Original text: What a miserable married life the enemy has been all these years!

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Original text: What a miserable married life the enemy has been all these years!


As always, I pondered what to write on paper.

Outside the window, the sound of fighting upstairs rang out again. The sun was shining, and the fights were so loud.

The sound was loud, dingding, dingding, they spoke Hokkien, I couldn't understand what they were saying. The old lady's voice was so loud that I thought it was a middle-aged woman. The old man's voice was low. His voice was hoarse and weak. He sounded like a man of seventy or eighty years. He was not in good health and faltered.

I've never seen an old man come out. It's been a year since I moved to the island. I met the old man once, even in the elevator. The old man often turned on the TV. The voice on the TV directly above us began to complain to my mother-in-law several times.

The old man has bad habits. On a few occasions he spilled food on the balcony and the rice stains rubbed it on the outer corners of our balconies, leaving a nuisance, stinky, hard-to-clean stain. I reported the matter to the property company twice, but considering the old man's age, I had to give up.

Bear with me, he often fights with his own strength. I'm afraid it's the time of the old man. How many years can you live? Let's make trouble.

I don't know why they always quarrel. Although I have been in Xiamen for ten years, I don't know anything about Hokkien. I just said "Gaben". You and I fight, most likely because the old lady is too loud, the old man is out of breath, and the old man is weak. He lives near the mountains and is quiet. Dogs often urinate because of fights. , very noisy and crowded.

In the end, I understood what the old lady meant: why don't you die? If you die, I'm clean. I can't wait for you to die.

As soon as these words came out, the old man stopped talking.

Can you win the argument?

He walked trembling and panting, gasping for breath three times before he spoke. A slight breathing action is followed by heavy breathing. "Husky" is the best way to describe it, his voice is low and hoarse. I've never seen the old man, but I can hear his voice.

Original text: What a miserable married life the enemy has been all these years!

They often fight and come several times a month. My wife and I often talk about these things behind our backs. There was a fight upstairs, and I sent a WeChat message to my wife: There was another fight upstairs.

The wife complained to the old man: I have slept with such a person all my life, it is too painful. What is the meaning of the old man's life? Every day is busy, and the old lady is also waiting for the old man's death. It's too miserable under one roof.

I don't sympathize with the old man's experience: "The miserable situation of couples like him today is caused by the seeds planted in the first half of their lives. The old man's physical strength in the first half of his life did not make the old lady comfortable, and now his body is not what it used to be, and of course, the old lady has also been abused. What can the old man do? When he died, he was not in good health, and he had to rely on the old lady to take care of him, so he had to endure. ”

I've never met their children, but these parents who don't have a good relationship are what most kids shy away from. My parents are enemies, and their relationship has been very tense in recent years, and the relationship with their children is not good. For the old man, things are not so bad. The old lady is willing to take care of him under the same roof. If he really didn't care about this relationship, he would have ignored the old man a long time ago.

No matter what fruit is grown, it is grown for a reason.

The old lady scolded a lot, but the old man was weak. After all, isn't the old lady responsible for everything? swear a little, argue a little, just let it go, no love, no feelings, and get rid of your mind to care. It's so sad.

Original text: What a miserable married life the enemy has been all these years!


My husband is funny. He was very sympathetic to the old man, and interjected half-jokingly: Will you do this to me again next year? Will we all be like them? You are a few years younger than me, and your health will definitely be better than mine in the future. Are you waiting for a chance to retaliate in the future?

I laughed, "That's up to you to treat me." ”

There is a saying between men and women that "young people stay together until they grow old", but have you ever thought that only by living in harmony can husbands and wives act honestly among their peers?

Everything is together, and so are the relationships between people. We all change our behavior for the sake of "goodness". If you are good to others, others will be good to you.

I don't think the old man had a good impression of the old man when he was young, and the two have a good relationship, and the old man still talks about the old man. A man's heart is flesh, and this is the state of the "enemy" in the final stage of marriage. At the end of the day, it's all about misbehavior among teenagers. The old lady must have been angry and had to serve the old man for the past few years. Who will be satisfied if the old man does not convince them and argue with them?

All the support and support in old age is the care and love of youth.

They all go through reincarnation. As a person, you should keep your morals in mind and avoid doing too many things that you shouldn't do when you're young.

Some people say that the state of marriage in China today: you ignore me now, but when you are old, you will take care of me. Everyone gets old at some point. In fact, they should not rely on their children, but on the people around them.

Like the old man on the roof of our building, he is very old and shivering when he walks. They can't go down all year round. In addition, fathers of previous generations often left their homes and children for the sake of their wives. He has always had a bad relationship with his children. How many children can you have with him?

Good thing I can go back and have a look. I'm really upset when an old couple is arguing and the kids are talking about something.

No one can be young forever, and it's not easy to be a couple. The most important thing is to take good care of your wife. This is also so that you can have a happy life.

A married man can rely on his wife forever, especially in her old age. If you did a lot of stupid things when you were younger, should your husband take care of you in your old age?

Original text: What a miserable married life the enemy has been all these years!


In the first half of a man's life, he strives for lust, and in the second half of his life, he strives for family affection, especially when he is young, and he is good to his wife.

The relationship between Xia Junshan and her mother in "Little Shede" left a deep impression on me. Many people don't understand why Xia Junshan's mother is like this, and why she doesn't care about her own son? Later, I found the reason from Xia Junshan's mother's words: "I tell you, you take care of your son by yourself, and I won't help." I've served your father enough, I just want to run my own life. ” ......” “。

Soon after Xia Junshan and Nanli got married, her father suffered a stroke and was paralyzed in bed. Natsuki is a diligent person, but because her husband is sick, she has to take good care of him, but her relationship with her husband is not good. This is also the reason why he complained constantly during his tenure and was eventually fired after four years in office. It can be seen from this how angry he is with Xia Junshan's father.

Can I get married? Two people are under the same roof, and if you look at them, you become enemies.

I regretted the marriage and complained about the children, but I didn't get out of the quagmire of marriage. His wife was sick. Because the people in the town are afraid of gossip, he must take care of her and make her his wife. Since the day her husband died, she was truly relieved. I would like to say

You don't have to make life difficult. If the marriage has reached this point, it is better to divorce as soon as possible. At least it will be a relief for you. If you keep only a shell without love and warmth, your child will only get angry and your relationship with your child will only be damaged.

After writing this article, two things are very important: First, don't be happy with your marriage. If you really don't get along, get a divorce or get married so that you don't get hurt, and secondly, take care of your partner and wife. If you love your husband, your relationship will be better. , and the years to come will definitely be happy.

Don't be complacent, everyone needs help when the condition becomes unbearable.

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