Which university in China has a good artificial intelligence major?

author:Teacher Huang of Sixue Education


In the wave of rapid development of artificial intelligence education in China, many colleges and universities have deployed and actively participated in this cutting-edge technology field. And in this ascendant pattern, there is a name that has always occupied the high-end discourse - Tsinghua University. Along with many other excellent universities, Tsinghua University has taken the lead in the cultivation of Chinese artificial intelligence disciplines with its profound disciplinary background, strong research strength and far-sighted educational layout.

Which university in China has a good artificial intelligence major?

The history of the Department of Artificial Intelligence at Tsinghua University can be traced back to 1979. At that time, academician Zhang Bo went abroad to study and returned to China, and opened one of the earliest courses of "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence" in the Department of Electronic Engineering, thus laying a solid foundation for the rise of the artificial intelligence discipline of Tsinghua University. Then, in the late 1980s, with the establishment of the State Key Laboratory of Intelligent Technology and Systems (Institute of Anthroposophical Intelligence), Tsinghua officially established the important position of artificial intelligence discipline.

At the end of the 90s, with the continuous holding of the "Agent" competition, Tsinghua University's artificial intelligence research results have been vividly displayed and widely disseminated. These competitions are not only a platform for students in the discipline to practice, but also gradually evolved into the collective memory of a generation of computer science students, and triggered more people's enthusiasm for the field of artificial intelligence.

Which university in China has a good artificial intelligence major?

In the new century, Tsinghua University has been far from stopping at the refinement and development of artificial intelligence. According to the data released by CSRanking, Tsinghua University's computer science department has climbed to ninth in the global comprehensive ranking, and the field of artificial intelligence ranks second in the world, which demonstrates the research level and scientific research strength of Tsinghua University in the field of AI.

A crucial step occurred on June 28, 2018, when the establishment of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Tsinghua University not only reflects Tsinghua University's determination to build a world-class university, but also marks another solid step towards becoming a high-end research institution with global influence.

Which university in China has a good artificial intelligence major?

The layout of artificial intelligence at Tsinghua University is not only limited to the establishment of research institutes, but also reflected in interdisciplinary integration and innovation. The Research Center for Intelligent Unmanned Systems in the Department of Automation, the Intelligent Connected Vehicle and Interdisciplinary Research Center in the Department of Automotive, and the Big Data Research Center in the School of Software are not isolated individuals, but organic systems that cooperate and promote each other. This strategy not only complements research and teaching, but also provides the conditions and environment for innovation teams such as the Future Lab and the Brain and Intelligence Lab to continuously explore the unknown and climb the peak of science.

The establishment of the Artificial Intelligence Academy is another expansion of Tsinghua's artificial intelligence education territory. Turing Award winner Academician Yao Chi-zhi is the chief professor, demonstrating Tsinghua's high standards and strict requirements for AI talent training. Zhiban not only carries the exploration concept of interdisciplinary application, but also provides a starting point and platform for undergraduates to reach the peak of scientific research.

Which university in China has a good artificial intelligence major?

In addition, the Tsinghua University Artificial Intelligence and Education Exhibition, which is an additional minor major in artificial intelligence innovation and entrepreneurship and an international conference on artificial intelligence and education, is a demonstration of the practical results and future direction of Tsinghua University's artificial intelligence education.

When it comes to choosing which university is better for Chinese artificial intelligence majors, Tsinghua University is undoubtedly a role model, demonstrating its indisputable leading position as a pioneer in domestic and international AI research and education. From this global perspective, Tsinghua University's artificial intelligence discipline is a legend of excellence and leadership yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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