South Korean star player Jung Ji-hoon: Everything is possible

author:The Paper

The 2023 Esports Shanghai Masters is in full swing, and counting the professional players with great appeal in this event, Chovy (Jung Zhixun) from South Korea's Gen.G is clearly among them.

Before the game, as soon as the news of his upcoming match was announced, tickets for the League of Legends event in the Masters quickly sold out, and Bin, the star of the Chinese BLG team, also decided to start and wanted to play against him.

Chovy's status in the hearts of fans and opponents can be seen, and the opportunity of this Masters tournament for The Paper reporters also confronted this player with both strength and popularity, and listened to him talk about his heart.

South Korean star player Jung Ji-hoon: Everything is possible

Make a cameo appearance on the list and be satisfied with your performance

"Before I came to Shanghai, I didn't expect the enthusiasm to be so high, and when I heard that Bin was going to start, my first reaction was, 'Is this true?'" Chovy immediately greeted everyone.

"After coming to Shanghai, I saw so many fans cheering for me, and I am really grateful to everyone. ”

Interestingly, as South Korea's most powerful mid-laner after Faker and ShowMaker, Chovy's position in the Shanghai Masters this time is the top laner.

The main reason was that Gen.G's top laner was unable to participate for some reason, and Chovy was entrusted with the role of a cameo, in response to which Chovy bluntly said that it was "an interesting experience".

In the match, Chovy faced the LPL's two top laners, Bin and Solokill, Chovy helped the team defeat BLG, and lost 1-3 to EDG in the final. But the only game he won, Chovy's Kenhime hit damage and completed three kills to dominate the final victory.

South Korean star player Jung Ji-hoon: Everything is possible

As a cameo top laner, Chovy showed his strong plasticity, looking back on his top laner performance, Chovy said: "If the full score is 10 points, you can give yourself 7 to 8 points, I haven't played this position for a long time, there are still a lot of shortcomings." ”

Chovy is also humble about his confrontation with Bin and Solokill's P, "I have always been in the mindset of learners in the process of playing with them, I observe from what angle they enter and how they operate when they are aligned. ”

This is not the first time Chovy has played other positions, he was temporarily changed to mid-laner in the LCK at the beginning of last year due to the absence of many players, and continued to try new positions, does it mean that there will be more variables in Gen.G's lineup in the future?

Chovy admits that he is still far from a great top laner, "There are a lot of uncertainties in the game, and if the team needs me to do it, I can try it. ”

South Korean star player Jung Ji-hoon: Everything is possible

Landing on LPL is possible in the future

It is worth mentioning that this e-sports Shanghai Masters is also quite commemorative for Chovy, because December 2, the day of the League of Legends finals, is precisely the 2000th day of Chovy's debut.

"It's a memorable day, and the number 2,000 represents a long time I've played professionally, and I want to say 'thank you' to the fans who have been with me for 2,000 days. ”

"I'm going to go down this path, I've been a challenger in my career and I hope to improve next year compared to this year. ”

I always define myself as a "challenger", thank my fans many times in interviews, and I also have a learning mentality for my opponents... Throughout the interview, Chovy's deepest impression was humility.

When asked why Gen.G, as a strong team in the LCK, repeatedly hit a wall in the World Championships, Chovy also responded in a low-key manner: "It's simply because I didn't perform well in the international arena. ”

South Korean star player Jung Ji-hoon: Everything is possible

Young people with such a mentality will undoubtedly win the affection of many people. In the eyes of industry insiders, Gen.G's most successful operation in this transfer period is to retain Chovy. Chovy also gave his opinion on the contract renewal.

'I'm enjoying a relatively stable career at a club and the communication with the club during the transfer period is very smooth, so renewing my contract is a natural thing. ”

Many fans know that Chovy received invitations from all parties before renewing his contract, including well-known teams in the LPL, what do Chovy think about this?

"At the beginning of my career, I was worried about whether I would be able to adapt to life abroad, so I always chose to play in the LCK, and now I can get so many invitations, which is a recognition of my strength. In the future, anything is possible. ”

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