The lonely Double Twelve, changing the name can't be saved: it's time to cancel the Double Twelve

The lonely Double Twelve, changing the name can't be saved: it's time to cancel the Double Twelve

On November 24, the Taobao merchant service hall showed that the Taobao Double 12 event was cancelled this year, and the large-scale platform event "Taobao Year-end Good Price Festival" will be held in December this year, and it is expected that investment will begin at the end of November.

The lonely Double Twelve, changing the name can't be saved: it's time to cancel the Double Twelve

Judging from many statements, Double 12 is going to be canceled, but judging from this matter itself, it is Taobao Double 12 that is going to change its name. Beauty blogger @星兜大Shopkeeper also confirmed this statement. In the author's opinion, Double Twelve has gradually become chicken, and changing the name cannot be saved, and it may be the right time to cancel Double Twelve.

The lonely Double Twelve, changing the name can't be saved: it's time to cancel the Double Twelve

Why did Ali change his name on Double 12?

The first to propose Double 11 and Double 12 was Alibaba. But now, let's mention these 2 festivals again, no one will think that this is exclusive to Alibaba, but a festival shared by all e-commerce platforms, which has been a headache for Ali, in the past, Ali has always wanted to make Double 11 and Double 12 its own trademark.

Since 2015, Alibaba has applied for a number of related trademark registration applications, but obviously, whether it is Double 11 or Double 12, these have already appeared when there was no Alibaba. The earliest Double 11 is Singles' Day, and it is impossible for Ali to keep these terms for himself, and other platforms cannot use them.

According to the judgment documents, Double 11, a term composed of Chinese characters and numbers, is also used in services such as "training, arranging and organizing conferences", and lacks the distinctive features that a trademark should have. As a result, the CNIPA rejected Alibaba's patent application.

The lonely Double Twelve, changing the name can't be saved: it's time to cancel the Double Twelve

Therefore, if Ali can't monopolize this term, Ali won't be able to enjoy exclusive traffic during the shopping festival, especially from the sales volume of this year's Double Eleven, other e-commerce platforms are growing, and the gap with Tmall is narrowing.

The lonely Double Twelve, changing the name can't be saved: it's time to cancel the Double Twelve

Therefore, in this situation, Ali may also want to create a new festival, and the name of this festival will be exclusive to himself, and Double 12 will become the "year-end price festival". Although consumers are very unfamiliar now, after all, it belongs to Taobao itself, and if Taobao invests more resources in this festival in the future to boost popularity, then it will not make wedding clothes for others.

In fact, we know that in the process of e-commerce development, in the process of Ali Taobao Tmall to become bigger, festival is one of the important key driving forces. To a certain extent, this kind of shopping festival with the participation of the whole people has enhanced the voice and leadership of the entire Alibaba Group in the e-commerce industry in the past.

However, when the development of e-commerce has reached this mature stage, and the e-commerce festival is no longer enough to mobilize consumer enthusiasm as in the past, it may be difficult to replicate the success of the past by changing the name of Double 12 to create a "year-end good price festival".

After the Double 11 carnival, the annual Double 12 is very lonely and lacks attention. Ali also wants to raise this chicken festival by changing its name and changing promotional methods. At present, Taotian Group also said that it has greatly increased the discount strength and the scale of merchants, but in fact, it is actually difficult to save Double 12.

The lonely Double Twelve, changing the name can't be saved: it's time to cancel the Double Twelve

Whether the name is changed or not, Double 12 should be canceled

Judging from the current situation, whether from the perspective of merchants or consumers themselves, they are actually not looking forward to Double 12.

In fact, the situation of this year's Double 11 can be seen that Double 11 can no longer be sold, and from everyone's feelings, this Double 11 is very deserted.

Why can't it be sold on Double 11, because under the current situation of the industry with a serious surplus of goods, the normalization of tens of billions of subsidies, and the daily discount promotion of e-commerce live broadcasts, the scarcity of Double 11 has disappeared, and conventional discount promotions have long been unable to stimulate consumers' strong desire to shop.

Moreover, after 2019, Double 11 has been worse every year. The main reason is that consumers have been tricked too much, and the routine of first raising prices and then reducing prices still exists on a large scale. This year's Double 11, many consumers are complaining, merchants before the double eleven first raise prices, and then reduce the price. Even some goods remain unchanged or even lowered in price after Double 11, making consumers feel cheated.

The lonely Double Twelve, changing the name can't be saved: it's time to cancel the Double Twelve

In particular, Pinduoduo and Jingdong's tens of billions of subsidy wars have also become normalized, in addition, the promotions of various short video live broadcast rooms are starting almost all the time, especially Douyin, Xiaohongshu These platforms are based on the mechanism recommendation of personalized needs, which cannibalize some of the personalized consumption needs of many users in ordinary times, and the things it pushes are often really what consumers need, which has gradually led to the weakening of the attractiveness of traditional e-commerce shopping festivals.

The lonely Double Twelve, changing the name can't be saved: it's time to cancel the Double Twelve

The various routines of Double 11 every year are making consumers exhausted, and from the current disclosure, the preferential activities of the "Taobao Year-end Good Price Festival" are full of 200 minus 30, and the appeal of this discount is still limited. After all, judging from this Double 11, consumers are already very sensitive to the routine of discounting after raising prices.

In the past, Double 11 has always been the home of Tmall, it is the day when big brands clear inventory, Double 12 was originally a festival for small and medium-sized merchants on Taobao, but from the past few years, Double 12 lacks a sense of presence in terms of popularity and traffic.

The lonely Double Twelve, changing the name can't be saved: it's time to cancel the Double Twelve

From the perspective of time, the time node of Double 12 and Double 11 is too close, a bit like after the New Year, and then after a small year, consumer enthusiasm will naturally no longer appear. Many merchants also know that the goods accumulated on Double 11 cannot be sold, and Double 12 is used to clear inventory. With the growth of Pinduoduo and Douyin e-commerce, the overall traffic of Taobao has also been affected, many sellers are also moving to other platforms, and consumers basically do not pay much attention to Double 12, and the role of Double 12 for merchants is getting smaller and smaller.

Now Taobao is facing the status quo, traffic is further diverted by other platforms, in the case of poor overall traffic growth, Double 11 has consumed a large part of the shopping demand of consumers at the end of the year, itself in the next month of consumer demand has been compressed, and another Double 12, in fact, it also further sacrifices the usual normal sales.

In the early years, a person close to Taobao revealed that many small and medium-sized businesses doubled their turnover on the 12th day of the 12th. But the truth behind it is: many small and medium-sized businesses spend about a week to warm up before Double 12, promising that the double 12 will be reduced to the lowest price on the day, so there is almost no sales in this week or so, even if the sales volume doubles on the day of Double 12, it is difficult to make up for the loss before and after the warm-up.

In addition, the turnover of Double 12 over the years has always been a mystery, it looks like a bonus for small and medium-sized sellers on Taobao, in fact, who knows the sadness behind these sellers.

The cancellation of Double 12 may be the right time

Without the support of large-scale traffic and consumer demand like Double 11, "Double 12" is also becoming a rather embarrassing e-commerce festival. In the case of repeated declines in sales, the past has also caused many Taobao C store sellers to switch to Pinduoduo.

A merchant said: "As a merchant, let me say a word, it's really not that merchants take users as fools, but now the daily price volume is too low, and then sign up for the big promotion according to the requirements of the platform, there are not many people who can not lose, let alone make money." The various activities of the platform are basically the wool of the merchants, and they do not bleed. And every once in a while, the whole event comes out, not only the buyers are tired, but the sellers can't stand it. In the past, merchants begged to go to the platform for activities, and the real money was discounted, but now it has become a platform that begging merchants to go on the merchants, and the merchants are not willing to go on. ”

The small and medium-sized sellers in Taobao C store once laid the foundation of Alibaba, and then transfused blood for Tmall to make this "dessert" a new core. In the past, the success of Tmall Double 11 was, to some extent, the gradual marginalization of Taobao.

Therefore, judging from the current situation, Taobao needs to do more in daily operations, how to retain consumers in ordinary times, and it is no longer appropriate to rely on festivals.

Times have changed, the current e-commerce system, logistics system, live streaming industry chain and factory direct sales system are becoming more and more mature, the industry has entered a period of maturity and stability, in the environment of economic downturn, people do not have so much passion for shopping in artificial festivals, and the fatigue of business participation is getting deeper, manufacturers, small and medium-sized businesses are not enough profits, and they are reluctant to spend money.

Therefore, various factors have determined that the current e-commerce festival has no way to form the situation of the national carnival as in the past, and in today's world, e-commerce has returned to daily life, and the comprehensive competitiveness of the daily operation of the platform has been deepened and thorough, so that consumers and merchants can feel enough sincerity is fundamental.

It may be the right time to cancel the double 12 of chicken ribs at the moment.

Author: Wang Xinxi, Senior Reviewer of TMT This article is not reproduced without permission

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