if he fails.

Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?
Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?

In addition to online games, "Dick Silk" Wang Sicong also likes beautiful women.

In his world, the selection criteria for male and female friends are completely different.

For the former, he hopes that the other party has the ability and ideas, especially "talent" is particularly important, "everyone must at least be like-minded"; but for the latter, he admits that he is "still relatively superficial", and the first thing must be appearance, if there is only talent and no beauty, "then leave it to other people who can appreciate her to appreciate." ”

Indeed, there has never been a shortage of beautiful women around Wang Sicong, and he has never cared about the lace news derived from it.

In those widely circulated chance encounter photos taken by others, he will take the initiative to help the girls check out, queue up, lift heavy objects, and also accompany the other party to take pictures, shop, and visit the night market. As a result, he became the "national husband", and because he was met too many times, he was once selected as "the most favorite man to go shopping on the whole network".

Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?
Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?
Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?

Different netizens met Wang Sicong in different places and went shopping with different friends

In 2016, Wang Sicong directed and participated in a variety show called "Hello! Goddess".

At that time, he had just served as the CEO of Panda TV, and the main purpose of this show was to select excellent online female anchors for the live broadcast platform.

Before the audition began, the staff asked Wang Sicong what his expectations and promotion criteria were for the contestants, and he waved his hand and said:

"Don't speculate on my thoughts and standards, I can't choose according to my own taste, what we want this time is the 'national goddess'. ”

Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?

Wang Sicong recorded "Hello! Goddess"

Soon after, the show was launched, and Wang Sicong became the only judge at the audition, holding 10 rights to direct promotion, the "goddess" was there, and the "national" was gone.

In the competition, the condition for the female anchors to successfully pass the audition is to win the opportunity to meet with the judge Wang Sicong, so that Wang Sicong has the qualification to comment on each participating female anchor:

"That's good, let's see you. ”

"This one is so fat, I don't like it, it's gone. ”

"You are so short, you can receive disability allowance in the Northeast. ”

"How did this stuff get in?"

"Why is this man so stupid?"

"It's stupid. ”

Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?

Wang Sicong said on the show that the female anchor "It's ugly"

There are many beauties on the scene, but there are very few people who meet Wang Sicong's "standards". Of course, he did fall in love at first sight, and when facing his favorite player, he said bluntly: "You are the type I like, you can laugh another one and show me." ”

On that day, the anchor who was selected by Wang Sicong to show his smile won the highest "popularity value" in the audience. When the final results were announced, Wang Sicong smiled proudly, looked at the ultra-high number of votes displayed on the electronic counter, and said:

"She's definitely number one because I got all the votes. ”

It was also in this show that Wang Sicong, with the encouragement of the audience, started a pig catching competition with the female anchors in a swimming pool filled with muddy water.

He loves beautiful women and pigs, and he allows others to describe his preferences as "low-grade tastes".

Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?

Wang Sicong caught pigs in the show

Wang Sicong's definition of beauty is relatively simple, but it is not single.

He once publicly said that he likes women who are very affinity like Gao Yuanyuan, but he also "wants to get to know" women who are bright and sexy like Yang Mi and Qi Wei.

Wang Sicong once liked Ju Jingyi's Weibo, and it didn't take long for his attitude to change greatly, and he said that people's selfies were "contrived to death." The reason for this is still unknown.

Love and hate are in an instant, and Congcong's love comes and goes in a hurry.

Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?

Wang Sicong took a group photo with a female friend

Perhaps it is for this reason that he has become a staunch non-marryist. Although he clearly knows that only falling in love and not getting married is a consumption of women's youth, "it is delaying others".

In his understanding, "Marriage is the invention of human beings by deceiving others." It's against nature to invent this thing, do you see a lion getting married, a tiger getting married, why do people have to get married?"

Is there a difference between man and beast in the emotional realm? Wang Sicong felt that there was no difference.

With a set of cynical theories of love, Wang Sicong is sometimes "scum" and sometimes "affectionate" to make people stunned.

In 2011, Wang Sicong posted a cartoon on Weibo to confess to his girlfriend at the time, saying that it was his "fantasy love". After a netizen conducted a doxing search on the girl, he stood up to speak for her, and said: "Love is a very pure thing. ”

Later, his chat record with Sun Yining was exposed and circulated on the Internet, and everyone ridiculed him constantly, and he remained silent.

Wang Sicong, who couldn't fall in love at that time, may really understand that in the emotional world, people are not the same as lions and tigers, because they will not be like themselves after the failure of courtship, unable to sleep and eat well:

"Bao, I went to the infusion today, what kind of fluid, I miss your night. ”

Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?

Screenshots of Wang Sicong and Sun Yining's chat records are circulated on the Internet

Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?

Around 2011, Wang Sicong gained another label in addition to the "rich second generation":

Internet celebrities.

This year, 23-year-old Wang Sicong sneered at Zhang Lan and Wang Xiaofei's mother and son on his personal Weibo after the big S wedding.

Looking back on this well-known scolding war, but because some media claimed that "Zhang Lan revealed that her son's luxurious wedding was sponsored by Wanda Group".

After the news came out, Wang Sicong quickly responded on Weibo. He first pointed out Zhang Lan's surname by name for "continuing to spread rumors" and "being unworthy of respect"; then he ridiculed her for "putting on a show" and "making things useless all day long" with remarks such as "disgusting mother and son" and "pretending to be a rich second generation."

Public opinion continued to ferment, Congcong was "on fire", Xiaofei was "crazy", and when he couldn't bear it anymore, the two sides began to scold each other in the air.

Since then, Wang Sicong and Zhang Lan's mother and son have completely formed a relationship, and in the next few years, whenever Zhang Lan's family has a storm, Wang Sicong must be on the front line of "eating melons":

Some media said that "South Beauty has repeatedly hit a wall in its listing, and finally sells boxed lunches", Wang Sicong forwarded the news and commented: "Poof". The media said: "The Hong Kong court ordered to freeze the assets of Zhang Lan, the founder of South Beauty", and he continued to speak: "Big S has cried and fainted in the toilet... What to do if the steel hammer is gone. ”

In a blink of an eye, 12 years have passed since this scolding war. In 2022, Wang Xiaofei and Da S announced their divorce, and the woman quickly remarried her "childhood idol" Gu Junye.

After that, Wang Xiaofei first scolded angrily, "Are you okay to change a mattress for a wasted bag?", "I don't want to fucking pay the electricity bill for this family anymore!";

In the past, husbands and wives parted ways, and the romance and sweetness were gone, leaving only chickens flying and dogs jumping, and chicken feathers on the ground. At that time, good people ran to Wang Sicong's Weibo to leave messages, asking him if he had anything to say? I didn't want to wait for Wang Sicong to speak, and a month after Wang Xiaofei and Da S's marriage changed, he was "banned from the whole network".

Time flies, things are not people. The two who were once addicted to scolding wars, one is still open-mouthed, and the other can only be silent.

Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?

In 2018, the IG E-sports Club founded by Wang Sicong won the championship of the League of Legends World Championship that year.

On the same day, the picture of him munching on a hot dog at the competition site became popular on the Internet, and the emojis, comics, and short videos derived from it went viral on the whole network.

Soon after, Wang Sicong made the widely circulated cartoon of eating hot dogs into a metal door plate and hung it at the door of his mansion in Shanghai for all passers-by to see.

Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?

Wang Sicong's "Eating Hot Dogs" cartoon at the door of his Shanghai residence

He doesn't mind people entertaining himself with funny pictures, which is the price of fame and happy dedication.

"I never pretend, I'm a frank person. ”

Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?
Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?

On the Internet, Wang Sicong has scolded many people.

Counting it carefully, the people who have been "angry" by him can probably go around the Internet twice, involving industries including but not limited to actors, singers, businessmen, writers, filmmakers, educators...

ridiculed actresses in the entertainment industry for "no works", "can't act", "became popular mainly by scandal and water army topics and hype"; commented that traffic stars are "really ugly, like a brain-dead"; bluntly said that many domestic big-budget movies are "bad movies" and "garbage films"...

Among the many films that he looks down on, there are also many movies invested and produced by his own film industry, so netizens joked:

Don't mess with Wang Sicong, because he is crazy and even scolds himself.

Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?

Wang Sicong sharply commented on the movie

Because most of the targets of the bombardment are celebrities, Wang Sicong also got the nickname of "Entertainment Discipline Inspection Commission".

Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?

In the online world, Wang Sicong doesn't like to apologize, and one of the few public apologies is to Lei Jun.

After Xiaomi's press conference in India, Wang Sicong ridiculed Lei Jun's poor English, "Don't go abroad and lose this face."

As a result, he apologized on Weibo the next day, saying: "After all, the previous generation of entrepreneurs did not have the conditions of our generation, Mr. Lei, are you OK? ”

He always has his own set of "language arts", even if he apologizes, he has to say something in his words.

Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?

Because of his quick speech, Wang Sicong has to be sent to the forefront every once in a while.

Scolding this today, laughing at that tomorrow, when public opinion was at its most fierce, even his father warned him, "My friend, don't scold in the future", and then said, "If you really want to scold, don't name names." ”

But Wang Sicong didn't listen, and soon after that, he forwarded a report about Lee Kai-fu's new book, and then sneered: "Do you make a living by writing books now?"

When the movie "Little Times" was released, he wrote on Weibo: "Lovers of "Little Times", please unfollow. Movie fans asked indignantly: "Do you think the movie theater was opened by your family?" ”

Because of his wealth, many of Wang Sicong's behaviors have become "reasonable", including "being young and frivolous, and being open-mouthed".

Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?

After the recording of the "Hello! Goddess" program, Wang Sicong took all the staff involved in the recording to a "celebration banquet" abroad. In order to facilitate travel, he "get" a few planes for everyone to go straight to Bali.

After the first season of the show was launched, traffic and revenue continued to rise due to various topics, but soon after, the show was stopped and removed from the shelves due to "money worship", "vulgarity", "disrespect for women" and other reasons.

For Wang Sicong, this may be a reminder and warning, and fate seems to be suggesting to him:

Having money doesn't necessarily mean you can do whatever you want.

Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?

Wang Sicong recorded "Hello! Goddess"

In May 2017, the same year that "Hello! Goddess" was removed from the shelves for rectification, after completing the final financing, Panda TV did not inject any external funds for 22 months, and 4 years later, it declared bankruptcy.

In March 2019, Panda TV announced the closure of the server, and in the same year, Wang Sicong was listed as an executor by many courts, restricting the maximum consumption, and the equity of Beijing Pulse Investment Co., Ltd., which he founded, was also frozen, and some people said that he lost 20 billion in one fell swoop.

After that, Wang Sicong stepped down and withdrew from the board of directors of many companies, and news about his assets being frozen and investment failures continued to come out.

At the beginning of 2022, Wanda Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. was established, and Wang Sicong became a director, which was once interpreted by the outside world as "Wang Sicong is about to take over Wanda Group", but only 6 months later, he announced his resignation as a director of the group.

Wang Sicong: I took over, I pretended.

In the days when rumors were rampant, Wang Sicong, who has always talked a lot, became increasingly low-key on the Internet, and he set his Weibo to be visible for only half a year, and his personal profile only had one sentence left "A low-key Internet celebrity Xiao Wang".

Later, Wang Sicong posted on Weibo less often, and his words were not as sharp as before, and most of the latest developments about him were exposed due to "passers-by encounters".

He still loves shopping and beautiful women so much, but he doesn't like to "talk" anymore, until October 2022, his Weibo was completely "banned" for violating relevant laws and regulations.

has been popular on the Internet for ten years, and once returned to silence. Internet celebrity Xiao Wang stopped talking at all.

Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?

In the year that he disappeared from the Internet, there was news of Wang Sicong everywhere in the rivers and lakes.

At the beginning of 2023, he "appeared" in the official police report for beating others, and later appeared in the chance encounters of netizens one after another. Just looking at the photos, Congcong who has removed the "Internet celebrity" label has not changed much, but he has lost some weight, he still loves beautiful women, famous brands, and parties.

Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?

In 2023, Wang Sicong and his friends were met by chance at a restaurant in Hainan

Xiao Wang is still chic, but Lao Wang is not having a good time.

According to the previous VAM agreement, if Zhuhai Wanda Commercial Management is unable to list on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange by the end of 2023 and does not obtain the consent of investors to waive the relevant repayment requirements, Wanda will have to repay about 30 billion yuan of equity repurchase money to investors before listing.

Now, with only one month left until the end of the year, the listing is still pending, and the situation does not seem to be optimistic.

At this time, Beijing Huanju Commercial Management Co., Ltd., invested and established by Wang Sicong, spent 3.7 billion yuan to participate in the Taishan Cultural Tourism and Fitness Center project, and Wang Sicong also appeared at the signing ceremony as the chairman. And his move has also attracted a lot of speculation: Wang Sicong has entered the cultural tourism real estate industry, has he decided to succeed Wang Jianlin?

In this regard, Wanda's response was: "Huanju" has nothing to do with Wanda, and Wang Sicong has been busy with his own affairs and basically does not participate in Wanda's business.

The king was trapped, and the little king "changed careers". Is this just a coincidence? Or is there something else?

Wang Sicong: Enough waves, go home and take over?

Among all the stories related to Wang Sicong, one of his father's words has been widely circulated:

"I allow Wang Sicong to fail twice, the first time to give 500 million, no, then the second time, if it doesn't work, I'm sorry to come back to work. ”

If you fail to start a business, you will go back to inherit the family property, and now, has it come to the "last moment"?

Wang Sicong, who has repeatedly expressed no interest in taking over Wanda, is he willing to "turn back" from now on?

The answer, perhaps, will soon be revealed.

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