What kind of life difficulties may you face after the age of 61?

author:Mura-in-law Xiao-kun

Introduction: With the intensification of the aging of the population in the mainland, the issue of old-age care has gradually become the focus of attention from all walks of life. More and more elderly people are facing the problem of insufficient pension savings, which makes them likely to fall into difficulties after the age of 61. This article will analyze this problem in detail and discuss how to solve the pension dilemma.

What kind of life difficulties may you face after the age of 61?


First, the reasons for the lack of pension deposits

1. The impact of the family planning policy: The family planning policy implemented since the 70s of the last century has brought about profound changes in the population structure of the mainland. The one-child policy has made family pension mainstream, and as children grow up and become employed, the elderly are increasingly financially dependent on their children.

2. Economic development level: With the rapid development of the mainland economy, the price level continues to rise, and the cost of living for the elderly is increasing year by year. With limited pension savings, the elderly may face the dilemma of declining quality of life.

3. Imperfect social security system: Although the mainland government has been improving the social security system, there is still a problem of insufficient old-age security. The main source of income for some elderly people after retirement is pension, but under the existing social security system, the level of pension is generally low, and it is difficult to meet the daily expenses of the elderly.

2. The life difficulties that may be faced after the age of 61

What kind of life difficulties may you face after the age of 61?

1. Financial pressure: Insufficient pension savings lead to financial pressure on the elderly and may need to rely on their children for support. This will not only increase the financial burden of children, but also may make the elderly fall into the embarrassing situation of "gnawing at the old".

2. Declining quality of life: Due to insufficient pension savings, the elderly may not be able to afford the high cost of nursing homes and are forced to choose low-cost nursing homes or home care. This can lead to a deterioration in the quality of life and even affect the physical and mental health of the elderly.

3. Social distancing: Insufficient pension savings may prevent the elderly from participating in various leisure activities, resulting in social isolation. This has a negative impact on the mental health and well-being of older adults.

3. How to solve the dilemma of old-age care

What kind of life difficulties may you face after the age of 61?

1. Plan for retirement in advance: The elderly should plan for retirement in advance and make reasonable arrangements for pension investment and savings. In addition, you can also improve the level of old-age security by purchasing commercial endowment insurance and participating in social endowment insurance.

2. Increase the source of pension income: The elderly can try to increase the source of pension income and improve the quality of life of the pension through part-time jobs and investment.

3. Strengthen the social security system: The government should continue to improve the social security system, increase the level of pensions, and ensure that the basic living needs of the elderly are met.

4. Promote traditional culture: advocate filial piety and care for the elderly. Through the joint efforts of the family, society and the government, a good atmosphere for the elderly will be formed, so that the elderly can enjoy their old age in peace.


The issue of old-age pension has become an important social issue facing the mainland. In the face of the problem of insufficient pension deposits, the elderly, families, the government and society should work together to explore ways to solve the pension dilemma. Only in this way can the life of the elderly after the age of 61 be better.

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