A possible big score, Lang has become the golden boy's revenge

A possible big score, Lang has become the golden boy's revenge

Barcelona's encounter with Atletico Madrid is certainly not just an ordinary battle for the third and fourth places in La Liga.

Traditional warm-ups are definitely indispensable, such as "Simeone led the team to play Barcelona XX without a win" every time the number is changed. But the most explosive focus definitely belongs to Felix, I have seen about 30 news stories with his label in the last three days, and it seems that everyone involved on both sides has to make a statement, and then it feels like there will be a discussion from "should I celebrate if I score" to "whether I will touch the ball with my left foot or my right foot for the first time".

Considering that Atletico Madrid's lineup also includes Griezmann and Depay...The script of "The Prince's Revenge" is simply rolled out, and it depends on who will play the protagonist.

A possible big score, Lang has become the golden boy's revenge

In this tense situation, many people feel that the mentality of both sides will not be too aggressive, and the two teams have contributed some constipated late-night games this season, and they have prepared for the spit that La Liga has become too dull.

However, the game started with a slap in the face.

First of all, Barcelona played a highly motivated and efficient frontcourt pressing, and knocked Atletico's backfield ball back to the level of the early Simeone era. The repeated attacks after various break-offs created a lot of scoring opportunities in the first 10 minutes or so.

There are Raphinha and Pedri wonderful two-to-one, but unfortunately the final goalmouth treatment does not feel like a backfoot four-star at all, and this level is worth two reversals.

A possible big score, Lang has become the golden boy's revenge

There is also Felix sent a straight stopper, Lewandowski's left-footed shot was blocked, Raphinha arced a cross, Lewandowski's nose hit the goal and flew over, Raphinha went straight, Kounde tau's side crossed, Lewandowski's thigh volley flew again.

Well, in fact, these balls have a certain degree of difficulty. But on Lewandowski, it always makes people feel that if they are three years younger, they will already wear a hat.

A possible big score, Lang has become the golden boy's revenge

Secondly, although Atletico Madrid's set of 352 retreated very deep and the ball in the backfield was also urgent, it was not in a hurry to send a long pass forward, and a few times it could be pushed to the midfield, and it could surround Griezmann's retreat, wander and then insert forward, and play a continuous triangle pass. In particular, after advancing on the left and then moving to the right, combined with Llorente's impact, almost formed an empty goal.

At this start, Barcelona fans were happy with a little worry, Atletico Madrid fans were worried but with a little expectation, and I got up late at night to shout that it was worth the trip. But if the game continues like this, the Atletico Madrid backline is estimated to be thunderous sooner or later.

So, in about 25 minutes or so, Atletico Madrid also began to press in front of the court. And Barcelona took advantage of the technical advantage of the midfield to play the counterattack that the opponent wanted but did not do.

First of all, Lewandowski proved that his ability to adapt is much slower than shooting, but unfortunately Pedri's speed is obviously not as good as his technique. Then Kounde → Raphinha→ Felix hit a big right-to-left diagonal line, and the hottest guy poked the ball away from the feet of the most efficient Molina, and then kicked a spiritual lob shot.

The moment he jumped on the billboard, he may have been doomed to never go back.

A possible big score, Lang has become the golden boy's revenge
A possible big score, Lang has become the golden boy's revenge

With the score down, Atletico began to revert further back to their former gang, increasing their physical confrontation and Jimenez, Witsel and Koke received yellow cards in quick succession.

At the same time, Simeone also made some adjustments to his style of play. De Paul moved to the right to restrain his former team-mate, who was in high form and in high spirits, and Llorente pushed forward to form a double striker with Alvaro Morata in front of him, with the grid dropping back slightly, and the subsequent formation became more like 3412.

These changes brought about the climax of the second wave of the first half. Atletico started to focus on the in-form Llorente, who were in better form, and then moved to the left after the pig swooped forward. Fortunately, De Jong chased all the way from left midfield to right central defender, otherwise Griezmann would have sublimated the theme of "revenge" again.

A possible big score, Lang has become the golden boy's revenge

Barcelona also had a lot of highlights, with Lewandowski looking for a feeling and Gundogan, who was in the middle of the classic front, and the Dort combination almost helped Felix kill the game and the last bit of nostalgia for Atletico Madrid.

A possible big score, Lang has become the golden boy's revenge

All in all, this first half was intense, good-looking, and wave... shot, and even Gundogan wore the crotch past the referee, and the referee angrily brushed the court spectacle such as two blocks.

A possible big score, Lang has become the golden boy's revenge

If there is anything wrong with Atletico Madrid, it may be that Simeone really doesn't understand how to play Barcelona away. The adjusted 3412 is indeed more comfortable from his own point of view, but playing the "1" grid requires a wide range of runs to connect the midfield and the wing midfield, and no one has to put enough pressure on De Jong, who plays a single midfielder, so that the latter can play to the fullest of Professor Bu's sense of déjà vu.

If you want to talk about Barcelona's problem, it is that the overall advantage is transferred to the goal and the crotch is pulled, which really makes people have a bad premonition. After all, Barcelona suddenly dropped in the second half, have we seen less?

A possible big score, Lang has become the golden boy's revenge

Anyway, Simeone must have been prepared, so he immediately made three substitutions when he came back at half-time.

AZP replaced Jimenez, who had a yellow card, and Witsel moved to a back three. Molina left early, Correa took over up front, and Llorente dropped back to play at right wing-back. The left wing-back switched from Riquelme, who played as a winger, to Lino in the midfield, and should still want to play more with the checker.

However...... The start of the second half didn't change much.

Defensively, Felix on the opposite side really showed 200% fighting spirit this time, not only made AZP come up under a lot of pressure, but he even made his fellow countryman Cancelo look like a normal full-back for the first time.

On the offensive side, the lattice did a good job of all kinds of tandem counter-runs, that is, he returned to the penalty area and hit the wall of Araujo every time. And the Barcelona Pedeguo trio not only pass a variety of kicks more silky than Defu, but even people can't help but want to brag about their midfield interception in the face of Atletico Madrid's counterattack, and you may think that you are seeing Habaib.

Unfortunately, Pedri played the ball with his backheel, and Raphinha hit the far corner post and missed the opportunity to extend the score again.

A possible big score, Lang has become the golden boy's revenge

However, as in many previous Barcelona games, the second half slowly began to increase in the finesse of the second half as time went on. Either the passing power is a little less, or the person who should have received the ball hasn't run yet. By the time Atletico Madrid used up all their substitutions in the last half hour, they once again increased the intensity of the front-court press, and they were not elegant at all.

Xavi also tried to make adjustments, but whether it was the substitution of Ferran and Yamal on both sides, or the loss of control in midfield at the end of the game, they mainly appeared to help the defence.

In the 15 minutes towards the end of the game, Barcelona received five yellow cards in a row (including Xavi), paid more fouls than Atletico Madrid, and gave the opponent various opportunities to bombard from set-pieces.

Depay kicked a perfect free-kick, this time for Peña to protect Felix's revenge actor.

A possible big score, Lang has become the golden boy's revenge

Of course, Barcelona also has the same thing, and that is that there are opportunities to continue the wave.

For example, Kounde suddenly plugged in and received a picky pass, gave up the shot and chose to force a cross. For example, Lewandowski suddenly changed direction and deceived the defender's tackle, and suddenly, well, this is not unexpectedly kicked off.

A possible big score, Lang has become the golden boy's revenge

In the end, both sides let the opportunity to pull down to the same level, and then neither side surpassed the other.

Morata first paid tribute to today's Lewandowski, just as Lewandowski has been paying tribute to his past self. Oblak drove a set-piece at the back, but Correa was unguarded and it was Peña who was on target. Turning his head, Barcelona counter-attacked four and one but did not form a shot, which was suddenly reminiscent of Dembele, who left a ray of hope for Liverpool.

Okay, okay, such a wonderful and good-looking high-quality game, which could have been used as a model for La Liga promotion with a score of 4-1, 5-1 or even a little bit of 3-3, was just wasted 1-0.

Some people say that this is because the overall level of La Liga is low, and they can't afford to buy a hot striker. Some people also say that this is to forcibly drag the suspense of victory and defeat to the end, and challenge the law of cause and effect that Simeone gave Barcelona points.

But I know you don't want to steal the show from Felix.

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