"Xiaoman Life" He Jiaru and Ye Yifan were in love on the sofa in the middle of the night, and Hou Yuanyuan lost


He Jiaru's father-in-law Ye Ping'an was injured and hospitalized, not only smashed into more than 400,000 medical expenses, but even the plan of the young couple to buy a house was ruined.

The young couple decided to give up buying a house for the time being, and take care of Ye Ping'an's body first, and then talk about it later.

In order to take care of Lele and Ye Ping'an, He Jiaru's mother had to live in Ye's house for a while.

One night, He Jiaru was lying on the big bed with her mother, He Jiaru couldn't fall asleep over and over, and in the middle of the night, He Jiaru sneaked from the bedroom to the living room, and it happened that Ye Yifan couldn't sleep on the sofa.

Ye Yifan was so happy that he opened his hands and hugged He Jiaru in his arms.

The little couple grinded their ears and temples on the sofa, hugged and hugged, and they were tired of it for a while, and the more they talked, the more energetic they became.

In the end, He Jiaru was afraid of disturbing the rest of the family, so he and Ye Yifan kept warm for a while, and then obediently returned to the room.

"Xiaoman Life" He Jiaru and Ye Yifan were in love on the sofa in the middle of the night, and Hou Yuanyuan lost

Leaving Ye Yifan alone on the sofa, he reluctantly watched He Jiaru go back to the room.

This scene is really sweet and warm.

Chen Li and Hou Yuanyuan will never be able to do this. Even if the two of them sleep together in the same bed, they will not be like Ye Yifan and He Jiaru, who can chat happily before going to bed, and they must sleep with their arms in their arms.

Ye Ping'an saw that the little couple was so affectionate, the family not only did not blame him, but also took good care of him, he was ashamed, and took the initiative to hand over the 280,000 passbook he wanted to go back to He Jiaru.

When a family lives, how can they hide and keep an eye everywhere.

The reason why the Ye family can resolve family conflicts every time and live a stable and happy life is inseparable from the key person Ye Yifan.

Ye Yifan is a wife-loving maniac, and at home, his daughter-in-law comes first.

He can collide with his father, and his father will not let He Jiaru's name be added when he buys a house, Ye Yifan not only added it, but also criticized his father.

He can grieve his son, he only buys a small piece of cake for his son's birthday, and his daughter-in-law's 300,000 yuan study fee, he doesn't even blink an eye to pay it off.

He Jiaru woke up late, and he prepared hot milk and bread in advance. He Jiaru was in an unhappy mood, and he did everything possible to coax her to make her happy.

He Jiaru was angry in the unit, and he followed the same enemy, as long as He Jiaru had trouble with him, he would always be the one who apologized for the mistake.

He helped He Jiaru clarify his relationship with his colleagues many times in front of his father, and praised He Jiaru for being a good daughter-in-law in front of his father many times.

No matter how many beauties there are outside, Ye Yifan doesn't even take them to see them, whatever He Jiaru says, he is.

"Xiaoman Life" He Jiaru and Ye Yifan were in love on the sofa in the middle of the night, and Hou Yuanyuan lost

It can be said that Ye Yifan is not revolving around his home, he is revolving around He Jiaru.

He is very smart, in marriage, the daughter-in-law comes first, as long as the daughter-in-law is taken care of, the family can be peaceful and happy.

Ye Yifan has a sentence that is very practical and worthy of learning from all men:

"Back then, I relied on sincerity to take down my daughter-in-law, and if people like me with a lot of eyes, they won't look down on me at all. I'm going from top to bottom, inside and out, and that's all that's left of sincerity. ”

It turns out that the more a man pampers his wife, the happier the family.

He Jiaru is filial piety and sensible, never argues with her father-in-law about winning or losing at home, He Jiaru's mother is kind and generous, supports her daughter to buy a house, takes care of Ye Ping'an's hospitalization, and contributes money and efforts.

If Ye Yifan doesn't love his daughter-in-law and doesn't do everything to his daughter-in-law, the family will fall into endless quarrels.

From borrowing money to buy a house, to Ye Ping'an's hospitalization, to finding a school for his son, although there have been many episodes and twists and turns, it is not a problem for Ye Yifan.

It is inevitable that as long as there is something to talk about, discuss it well, and the hearts of the family are together, no matter how big the difficulties can be overcome.

The secret of He Jiaru and Ye Yifan's happy marriage, Chen Li and Hou Yuanyuan will never understand.

"Xiaoman Life" He Jiaru and Ye Yifan were in love on the sofa in the middle of the night, and Hou Yuanyuan lost

During the eleventh long holiday, Hou Yuanyuan took his daughter back to Pingcheng.

As soon as he arrived home, Hou Yuanyuan held his breath and looked for Chen Li's unfaithfulness to her in every corner of the house.

From the sofa pillows and cushions, to the bedding and pillows on the bed, the clothes in the wardrobe, to the corners and corners of the bed and bathroom, Hou Yuanyuan is like a detective, eager to overturn the house.

Finally, she found a handful of women's long hair in the floor drain in the bathroom.

Chen Li denied it in every possible way and refused to admit it, Hou Yuanyuan was furious and forced Chen Li to explain to her.

Chen Li was annoyed and angry, and immediately exposed the secret of Hou Yuanyuan's home improvement monitoring and spying on him.

The two had a fierce quarrel, and Chen Li angrily accused Hou Yuanyuan of not hesitating to trick him into getting pregnant in order to marry him.

"Xiaoman Life" He Jiaru and Ye Yifan were in love on the sofa in the middle of the night, and Hou Yuanyuan lost

After her disgraceful history was found out by Chen Li, Hou Yuanyuan's emotions exploded instantly, and she decided that this matter must be thoroughly investigated, if the matter did not come to light, she would not leave Pingcheng.

Chen Li didn't know what to do, in order to ease the relationship between the two, his daughter offered to go out shopping to buy clothes, Hou Yuanyuan kept throwing Chen Li's face, and he was either yin and yang weird, or he kept ignoring him.

The atmosphere at home was cold, seeing that his daughter was about to start school, Hou Yuanyuan still had no intention of leaving, Chen Li was anxious and offered to drive his mother and son back.

Hou Yuanyuan held her breath in her heart, she was angry that Chen Li carried her behind her back to bring a woman home, and even more angry that Chen Li exposed her pretending to monitor and cheating on her marriage.

Chen Li blindly curryed favor with Hou Yuanyuan and took the initiative to give in to her, Hou Yuanyuan was about to be tormented by the fact that "Chen Li and Feng Dan are alone in the same room", she proposed to meet Feng Dan in person and make this matter clear.

Feng Dan came with a nervous heart.

Everything was as Chen Li expected, no matter how Feng Dan explained, Hou Yuanyuan didn't believe it at all.

Hou Yuanyuan was extremely excited, and he was furious at Feng Dan with all his might.

No matter what happened between Chen Li and Feng Dan, Hou Yuanyuan always believed in his own judgment, and Chen Li had been secretive, which meant that he and Feng Dan must have some unclear relationship.

"Xiaoman Life" He Jiaru and Ye Yifan were in love on the sofa in the middle of the night, and Hou Yuanyuan lost

In fact, I understand Hou Yuanyuan's suspicions very well, the relationship between herself and Chen Li is very weak, Chen Li is like a kite that can't be caught, floating around in the world she can't see, which makes her very insecure.

Chen Li not only didn't realize that he had a problem, but also deliberately avoided Hou Yuanyuan.

This is the sadness of a marital relationship, one wants to try to hold on to the other person, and the other wants to try to break free from the other.

An intimate relationship must be lighthearted, comfortable and infatuated, not stuffy and breathless, as if to suffocate.

If there is no trust, no honesty, no warmth, only endless suspicion and deliberate cold avoidance in the marriage, then the marriage will lose its meaning.

The husband and wife should be together to keep warm, so that the day will be warm and vibrant.

Just when things fell into a deadlock and could not be recovered, Feng Dan's husband Han Jinjin came.

In order to maintain his image as a good man, Han Jinjin apologized to Feng Dan in tears as soon as he entered the house, and knelt down and begged her to give him a chance.

Feng Dan knew that this was another trick played by Han Jinjin, and she didn't want to go back and continue to endure Han Jinjin's dark life of beating and scolding her.

But now, she has no choice but to go home with Han Jinjin.

The appearance of Han Jinjin is a scourge to Feng Dan, but it is a salvation for Chen Li.

Han Jinjin is a very bastard, but he showed deep affection and single-mindedness for Feng Dan in front of Chen Li and Hou Yuanyuan, which made Hou Yuanyuan completely dispel the suspicions and concerns in his heart.

It is equivalent to him saving the precarious marriage of Chen Li and Hou Yuanyuan.

After Feng Dan and Han Jinjin left, Hou Yuanyuan took the initiative to apologize to Chen Li.

"Xiaoman Life" He Jiaru and Ye Yifan were in love on the sofa in the middle of the night, and Hou Yuanyuan lost

Chen Li looked at Hou Yuanyuan's hand that took the initiative to reach out to him, although he was still very reluctant in his heart, he could only cooperate with Hou Yuanyuan and obediently fulfill his husband's responsibilities that he did not want to fulfill.

It seems that the misunderstanding has been resolved, and Chen Li and Hou Yuanyuan's lives have returned to their original peace, but they will never have the sweet and happy marriage of Ye Yifan and He Jiaru.

Because some marriages have planted a mine of mistrust from the beginning, and if the boat encounters a rapid, or a reef, it will capsize at any time.

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