One insurance policy to get it all? Follow "Xiaosa", ten questions about a safe and simple life

One insurance policy to get it all? Follow "Xiaosa", ten questions about a safe and simple life

On November 24, Ping An of China, together with CCTV Finance, launched the micro-variety show "Xiaosa's Simple Life Journey". Sa Beining, the host of the main station, and Wang Guan, a financial commentator of the main station, visited Ping An together, and through on-the-spot experience and dialogue with senior executives, they revealed the rich connotation of an insurance policy from the three perspectives of pension, health and wealth, and explored the safe plan for the simple life of Chinese families.

One insurance policy to get it all? Follow "Xiaosa", ten questions about a safe and simple life

The macro environment is complex and changeable, the aging trend is deepening, medical technology is constantly improving, planning for the elderly, protecting wealth, and health security have become the core needs of modern life. However, at a time when there have been no major changes in a century, it is not easy to do these three things well, but during the visit, Sa Beining found that Ping An can solve the above problems with a single insurance policy, where is Ping An's confidence? What comprehensive services does it provide to customers? What are the unique advantages of the insurance industry in solving these problems?

These questions have been answered in the program. How to apply the harvest of Sa Beining to personal life planning is a question worthy of attention.


Why do you need to plan for retirement in advance?

At present, population aging has become a global phenomenon, but the aging of the Chinese population is larger, deeper and faster.

Data show that in 2020, the elderly population over 65 years old in the mainland will reach 191 million, accounting for 13.5% of the total population, and there is one Chinese for every four elderly people in the world, and it is expected that the population over 65 years old in China will reach 425 million in 2057.

The aging of the mainland is also accompanied by problems such as aging, empty nesting, rising dependency ratio, and increased pension burden. The dependency ratio is expected to exceed 50% by 2050, which means that every two young people will need to support an elderly person.

The continuous aging of the population structure is not conducive to maintaining intergenerational harmony and social vitality, nor is it conducive to maintaining national population security and enhancing international competitiveness. Multi-party participation, co-construction and sharing, and the participation of the government, society, families and individuals are the basic principles of the aging strategy. In recent years, with a series of new achievements in the development of the cause of the elderly and the construction of the pension service system, coupled with the implementation of the personal pension system, the pension financial products have become increasingly rich, and it is the right time to plan their own pension problems.


What can insurance bring to retirement planning?

Compared with other social forces, the insurance industry has a unique advantage in participating in the construction of the pension service system. The insurance industry can use the characteristics of large capital scale, long investment cycle, and preference for long-term stable returns, and there is a natural synergy with the pension industry. The insurance industry can invest long-term funds in the pension industry to realize multi-channel financing for the pension industry and alleviate the problem of insufficient funds in the pension industry.

Due to the particularity of the service object, the development of the pension industry emphasizes low risk and stability. The insurance industry has inherent professional advantages in actuarial technology and over-the-counter risk management, and is the only industry that can provide life annuities. It can be said that the long-term rigid needs of personal pension for wealth management and the functional attributes of insurance and wealth management have a logical perfect self-consistency. Because of this, whether it is pension services or pension wealth planning, the insurance industry has carried out many practices.


As one of the leading insurance companies,

What kind of elderly care services can Ping An provide?

As a leading insurance company, Ping An continues to deepen its "integrated finance + medical health" strategy based on the health and pension needs of the people, and actively explores the elderly care field through multiple lines such as pension insurance products, "insurance + pension" and health services for the elderly.

In 2021, Ping An started to build home-based elderly care services, and as of September this year, Ping An's home-based elderly care has covered more than 50 cities across the country, with a total of more than 70,000 customers qualified for the service.

At present, Ping An's health care communities have been established in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Foshan, and the communities in each city are located in the core areas.

One insurance policy to get it all? Follow "Xiaosa", ten questions about a safe and simple life


Under the "9073" pension model,

What does it take to live in place?

Under the "9073" pension pattern in mainland China, more than 90% of the elderly will choose to care for the elderly at home. At the same time, with the aging of the population, the demand for health care services among the elderly population is increasing. As far as the current situation is concerned, there is still a huge shortage of professionals in the field of health care services in China, and professional skills are far from meeting customer needs.

In the face of the fortress that must be conquered in the elderly care industry, Ping An has made an in-depth layout in the field of home care for the elderly. In the program, Wu Jinjiang, Business Director of Ping An Life Shenzhen Branch, introduced the layout of Ping An's home care to Sa Beining, and the core theme of Ping An's home care is "three hearts" - "the elderly are comfortable, the children are at ease, and the housekeepers are attentive". In order to meet the needs of the elderly of different ages for home care, Ping An launched the home care project in 2022, providing a one-stop home care solution through the "Trinity" housekeeper, creating 10 major scenarios of "online, store, and home" services, and meeting the needs of the elderly throughout their life cycle with full-scene services, all-round protection, and all-weather companionship.

One insurance policy to get it all? Follow "Xiaosa", ten questions about a safe and simple life

At the scene of the program, Wu Jinjiang also invited Sa Beining to be the first batch of experiencers of safe home care for the elderly to look for home care equipment. From the transformation of hardware facilities for the elderly, to the practical value of the software platform, from online intelligent early warning, to characteristic home care, Wu Jinjiang led Sa Beining to experience them one by one, and Sa Beining also changed from "exploration" to recognition, and finally even called "too thoughtful, to place an order".

In response to the lack of industry standards and other problems, Ping An relies on the resources and scientific and technological strength of the Group's medical and health ecosystem, integrates the medical rehabilitation service standards of Peking University, and unites more than 40 rehabilitation nursing service providers and industry-university-research experts to build a "care consortium" for home-based elderly care, and improves service quality and customer satisfaction by establishing a closed loop of standards, systems, services and performance. On October 31 this year, this "Nursing Alliance", which includes service management standards, rehabilitation nursing products, personnel certification systems, service strategic alliances and intelligent rehabilitation nursing systems, has been officially launched.

One insurance policy to get it all? Follow "Xiaosa", ten questions about a safe and simple life


"Enjoying the old" has become a new word for the elderly,

What is Sa Beining's ideal old age?

In the program, Sa Beining was invited to imagine his ideal life for the elderly, that is, "the old have medical care, the old have care, the old have learning, the old have something to do, and the old have fun", and this is also the "Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Elderly" for the elderly to draw a blueprint for the elderly.

Such a life scenario can be easily realized in Ping An's high-quality community for the elderly. According to Wang Yuke, general manager of Ping An Life's health care division, Ping An provides "distinguished life, exclusive service, and dignified care" services to meet the growing demand for high-quality elderly care in China. Sticking to the city core is the foundation for Ping An to build a benchmark for the quality of China's elderly and health care communities.

One insurance policy to get it all? Follow "Xiaosa", ten questions about a safe and simple life

"Pension is not seclusion, let alone 'lying flat', it should continue to resonate with the city at the same frequency. Wang Yuke said that she started from the diversified needs of the elderly, and elaborated on the "city core" elderly lifestyle and the service concept of "seven-dimensional health".

These communities located in the center of the city not only gather high-quality living resources, but are also close to tertiary hospitals, and more importantly, can allow the elderly to stay in their original circle of life and friends, and their children can also visit from time to time. It has truly realized "never leaving relatives in the twilight, and not leaving home for the elderly".

Wang Yuke believes that true health is not only physical health, but also includes seven dimensions of emotional, social, spiritual, cognitive, occupational and economic health. Only by paying comprehensive attention to all aspects of health can we actively understand and discover the needs of the elderly, and then customize services to create a quality elderly life.


In addition to pension,

What other problems can the policy solve for Sa Beining?

As a copy of "Xiaosa's Simple Life Journey", as soon as Wang Guan, a financial commentator on the main station, arrived at the Ping An High Health Center, he put forward the pain point of "difficult to see a doctor". He bluntly said that he is usually busy with "rolling" work, and in the face of the health problems of himself and his family, he is more than willing to do it.

And in Ping An, these can also be solved with a single insurance policy. According to Chen Zheng, Director of the Sales Management Department of Ping An Life, the "insurance + health" service system created by Ping An can meet the needs of one-stop people, whether it is daily health management, disease prevention, periodic comprehensive physical examination, disease screening, or online consultation, offline medical treatment and rehabilitation management after illness.

One insurance policy to get it all? Follow "Xiaosa", ten questions about a safe and simple life

Chen Zheng also summarized the "12-character formula" of Ping An Health Management: two one, two refinement, two management, and two specializations. Among them, "two ones" refers to a doctor friend who accompanies him for a lifetime, "two fines" include equipment and project skills, "two tubes" are chronic disease management and health management, and "two specialists" represent special accompaniment and critical illness projects.


Ping An Health Service, How to Make Life Simpler?

As a pioneer in life insurance reform, Ping An has been deeply engaged in the health and medical industry for many years, and because of this, in addition to the characteristics of "integrated finance", "medical health" is also its unique label, through continuous improvement of the national layout, Ping An has built a professional "online + offline", "in-hospital + out-of-hospital", "online-to-store-to-home" medical and health service capabilities, innovated and developed personalized and diversified products and services that meet the needs of users, and provided customers with "health, medical care, and elderly care" One-stop solution for the whole life cycle.

According to Chen Zheng, in 2021, Ping An launched the RUN service brand, which has served a total of 18.59 million customers in 2022. In 2023, the service will be upgraded to build a five-level rights and interests system of "basic health medical services, domestic medical services for critical illnesses, global medical services for critical illnesses, private customization of health care, and family sharing of health care" through the three major service scenarios of health, medical treatment, and chronic diseases, and through hierarchical management of services, providing customers with one-stop medical and health services that save worry, time, and money, and bring full life cycle protection.

One insurance policy to get it all? Follow "Xiaosa", ten questions about a safe and simple life


What can wealth planning and insurance do?

As Sa Beining's wealth recommendation officer who visited Ping An, Shi Weiyu, deputy general manager in charge of the product and operation center of Ping An Life, uncovered the mystery.

In Shi Weiyu's view, insurance products in the traditional sense are mainly responsible for the functions of economic compensation and long-term asset allocation, but with the gradual diversification of customer needs, the scope of insurance is also expanding.

One insurance policy to get it all? Follow "Xiaosa", ten questions about a safe and simple life

Ping An internally calls it the "Three Warps and Four Latitudes" product system, which is based on "high-end health care, home care and health management" as the meridian, and the four major life insurance product series of "Yuxiang, Shengshi, Zhiying and Ruyi" as the weft to match the needs of different life stages.

Sun Hanjie, Chief Actuary of Ping An Life, with the original intention of "making wealth management simpler and the future more certain", introduced in detail the classification and applicable groups of wealth insurance products, and gave reasonable and clear allocation suggestions based on the current market trends.

In his view, as an individual customer, there are many choices when doing family asset allocation, and you need to consider it comprehensively in combination with your own risk appetite and allocation period.

Sun Hanjie said that wealth products are mainly divided into three categories: traditional, dividend-paying and universal according to different risk appetites.

The biggest feature of the traditional product is that its interests are completely certain, which is more suitable for more conservative customers; the biggest feature of the dividend-paying product is that it has certain interests, and can also enjoy the surplus of the company's dividend insurance, which can realize the planning effect of attacking and retreating; Finally, the universal product is the account operation, and the value-added of the account is very transparent and flexible, but the uncertainty is relatively higher than that of the dividend-paying product.

One insurance policy to get it all? Follow "Xiaosa", ten questions about a safe and simple life


There are many complex products, how to choose insurance products?

From birth to education, to marriage and child-rearing, to supporting parents and providing for themselves, people play different roles, bear different responsibilities and face different risks at each stage. Therefore, the meaning and value of insurance are different at different stages of life.

Shi Weiyu said that life actually needs 7 insurance policies, including accident, medical treatment, critical illness, value protection, children's education, pension, and wealth inheritance, to meet the needs of different stages of life. An insurance policy is not just a contract, but a legacy of love and responsibility.

One insurance policy to get it all? Follow "Xiaosa", ten questions about a safe and simple life

In terms of allocation, Sun Hanjie suggested that if you take into account the needs of long-term reserve funds of more than 5-10 years such as children's education and pension planning, and focus on the safety and stability of funds, you can consider allocating some wealth insurance products.

For protection insurance products, Sun Hanjie directly gave the "golden rule" that does not affect the daily life of the family and has sufficient protection: the premium accounts for 10%-15% of the family's annual income, and the insured amount exceeds 5-10 times the family's annual income.


With the "great man of the country" in mind, how can finance serve the people?

3 hours, 4 plates, a series of worry-free, time-saving, and money-saving service experiences, made Sa Beining crazy to plant grass, bluntly said "very novel", "particularly shocking", "It's hard not to be impressed".

One insurance policy to get it all? Follow "Xiaosa", ten questions about a safe and simple life

Yang Zheng, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Ping An Life, said that every Ping An person strictly implements the four-sentence work guidelines, that is, complex things are done simply, simple things are done repeatedly, repeated things are done standardly, and standard things are insisted on. Always uphold the spirit of craftsmanship, insist on leaving the complexity to yourself, and show the simplicity to customers, so that customers can have guaranteed health, dignity for the elderly, and confidence in life.

In Yang Zheng's view, the launch of each of Ping An's services is to help customers have a better financial life experience, which is also the proper meaning of Ping An to move towards high-quality development in the new era and practice finance for the people.

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