The price of the property market in many places has declined significantly, and some owners have "lost" the down payment when they bought a house at the beginning of the year

The price of the property market in many places has declined significantly, and some owners have "lost" the down payment when they bought a house at the beginning of the year

After the price of a real estate in Chengdu was reduced by 40% and rushed to the hot search, the real price reduction of real estate in various places was torn open.

The first financial interview found that not only Chengdu, but also many cities have cases of substantial price reductions, Huizhou has a real estate unit price from 16,000 yuan to 11,000 yuan / square meter, Wuhan has a real estate unit price from 15,000 yuan to 12,000 yuan / square meter, Dalian has a real estate unit price from 16,000 yuan to about 10,000 yuan / square meter.

Not only that, there are also differences in the attitude of local governments towards real estate price reductions, such as the Chengdu Eastern New Area, which claims that the price fluctuations of real estate projects are too large, which is suspected of disrupting the normal order of the real estate market, and it is temporarily impossible to apply for online signature filing;

Industry experts believe that the problem of real estate price reduction is more complicated, and low prices will indeed attract buyers to a certain extent, but if it continues to fall, it will cause market panic, and it will also have a negative impact on buyers who have been on the car at a high level;

Significant price reductions in real estate have come and gone

Because the property market is still cooling, many cities have seen cases of significant price reductions in real estate, and some projects that were launched in the first two years can now be discounted by three to four percent off the price of promotional housing.

The reporter inquired on the leadership message board of People's Daily Online and found that in November, some Wuhan buyers reported that the unit price of Huashan Huajin was directly reduced from 18,000 yuan to 12,000 yuan, disrupting the market order, and requiring the restoration of housing prices and the removal of low-priced houses.

According to the Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning of Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone, the price of commercial housing is determined by market supply and demand, and the developer sets the price independently according to market conditions. The sales price of the house shall be agreed upon by the developer and the buyer through the contract, but shall not exceed the record price of the pre-sale plan. After verification, the price of the sold houses in the project did not exceed the record price.

According to public information, the above project is located in Huacheng Avenue, East Lake High-tech Zone, Wuhan, and will be launched in July 2021. The distribution intermediary told reporters that the initial unit price of the project was 15,000 ~ 16,000 yuan, which belonged to the super high-rise products in the area.

In Hefei, in October, some buyers said that they bought a house in Feixi Poly Ziyun last year, and now the developer has reduced the price in disguise, the house price is discounted, the parking space is almost free, and the down payment of the old owner is almost gone, which is unacceptable. According to the data, the project will open in May 2022, with an average total price of 1.1 million yuan, and the average price is now displayed at 14,000 yuan / square meter.

In this regard, the Office of the Hefei Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of China replied that after an investigation by the Feixi County Development and Reform Commission and the Feixi County Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, no violations were found in the real estate sales of the development enterprises. In March this year, local officials said that they had ordered the company to suspend price reduction sales and wait for a new application for price change procedures before selling.

There is a similar case in Hangzhou. In October, some buyers said that there was a price reduction in Qianshan Garden Community, Qiandaohu Town, Chun'an County, Hangzhou City, which was sold at 11,831 yuan/square meter in 2021, and at the end of August this year, the price of the same building plummeted, and the price was reduced to 7,500 yuan/square meter, causing losses to the owners who had purchased the house, and opposing the developer's arbitrary price reduction.

Chun'an County Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau said that after verification, Qiandao Lake Town Qianshan Garden Project launched 100 sets of special housing, mainly involving three types of rooms, low-floor, large-house, non-south-facing house, the average sales price is 9,000 yuan / square meter, and several sets of 180 square meters of large apartments, due to market sales difficulties, the company pricing per square meter price of about 7,500 yuan.

"Real estate companies have the right to set their own prices for the sale of houses, and it is normal for the sales price to fluctuate with the changes in market conditions. The department said.

In Dalian and Huizhou, real estate price reductions are also common. In September, some buyers said that in just one year, the unit price of Huizhou Vanke Huiyang Wenhan Garden project dropped from 16,000~17,000 to 10,000~11,000, and the owner's down payment in the early stage was lost. Huiyang District officials said that after verification by Huiyang District, netizens reported that the situation was true, and the online signature filing business of the project had been suspended in accordance with relevant procedures.

According to public information, Vanke Zhongtian Hongyuan Wenhan Garden is located in Huiyang District, Huizhou City, and will be launched in September 2021, with an average total price of 1.25 million ~ 1.84 million yuan. The distribution agent told reporters that the project had indeed been sold at an average price of 167,000 before, and now the average price is more than 10,000 after discount. "Now that the market environment is not good, Vanke, as a large-scale developer, pays more attention to cash flow collection to ensure the funds and delivery of other projects, otherwise it is too expensive and no one will buy it, and it is currently the market price. ”

The price reduction of Dalian Gemdale City has also been repeatedly complained by netizens. Some buyers said that they bought a suite in Gemdale City at a price of 13,000 yuan/square meter in October 2021, and now the developer has reduced the price of individual plots and apartment types, and the price is about 9,000 yuan/square meter, resulting in the loss of the down payment by the previous batch of purchased owners.

In this regard, the Dalian Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development said that it has interviewed relevant development enterprises, and the enterprises have stopped selling at reduced prices. Later, similar complaints about the project stated that the price of commercial housing is a market-regulated price, and the operator sets the price independently. Affected by the economic and real estate market situation, the project is difficult to sell, in order to ensure the construction of the project, the company has lowered the price to promote the sale of houses.

The local distribution intermediary told reporters that the above-mentioned project will be opened in 2021, and the price has indeed been significantly reduced since the opening, with an average price of 19,000 at the high point, about 16,000 for small high-rise products, and now the unit price of small high-rise products is about 10,000 yuan, and the unit price of bungalow products is about 15,000. "Which real estate in the market is not cheaper than before, and the current price is also the bottom, and I also give home appliances gift packages. ”

How to grasp the scale of price reduction?

At present, the problem of price reduction of real estate in various places is more complicated, first of all, the local governments have different scales for the lower limit of price reduction, some cities directly control them, and some hand them over to the market for regulation; at the level of real estate enterprises, the situation of enterprises is also different, some have not yet been out of danger but are in urgent need of cash flow, and some of the real estate projects under the insurance are down in price due to debt disposal.

For example, some Tianjin buyers said that in the Xinhualian Yuelan Bay Community, Wuqing District, Tianjin, the developer has significantly reduced the price of similar houses, parking spaces and property fees in the short term, resulting in different prices for the same house, and the original price of the same house is 19,800 yuan/square meter, and the current price is 12,000 yuan/square meter, and the relevant departments are kindly requested to investigate and deal with the malicious price reduction behavior of the developer.

In this regard, the Wuqing District Housing and Urban-Rural Development Committee said that the remaining houses of the project have been mortgaged to the creditor company, and this sales behavior belongs to the preferential activities taken by the creditor company to collect the money. Enterprises have been required to provide debt sales agreements with creditor companies, further verify whether there are any irregularities in the preferential sales, and require enterprises to standardize sales behaviors and stabilize the real estate market.

Liu Shui, director of enterprise research at the China Index Research Institute, told reporters that at present, the real estate market continues to adjust in depth, and price reduction and promotion have become an important means for some real estate companies to withdraw funds. Theoretically speaking, there is a law in the changes in the price and transaction volume of commercial housing assets, and the buyer will only enter the market to buy when the price rises, and the buyer is more wait-and-see when the asset price falls, because it cannot maintain and increase the value. From the actual market situation, if the current real estate price generally declines, the discount promotion effect will be small, but if compared with the surrounding area, the project promotion discount is large, or it will be able to drive some sales.

Yan Yuejin, research director of the E-House Research Institute, told reporters that the decline in real estate prices and the impact on the purchase cost will definitely have a certain impact on sales and attract some buyers. However, the current market situation is more complicated, and the control measures in various places are also reasonable, if there is a general price drop in real estate, it will cause a certain panic in the market. At present, the local governments are not refusing to let the price reduction, but the problem of the magnitude and rhythm of the price reduction, and it cannot suddenly fall sharply, and the price adjustment requires a certain amount of time and process.

Wang Xiaochang, chief analyst of Zhuge Data Research Center, told reporters that in the context of the current lack of confidence in the real estate market, the effect of price reduction promotion is minimal, unless it is a core project in the core area. For the mentality of home buyers, there is still a psychology of "buying up but not buying down" in the market, and price reductions further reduce buyers' confidence in entering the market.

"Recently, the maximum price limit of land prices has been cancelled in many places, and the call for project prices to be regulated by the market is getting higher and higher. Wang Xiaochang said that the price rise and fall affects market confidence, whether it soars or plummets have a negative effect on the market, the surge represents speculative demand, and the plunge affects the wealth of residents, so the government's control of prices is still based on "stability".

It is worth noting that the overall price of the new housing market is continuing to weaken due to the continuous occurrence of real estate price reduction cases in various places. According to the data of the National Bureau of Statistics, in October, the number of cities with a month-on-month increase in the price of newly built commercial housing in 70 cities was 11, a decrease of 4 cities from September, 3 cities remained flat, an increase of 2 cities from September, and 56 cities declined, an increase of 2 cities from September.

Among them, the sales prices of newly built commercial residential buildings in first-tier cities decreased by 0.3% month-on-month from the same level in the previous month, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen decreased by 0.4%, 0.7% and 0.5% respectively, the sales prices of newly built commercial residential buildings in second-tier cities decreased by 0.2% month-on-month, the decline rate narrowed by 0.1 percentage points, and the sales prices of newly built commercial residential buildings in third-tier cities decreased by 0.5% month-on-month, the decline rate widened by 0.2 percentage points.

Compared with September, Ningbo, Zhengzhou, Kunming, Lanzhou, Yinchuan, Xuzhou, Yangzhou, Jiujiang, Shaoguan, Zhanjiang, Huizhou, Beihai and other places fell significantly in October, of which Huizhou fell by 1.5% in a single month; compared with the same period last year, the prices of new houses in Dalian, Baotou, Mudanjiang, Jinhua, Ganzhou and Huizhou fell significantly, of which Huizhou fell by 4.5% year-on-year.

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