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At 12 a.m. on Nov. 5, a distress call sparked the heart of the police officer. On the other end of the phone, a girl said in a low voice: "Sister, I'm in a bad mood, I want to jump into the river..." The girl claimed to be standing on the bridge now, and while comforting the girl, the police officer quickly notified the police to go to help.

After the Baisi Police Station received the police, the police on duty immediately launched a search and rescue. The low visibility of the riverside in the middle of the night made the search very difficult. After an arduous search, the girl was finally found on the old bridge of the White Temple. She sat on the edge of the bridge, her legs were hanging in the air, and below was the turbulent river, the situation was very critical, in order to avoid the girl from making radical moves, the police calmed her emotions to attract the girl's attention, and the police on the other side slowly approached in the blind spot of the girl's vision. Seeing the opportunity, the people's auxiliary police rushed up together and grabbed the girl tightly, pulling the girl who was still struggling into the guardrail of the bridge deck.

After the patient persuasion of the police, the girl gave up the idea of suicide and said that she would live a good life, and then the police drove the girl home. On November 13, the rescued girl came to the police station with three special pennants to express her gratitude, and the police said: It is the first time to receive such a warm and "showy" pennant!

Yuzhu Ping'an丨666!

The truck caught fire, and the patrol police tried their best to save it

Recently, the members of the patrol special police brigade of the Qi County Public Security Bureau were conducting daily training in the compound, and suddenly found black smoke billowing outside the courtyard. The team members immediately went out to check and found that a big red truck was on fire at the entrance of the team, and the team members ran back to the team to take out the fire extinguisher while dialing 119.

The fire of the truck that caught fire is getting bigger, the situation at the scene is very critical, and the goods on the truck are flammable materials, and the fire is above the high-voltage line, if the fire is not controlled in time, the consequences are unimaginable. SWAT team members closed the driveway and used fire extinguishers to control the fire and prevent it from spreading to the fuel tank. When the fire engine arrived, the patrol SWAT team and the firefighters worked together to put out the fire. After more than ten minutes of strong fighting, the fire was finally extinguished.

Yuzhu Ping'an丨666!

Small things warm the hearts of the people, and the special police quickly retrieved the lost mobile phones of the masses

On the afternoon of November 8, the SWAT team members who were on duty in Longfengyuan Times Square in Qi County received a request for help from Ms. Huang. Ms. Huang anxiously said that her mobile phone was lost, and there were confidential documents in the mobile phone and a simple password, so there was a risk of leakage.

After learning the general information, Li Chong, a member of the patrol special police team, immediately used his mobile phone to help Ms. Huang turn on the lost mode of the Huawei mobile phone to block the mobile phone data and prevent information leakage in the lost mobile phone.

Then the location information was used to track the traces of the mobile phone, and through the location information displayed by the mobile phone positioning, the team members repeatedly searched for it in the supermarket. After an hour of patient and meticulous searching, the police found Ms. Huang's mobile phone on an electric car. Ms Wong was grateful to the SWAT team members for helping to retrieve the mobile phone and delivered a pennant the next morning.

Yuzhu Ping'an丨666!

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