This time, Cao Yunjin, who was taken off, taught Guo Degang a good lesson

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In recent years, there have been constant turmoil in the entertainment industry, not only limited to film and television stars, but even representative groups in the cross talk industry, such as Deyun Club, have frequently appeared on the hot search list. Deyun Club is not only controversial because of the various outrageous behaviors of its apprentices, but even Guo Degang and other veteran-level cross talk actors often cause controversy. Some time ago, Deyun Club attracted widespread attention due to the issue of charging for drinks in the small theater, but as time went by, the public's attention gradually shifted.

There is a Cao Yunjin who used to be an apprentice in Deyun Club, and the word "de" was removed because of the contradiction with Guo Degang, which caused widespread discussion among the public. Cao Yunjin's reputation has been bad since he fell out with Guo Degang, and his fans and netizens have accused him of being ungrateful. After leaving Deyun Club, Cao Yunjin's career development has not been smooth, and he can only increase his popularity by appearing on entertainment platforms.

This time, Cao Yunjin, who was taken off, taught Guo Degang a good lesson

Recently, however, Cao Yunjin seems to have found a new way to develop, through live streaming of cross talk, a new form that is not only able to transcend geographical restrictions, but is also free. Since the start of the live broadcast, Cao Yunjin has attracted a large number of viewers and has also been appreciated by the public. He shares his live broadcast results on social platforms every day, attracting more and more people.

Cao Yunjin even set up his own cross talk class, Tingyunxuan, and planned to put all the actors on the live broadcast platform and continue to bring free performances to the audience. This innovation in the form of live cross talk has been supported by many audiences, and at the same time, Cao Yunjin also mentioned the problem of high cross talk fares, hinting at Deyun Club. His live broadcast results have attracted widespread attention, which has made Deyun Club also begin to feel pressure.

This time, Cao Yunjin, who was taken off, taught Guo Degang a good lesson

Cao's livestream drew a large audience, with the highest number of viewers in the first few days starting at 10 million and gradually rising to 12 million. After several days of live broadcasts, his highest number of likes exceeded 100 million. This time, through the live broadcast of cross talk, Cao Yunjin's performance can be said to have stolen the limelight and attracted the support of many cross talk lovers. Not only did he win many fans, but he also received a lot of tips.

Although he claims to provide free cross talk performances, he actually does not turn off the tipping function, which is completely voluntary for the audience. This method allows more people to freely choose whether to spend money to watch, which is in line with the spirit of freedom of cross talk. However, the former master Guo Degang's attitude towards live cross talk is quite unoptimistic. He believes that if the live broadcast cross talk does not perform well, the platform can be notified to restrict traffic or even ban the account, and vice versa, it can promote streaming.

This time, Cao Yunjin, who was taken off, taught Guo Degang a good lesson

Although Guo Degang's rhetoric has a certain joke component, it also exudes a domineering atmosphere. He may think that cross talk, as a traditional opera, should maintain a noble image, and live broadcast cross talk may lower the threshold of this industry, which is not conducive to the inheritance of traditional cross talk.

However, the reason why Cao Yunjin was able to gain so much recognition was not only because of the right timing, but also because of his own strength. Judging from the live broadcast results he posted, more and more people are willing to listen to his live cross talk, which shows that he has the true skills of cross talk. In order to continuously attract the attention of a large number of audiences, it is necessary to have strength and talent, which is why Cao Yunjin can stand out in this industry.

This time, Cao Yunjin, who was taken off, taught Guo Degang a good lesson

Cao Yunjin's live broadcast cross talk has caused a sensation in the cross talk world, and people are full of curiosity about his future development and relationship with his teacher Guo Degang. However, judging from Cao Yunjin's statement, he seems to be ready to show his strength in the field of live broadcasting, defying adversity and moving forward firmly.

Cao Yunjin's behavior has sparked discussion and concern among many people. His success shows that by innovating and adapting to new media forms, it is possible to inject new vitality into traditional opera and attract more young audiences, which is a new possibility for the inheritance of the traditional art of cross talk. Both Cao Yunjin and Guo Degang are looking for ways to adapt to the changes of the times in their respective fields, which also reflects the diversity and inclusiveness of art. As for Cao Yunjin's behavior of engaging in live cross talk, everyone has a different opinion, and this is the charm of the Internet era.

This time, Cao Yunjin, who was taken off, taught Guo Degang a good lesson


In recent years, various turmoil has continued to emerge in the entertainment industry, and even the traditional cross talk industry has not been spared. Not only are there often various problems within Deyun Club, but even Cao Yunjin, the former apprentice of Deyun Club, has frequently become the focus of conversation. After the breakdown of Cao Yunjin and Guo's mentor-apprentice relationship, his reputation was once questioned, with many accusing him of being ungrateful and even acting immorally. Recently, however, Cao Yunjin has re-entered the cross talk world in a new way, performing cross talk through live broadcasts, and insisting on being free, attracting a large number of viewers and fans. This new form of performance has been supported by many people, and has even raised some questions about the traditional cross talk ticket price. Cao Yunjin's live broadcast performance has been widely recognized, and the audience has said that Cao Yunjin has found his own way, which has brought new vitality to the cross talk industry.


Cao Yunjin's live cross talk has sparked widespread discussion and repercussions, which shows the audience's desire for change in the traditional way of cross talk performance. His success is not only due to the choice of timing, but also to the strength and talent he has. His live broadcast results show that more and more people like his performance, which proves his strength in the field of cross talk. Cao Yunjin also triggered thinking about the traditional cross talk ticket price through free live broadcast cross talk. This is a positive signal for the entire cross talk industry, allowing more audiences to contact and love cross talk, and at the same time injecting new elements into the inheritance of cross talk tradition. However, Cao Yunjin's behavior has also been questioned by Guo Degang and other older generation of cross talk actors, who believe that live cross talk may not be suitable for traditional cross talk performances, and they are also worried that this will lower the threshold of cross talk. This reflects a conservative attitude towards the new form within the cross talk community, and this debate will continue.


Cao Yunjin's live crosstalk performance has sparked heated discussions in the crosstalk world, and his success proves that traditional art forms can be combined with modern technology to attract more young audiences. At the same time, his free live broadcast also sparked a discussion about the ticket price of cross talk, allowing more people to start thinking about how to make cross talk more popular. Although there are some skeptical and conservative voices, Cao Yunjin's efforts have brought new hope for the inheritance of the cross talk tradition. In the future, it remains to be seen how he will develop, and the attitude of traditional cross talk actors such as Guo Degang will also play an important role in this process. The cross talk industry is expected to usher in new development opportunities at the intersection of tradition and modernity.

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