The Gaza Disaster! Is the United States to Blame?

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Author: Ouyang Lin

The Gaza Disaster! Is the United States to Blame?

So far, many people in the Middle East have blamed the United States for the disaster in Gaza, believing that the United States is the main culprit in the Palestinian-Israeli war.

The entire front page of a Lebanese newspaper this month featured President Biden's headshot superimposed on a photo of a dead Palestinian child with the bold headline "Genocide in the West."

In Egypt, Iraq and some Gulf countries, Starbucks and McDonald's stores, once crowded with customers, have been left empty because of a boycott of American brands.

In Beirut, Tunisia and other Arab capitals, protesters burned American flags and shouted slogans such as "executioners" and "U.S. troops go back to America" to express their extreme anger at Gaza's death toll.

The Gaza War was Israel's attack, but why do Middle Easterners think that the United States is the main culprit of the Gaza disaster? In my opinion, there are "five main reasons":

The Gaza Disaster! Is the United States to Blame?

The first reason: although it is Israel that fights the war, it is the war of the Americans.

The reason is that without the United States providing diplomatic cover and high-tech equipment, Israel would not be able to carry out military operations in Gaza, and the United States is the driving force behind the war and its biggest accomplice.

The second reason: it was the United States that connived at Israel's "massacre" in Gaza.

The reason: A U.N. official said the Israeli operation was aimed at "eradicating Hamas" and that it had triggered a "total massacre." The entire Arab world is watching the fact that the United States, the world's superpower, strong enough to stop the massacre, has been uncharacteristically preserving this bloody conflict.

The third reason: at the moment of Israel's ground offensive against Gaza, when the principles were tested, the United States let the whole world down.

The reason: International human rights groups have repeatedly warned Israel that it is overreacting and may be involved in war crimes. The Israeli authorities categorically reject this allegation. However, the United States voted against the Security Council's well-informed ceasefire resolutions, in order to show unprincipled and irrational support for Israel, pushing the United States off the moral high ground. Biden's condemnation of Russia around protecting the lives of civilians in Ukraine now stands in stark contrast to his low-key rhetoric as Israel bombed schools and hospitals in Gaza.

The Gaza Disaster! Is the United States to Blame?

The fourth reason: Biden's staunch support for Israel's war in Gaza will turn the United States against the Arab states.

The rationale is that every U.S.-made missile dropped on the besieged people of Gaza, and the tepid U.S. response to the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza, will lose its place in the Middle East and around the world for decades to come. Because, the Biden administration's unconditional support for Israel's attack on Gaza threatens not only the economic and security interests of the United States in the Middle East, but also the strategic competition between the United States and the eastern powers, as well as the United States' support for the war in Ukraine. It was the United States that pushed Israel to the "front line" of the war, and it was Israel that dragged the United States into the "trap" of the conflict.

The fifth reason: Washington's support for Israel's war is a sloppy stance that disregards long-term diplomatic, security, and economic consequences.

The reason: the Arab people have expressed despair and anger at the American response to the Palestinian suffering. Although the United States points most of its contradictions in the Middle East at Iran, most Arab countries feel that Israel is more threatened than Iran. On Nov. 27, when the White House issued a statement on the agreement on the release of hostages in exchange for a ceasefire and the release of some Palestinian prisoners, Biden said, "These brave souls have endured unspeakable ordeals. He did not mention that the latest figures from health officials in Gaza show that the death toll in Palestinians has exceeded 15,000, including 6,150 children.

The Gaza Disaster! Is the United States to Blame?

Alam, an expert on the United States at Egypt's national think tank, has repeatedly asked, "Where are the American values that the Biden administration has been talking about since it took office?"

The war in Gaza has forced U.S. allies to question U.S. double standards. At the end of October, King Abdullah II of Jordan gave a speech in Cairo in which he described the Arab perception of the Western response: "Our lives are not as important as others. The application of international law is dispensable, and human rights have borders. It stops at national borders, at race, at religion. ”

The Americans' inappropriate remarks and utter inaction in the new round of Palestinian-Israeli conflict are clearly and clearly seen by the Middle Easterners.

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