The video of the robot frantically strafing the Cybertruck went viral, and Apple's mysterious wearable device was exposed

The video of the robot frantically strafing the Cybertruck went viral, and Apple's mysterious wearable device was exposed

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Tesla bot crazy strafing Cybertruck?Musk: Next year may come true

The video of the robot frantically strafing the Cybertruck went viral, and Apple's mysterious wearable device was exposed

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that next year may allow Tesla's humanoid robot to recreate the Cybertruck's bulletproof test. This statement has given fans of Cybertruck and Tesla robots hope that a real-life bulletproof test scenario will be realized next year. (Tencent Technology)

Apple's mysterious wearable device exposed: you can "remote" the phone with your fingers

Apple is working on a wearable device that can be worn on any part of the body, in the shape of a ring. This device can be used to manipulate devices such as mobile phones, mainly by recognizing body movements. Recently, the U.S. Patent Division has granted a patent for this "electronic system with a ring device". This device includes control circuitry, input/output devices (including IMUs and other sensors), antennas, power supply systems, and does not include a screen. In the future, this "ring" can be used to detect and collect information such as gestures entered by the user, and wirelessly send it to the paired device for control operation. (qubits)

OpenAI's ultimate reveal of Gong Dou! The female director of the ghost was revealed to be the first to fire Altman, and Microsoft became the biggest winner

Foreign media exposed a long article revealing the beginning and end of OpenAI's turmoil, the identity of the female director Helen Toner's ghost is basically confirmed, and Microsoft opened the ABC triple plan, and finally successfully picked the peach and became the biggest winner. Female director Helen Toner and members of OpenAI's board of directors believe that CEO Altman's leadership, sophisticated internal fighting skills, and analysis of business rules have made it impossible for OpenAI to effectively carry out its mission. Eventually, with Microsoft's involvement and OpenAI's employee power, Altman returned to the CEO role, and all but D'Angelo of the board of directors resigned. (Tencent Technology)

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Big factories wake up from the dream of making cars: Didi Baidu is broken, Huawei is clever, and Xiaomi is still intoxicated

The threshold for big manufacturers to build cars is higher than imagined, Didi and Xiaopeng cooperated to build cars, Xiaopeng took over Didi's technical heritage, and Didi became a strategic shareholder of Xiaopeng. Didi's previous attempts to build cars and its cooperation with BYD and Li have all been unsuccessful. Cao Cao's road to car manufacturing was relatively smooth, and it received strong support from Geely and became a subsidiary of Geely. Baidu and Xiaomi have chosen to cooperate with car companies, but they face many challenges in the field of car manufacturing. Huawei, on the other hand, has participated in car manufacturing as a core supplier and has achieved good results. In general, the dream of car building is often difficult to realize due to various factors. (Parity)

15% of Nvidia's revenue comes from a small country, why does Singapore need so many chips?

About 15% of Nvidia's third-quarter revenue, or $2.7 billion, came from Singapore, a year-on-year increase of 404.1%, and Singapore has become Nvidia's fourth-largest market. According to the analysis, this is related to the large number of data centers and cloud service providers in Singapore. According to the data, Singapore is the third largest data center market in the world and the first in the Asia-Pacific region, accounting for 60% of the total data center capacity in Southeast Asia. Nvidia generated 80% of its revenue in the fiscal third quarter from the data center segment. (Tencent Technology)

After publicly scolding big advertisers, Musk's X platform hurriedly focused on small and medium-sized enterprises

Musk recently said in a live interview that he doesn't want big companies trying to "blackmail him with money" to advertise on his social media platform X. Subsequently, platform X is doubling down on its investment in facilitating small and medium-sized enterprises to place ads, in an attempt to hedge against the impact of large advertisers leaving the platform. At the same time, the X platform also plans to develop more subscription and data licensing services. (Finance Associated Press)

Cybertruck's profit contribution to Tesla: 0?

While the Cybertruck may not be a major source of profit for Tesla until 2024, it could be a huge boost to the brand's image. According to market analysis, it will take time to increase the production capacity of this model, and the market space is limited. Tesla CEO Elon Musk estimates that it could take 18 months to ramp up production of the Cybertruck to a point where it can significantly contribute to cash flow. (All-weather technology)

AI weather vane

ChatGPT's "GPT Store", postponed to early 2024

OpenAI's ChatGPT team has announced that the launch of the "GPT Store" originally planned for this month will be postponed until early 2024. In this store, users can create their own GPT and get a share. OpenAI's goal is to make it easy for everyone to build their own GPT without writing a single line of code, and anyone can create a customized version of ChatGPT for specific personal and professional tasks, and upload it to the "GPT Store" to get a share. (All-weather technology)

Employees said that Amazon's AI chatbot Q was "hallucinating" and leaking confidential company data

Amazon's new AI chatbot, Q, has been accused by employees of having serious "hallucination" issues that may leak confidential information including AWS data center locations, internal discount programs, and more. The issue is marked as "very serious" and needs to be fixed immediately. Although Amazon has denied that it has found any security issues, the issue has raised concerns about the accuracy and safety of the Q bot. (IT House)

Google unveils Translatotron 3 model, which bypasses the text conversion step

Google has officially launched a new AI model called Translatotron 3, which can realize speech-to-speech simultaneous interpretation and translation without the need for parallel speech data. It is "the first fully unsupervised end-to-end model of direct speech-to-speech translation" that does not rely on intermediate text representations and can also be used to create tools to help people with language barriers, or to develop personalized language learning tools. (IT House)

4 people, Pika is valued at 1 billion

Pika, a startup with only four people, has completed three rounds of financing in six months, with a total amount of $55 million and a valuation of more than 1 billion yuan. Its first product is an AI-generated video software that automatically generates and edits 3D animations, anime, cartoons, and movies based on text. The founder of the company is Guo Wenjing, a post-95 girl, the first student in Zhejiang to be admitted to Harvard's undergraduate program in advance, and dropped out of Stanford to found Pika. (Investment Community)

Tech figures

The CEO of OpenAI was revealed to have spent $85 million on a number of luxury homes in 18 months

OpenAI CEO Altman has purchased properties worth more than $85 million in 18 months, including a previously unreported $43 million Hawaiian estate. He also purchased several multi-million dollar homes in San Francisco and Napa, California, as well as a large tract of land in Big Sur, California. Ultraman's assets also include cars and airplanes, and he has obtained a license to fly single-engine aircraft. (Tencent Technology)

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