150,000 orders were robbed! A loss of 8 million yuan, another Taobao merchant was shut down

150,000 orders were robbed! A loss of 8 million yuan, another Taobao merchant was shut down

150,000 orders were robbed! A loss of 8 million yuan, another Taobao merchant was shut down

On Double 11 this year, because of the wrong coupon setting, Taobao mother and baby store Minitutu was "bought by consumers for 0 yuan", and more than 150,000 orders were grabbed in a short period of time, with a loss of up to 8 million yuan.

The person in charge of the store said that none of these orders have been shipped, and all the products in the store have been removed from the shelves, and the store is ready to be closed, and a large number of consumers have complained to the customer service of Taobao's official platform, as well as the consumer hotline 12315. At present, the store's deposit on the platform has been deducted, and the store owner "hopes that consumers can take the initiative to refund".

On the question of whether a large number of orders generated by price errors should be fulfilled normally, the views of industry insiders and consumers are polarized:

One faction believes that the merchant should fulfill the purchase order after the order has been placed, and the refusal to deliver the goods will attract a large number of complaints and damage to the brand reputation;

The other group believes that this is an obviously unreasonable order, and that small merchants cannot afford such a large loss, and consumers should actively cooperate with the refund.

The compensation for non-delivery is 750,000 yuan, and the loss of delivery is 8 million yuan

On November 11, Taobao Minitutu flagship store posted an announcement on the homepage: "Because of the wrong setting of the coupon for the Double 11 event, the original value of more than 50 yuan of products became 0 yuan, and more than 150,000 orders were robbed in an instant, with a loss of more than 8 million yuan." The store could not afford such a loss, so it had to close the store and implore the user who placed the order to initiate a refund. ”

Some users have expressed understanding to the store owner and have already requested a refund, but there are still a large number of orders to be shipped.

"If the merchant does not deliver the goods, a single will only compensate 5 yuan (the platform compensates consumers with no threshold red envelopes), 150,000 orders are equivalent to a loss of 750,000 yuan; Industry insiders analyzed.

However, some merchants said that because of the problem of "0 yuan orders are not delivered", the store has accumulated a lot of complaints and bad reviews, including complaints within the platform and 12315 complaints, "even if 750,000 yuan is compensated, it will be difficult for the store to operate in the future, and it can only be closed as stated in the announcement."

150,000 orders were robbed! A loss of 8 million yuan, another Taobao merchant was shut down

Paidai found that the operator of this store is Guangzhou Chunbei Maternal and Child Products Co., Ltd., which was established in November 2015, and its business scope includes wholesale and retail of baby products, wholesale of daily utensils and daily groceries.

At present, all the products of the store have been removed from the shelves, and the number of fans in the store is 1400, and the scores of 4.8 in the description match, service attitude and logistics service are all higher, which is higher than the average of its peers.

Recently, "Minitutu flagship store coupon setting error loss of 8 million yuan" on Baidu, Weibo and other platforms into the list of related hot topics, about the announcement of "imploring the user to refund the order" appeal, also caused a huge controversy on social media, public opinion is polarized.

Some industry insiders expressed support for user refunds, on the grounds that "others have obviously set up a mistake and apologize to you, so you (consumers) should not be entangled, and you have to be forgiving and forgiving".

Some people also gave an explanation from the legal level, saying: "(0 yuan order) is a obviously unequal sales contract, and the court will not support it." If it is true that the price is set incorrectly, and it is clear that it is set incorrectly, the court will also favor the store. If the buyer keeps holding on to it, the seller has to deliver the goods, but the buyer is unjust enrichment. ”

However, there are also some people who oppose this behavior of the store and question that it is a marketing show. Their point of view is, "Use low prices to attract customers, and then don't ship them and ask for a refund." It's not that you unilaterally say that the settings are wrong, that's it. ”

"Is it possible that the merchant is engaged in gimmick blog traffic, after all, traffic is king in this era, and it loses some margin to add more exposure to its products. Some consumers said, "If the purchase is expensive, will the customer come and ask for a refund?"

What are the emergency solutions for frequent operational errors?

Accidents like the Minitutu flagship store happen from time to time in the e-commerce industry. Like what:

In October 2021, the discount of the Yuanqi Forest Taobao store was set incorrectly, and the original price of 79 yuan for 3 boxes of sparkling water was only 10.55 yuan, and the loss caused by the accident exceeded 40 million yuan

In December 2022, two cartons of Deya milk with an original price of 119 yuan can be purchased for only 35 yuan, attracting a large number of consumers to rush to buy orders at ultra-low prices.

On September 17, 2023, due to an employee error in the official live broadcast room of Zhongshun Jierou, the original price of 56.9 yuan 1 box of paper towels was mistakenly set to 10 yuan 6 boxes, which caused a large number of users to buy, and the final number of orders exceeded 40,000 orders, with a loss of more than 10 million yuan.

On November 8, 2023, China Southern Airlines sold a lot of tickets of 10-30 yuan due to abnormal system problems...

For orders with price errors, the above-mentioned companies have given three different ways to deal with them: one is to refuse to deliver the goods and ask the users who have placed the order to refund, the other is to ask for a refund and give a compromise compensation plan to the users who have placed the order, and the other is to insist on shipping the goods according to the order and bear all the losses by themselves.

The solution taken by Deya Milk is the first. At that time, Deya Milk Store responded that due to the wrong setting of store operation discounts, a large number of ultra-low-price orders were generated, far exceeding the actual inventory of the store, and the resulting losses were beyond the store's ability to bear. Subsequently, the merchant refused to deliver the goods on the grounds that the discount was set incorrectly and could not be delivered, causing a large number of consumer complaints.

The advantage of this solution is to minimize the loss of the store, but there is a large risk pressure of public opinion and a large number of consumer complaints, which is not conducive to continuing to develop business in the future.

150,000 orders were robbed! A loss of 8 million yuan, another Taobao merchant was shut down

Yuanqi Forest's solution is the second one, begging for a refund and giving a compromise compensation plan to users who have placed orders. Yuanqi Forest officially announced that it will send a box of white peach sparkling water to each of the 140,500 users who placed an order (the order was purchased with 3 boxes of sparkling water), and communicated with users who could not complete the transaction order until the problem was solved.

Something similar happened at the Shiotsu store flagship store. During the 618 period in 2020, due to the operation of the Yanjin Shop flagship store, customers used large coupons to take pictures of related products, which caused great losses to the store, and the final result was that 30% of the actual amount paid for the order was paid after the refund, and a 12-month 10 yuan store-wide threshold coupon was given.

The advantage of this solution is that it balances the interests of the store and the interests of the customers who have placed the order to a certain extent, and has a certain emotional comfort effect on the customers who have placed the order, and the disadvantage is that compared with not shipping, the compromise compensation plan also needs to sacrifice profits.

150,000 orders were robbed! A loss of 8 million yuan, another Taobao merchant was shut down

The solution adopted by Zhongshun Jierou and China Southern Airlines is the third. After the accident, Zhongshun Jierou issued a statement on Weibo: "The company held an emergency meeting, and we agreed that although the company suffered huge losses, integrity and users are the foundation of Jierou. Therefore, we promise to all users who have taken a picture of this product link: all orders will be shipped normally. ”

China Southern Airlines officially announced that all tickets sold by China Southern Airlines (successfully paid and issued) are valid during the system abnormality, and passengers can use them normally, and the company will launch more preferential activities during the Double 11 period and invite them to participate.

"Insist on shipping according to the order and bear all the losses by yourself", the advantage of this solution is to establish a good brand image, and establish a corporate image of integrity and responsibility in the minds of consumers, and the disadvantage is that the loss is larger, which is suitable for businesses and enterprises with strong financial strength.

How should merchants avoid price setting errors in advance?

Setting the price of goods on the e-commerce platform is a very important link, which is related to the final profit and long-term operation of the store, but there are also many subjective or objective reasons that may lead to price errors, such as human negligence, system failure, marketing activities, malicious behavior, etc.

Sometimes, when setting the price of a product, the merchant may enter the wrong price or ignore some hidden coupons due to negligence or operational error, sometimes the system of the e-commerce platform may malfunction, resulting in the wrong price display, and sometimes the merchant may also deliberately set a low price to attract users to click and then take the opportunity to sell other products.

So, how should businesses avoid such losses and deal with these unexpected situations in their daily work?

First, each internal position should perform its own duties, and carefully check the setting of commodity coupons before the promotion event to avoid accidents. A merchant explained, "As a store manager who has opened a Tmall store for 6 years, our Double 11 activities have been quoted in advance, and all operations need to be listed in Excel tables to indicate the front desk price, arrival price, coupon price and unit price, and the inventory will be locked a few days before the event, and there is a lot of time to do store goods (price) review." ”

Second, after encountering the problem of price errors, actively communicate and negotiate with consumers to reduce the loss and reputation loss of Linrun. According to their actual situation, the above three solutions (no delivery, compromise delivery, and insistence delivery) can be adopted.

Third, where necessary, take legal means to safeguard the rights and interests that should be taken to recover losses. There are court precedents that the court upholds the rescission of the purchase contract between the buyer and the seller in the case of an error in the price.

For details, please refer to the case of Chow Tai Fook. According to the judgment documents, at around 10 a.m. on January 16, 2021, the staff of Chow Tai Fook's official flagship store entered the wrong price in the system due to mistakes, resulting in the price of several products being much lower than the daily price, such as a certain gold jewelry with an original price of 50,000 yuan, which can be bought for only 7,000 yuan. After placing an order, some users asked Chow Tai Fook to deliver the goods and refused to refund them.

In the end, the court ruled that Chow Tai Fook's act of marking the price of the gold jewelry involved in the case as far lower than the purchase and actual sales price was obviously inconsistent with the normal sales behavior of the merchant, and the user who placed the order failed to provide corresponding evidence to prove that the plaintiff had engaged in low-price promotion, so the court ruled to revoke the online shopping contract entered into by the two parties.

In addition, as an e-commerce platform that serves both merchants and consumers, it should also use system tools to help merchants identify such errors and reduce the occurrence of this situation. When mistakes occur, the platform should also have a set of emergency management systems to balance the interests of consumers and merchants, so that the online shopping environment becomes healthy and harmonious.

This time, the incident of the Minitutu flagship store has raised concerns about e-commerce promotions. The error in setting coupons has allowed consumers to enjoy unexpected benefits, but it has also sounded the alarm for the e-commerce industry, reminding merchants to set up coupons carefully in promotional activities to avoid irreparable losses due to small mistakes in operation.

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