Solve the mystery of the low wind resistance of the Star Era ES

author:Yantai Xingchi Xingtu 4S store

Wind resistance is the biggest enemy of electric vehicles.

High wind resistance leads to high power consumption, resulting in electric vehicles that either have a short range or are costly. Therefore, a large-scale "low-wind resistance war" has been widely set off between electric vehicle companies, and whoever can win this war will have a basis to win consumers.

So, what are the current results of this war?

The wind resistance coefficient of Xingtu's new model, the Star Era ES, is only 0.205Cd, ranking among the top three in the world among models with more than 200,000 yuan. In its B-class car, it ranks first,

In this "low wind resistance battle" in which global car companies participate, what are the ways to reduce wind resistance? Let's take Star Era ES as an example to disassemble it in detail, and at the same time discuss what other killer features Star Era ES has.

Solve the mystery of the low wind resistance of the Star Era ES

Air is everywhere, so as soon as we move, we face air resistance, which is wind resistance. Moreover, the wind resistance is directly proportional to the square of the speed, and the faster the car drives, the wind resistance increases exponentially. When a car travels at 80 km/h, 60% of the energy consumed is used to overcome wind resistance.

Solve the mystery of the low wind resistance of the Star Era ES

Therefore, soon after the invention of the automobile, car designers began to do everything possible to reduce wind resistance. In the era of electric vehicles, designers are more eager for low wind resistance due to the need to improve range and reduce energy consumption more than fuel vehicles.

Solve the mystery of the low wind resistance of the Star Era ES

As a global pioneer of electric vehicles, Tsra has made great contributions to the history of human resistance to low wind resistance, and has also become the object of latecomers to catch up and surpass.

Solve the mystery of the low wind resistance of the Star Era ES

After the new Dyel S achieved an ultra-low drag of 0.208Cd, Tsra announced that it was the world's lowest drag car in production. However, this has raised a lot of questions. In any case, this is a really good number. However, T Sla may not have expected that soon, its so-called "all-qiu low" will be broken, even if it is a model of the same level, Xingtu Star Era ES is better than it.

When developing the ES model, Xingtu engineers aimed to create ultra-low wind resistance, and for this purpose, they optimized the wind resistance through two stages: simulation and clay modeling.

In the simulation stage, engineers use CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulation technology to virtualize a car through data modeling, and then use computer technology to simulate the actual fluid flow situation to calculate its drag coefficient.

Solve the mystery of the low wind resistance of the Star Era ES

After 2,065 CFD simulations and 619,000 core-hours of high-performance computing, Xingtu Automobile's engineers went through a total of 300 wind tunnel verifications before finally creating the 0.205Cd ultra-low drag coefficient of the Star Era ES.

According to the statistics of the engineers, they have made dozens of all-round improvements to the shape and configuration of the whole car.

Vehicle styling has the greatest impact on wind resistance. On the one hand, it is necessary to minimize the windward area; On the other hand, it is necessary to make a shape with less wind resistance.

The Star Era ES has created a sculpted streamlined shape, with a low front end, a low arc of the front cover, a front windshield that slopes as backward as possible, and hidden door handles... Keep the windward side of the entire body as small as possible.

Then, the Star Era ES optimized the details of the form factor as much as possible. The shape of the object also has a great impact on wind resistance, which ordinary people may not notice.

Take golf balls as an example, if it is a ball with a smooth surface, the golfer can only fly out a few dozen meters if he hits it hard, but by creating small grooves on its surface, it can be hit more than 200 meters away.

Therefore, the "devil" of low wind resistance is often hidden in the details.

Solve the mystery of the low wind resistance of the Star Era ES

Let's take a look at the Star Era ES, the engineer deducts the body everywhere, with a granularity of 0.00, and the water droplets become rivers.

Solve the mystery of the low wind resistance of the Star Era ES

For example, in the case of the grille, the vehicle needs it to provide air intake for cooling, but it also creates vortices in the interior of the car, increasing air resistance. The intelligent grille can flexibly control the opening and closing degree of the grille according to the cooling needs of the vehicle, and improve the drag coefficient, and the effect can reach 0.02Cd.

For another example, the ducktail shape and rear diffuser of the Star Era can also reduce the drag coefficient of 0.01Cd. For the vehicle, when driving fast, the vacuum area formed at the rear of the vehicle causes an effect similar to pulling backwards to the vehicle, so guidance is required. These two accessories can make the rear of the vehicle not so fast to form a vortex and avoid the drag effect of the vacuum area. The diffuser also directs air upwards, thinning the air at the rear of the chassis, creating a negative pressure zone and providing downforce. Make the body more stable.

Solve the mystery of the low wind resistance of the Star Era ES

The ducktail shape of Star Era reduces wind resistance by 0.08Cd

In terms of appearance, the Star Era ES has been optimized to reduce wind resistance by about 23%.

In recent years, it has been found that the drag coefficient of electric vehicles can be lower, in addition to the necessity, but also related to the chassis structure of electric vehicles.

Traditional fuel vehicles have complex chassis, including fuel tanks, exhaust pipes, drive shafts, etc., which are prone to air turbulence. But electric cars are different.

Taking the Epoch ES as an example, the model is based on the Chery E0X global ultra-comfortable electric platform, and the entire chassis is more graded and smooth, reducing wind resistance by about 13% cumulatively. For the suspension, front and rear wheels, and front and rear motors that are available on both the electric vehicle and the fuel side (the oil car is the engine), the Star Era ES adopts a full guard plate covering scheme, so that the airflow at the bottom of the vehicle can flow smoothly and smoothly through the lower body to reduce the wind resistance at the bottom.

Solve the mystery of the low wind resistance of the Star Era ES

After making "meticulous" deductions on the shape and chassis, the Star Era ES has achieved an ultra-low wind resistance of 0.205Cd, surpassing T Sla and other predecessors, reflecting the technical strength of the Star Era.

What low wind resistance brings

In the low-drag competition of car companies, it is becoming more and more difficult to improve after entering the range close to 0.2Cd. Is it cost-effective for engineers to "stumble" on low wind resistance?

The answer is yes.

This starts with why Epoch wants to serve users and what value they create.

The Star Era is a subdivision of Xingtu Automobile for the high-end new energy vehicle market. Positioned in the 200,000-500,000 yuan energy market, covering B to C class, sedans, SUVs, MPVs and other models, hoping to create intelligent travel tools for middle-class families. Specifically, the Epoch ES is positioned as an ultra-comfortable medium and large electric sedan.

In this case, in terms of the core battery life and energy consumption, the Star Era ES must have the parameters that can be handled. At present, Xingtu Automobile officially revealed that the Star Era ES will have an ultra-long range of 720km, and there is also a suitable level of "low energy consumption" - 100km power consumption is only 11.7kWh, which is close to the power consumption of many A0 and A00 models, and there are almost no rivals in the medium and large sedan category in which it is located.

At such a level of battery life and power consumption, the Epoch ES can also achieve a fast energy replenishment experience of 150km on 5 minutes and 30%-80% of the energy replenishment in 15 minutes.

For middle-class families, family travel is the norm, including long-distance travel during holidays. At present, private charging piles cannot be done one person and one pile, and public charging piles are lined up in long queues on holidays, with a long battery life of 720km, which can easily meet the daily travel needs of a week. In long-distance travel, travel in nearby cities and even provinces can be reached with one charge; For long-distance self-driving trips of more than 1,000 kilometers, the number of energy replenishments required is also very small, ensuring the overall travel experience of family members.

Low power consumption is low cost of use, if calculated according to the household electricity kilowatt-hour 5 wool line, the electricity cost of 100 kilometers is only 6 yuan, which is one-tenth of the fuel cost of the same level of fuel vehicles.

In addition, for such a product, its space and shape must first reach the level it should be. Although the engineers pursued low wind resistance, they did not sacrifice the space and aesthetics they should have.

With a length of about 5 meters, a width of nearly 2 meters, and a wheelbase of about 3 meters, the ES achieves the widest body in its class and the smallest aspect ratio - which is enough to provide a comfortable ride space for family members.

At the same time, the ultra-low body and fastback shape brought by the low wind resistance design make this wide family sedan have the dynamics of a sports coupe.

Although the body is low, the combination of the power battery pack and the chassis makes the sitting position of the members of the car still very comfortable. The Epoch ES also provides an ergonomic chair with a spine support design that provides 270° wrap-around overall support.

The pursuit of low wind resistance can also bring about an improvement in driving comfort and handling.

The liftable electric rear wing of the Epoch ES is a good example. When the speed exceeds 90km/h, the rear wing is in comfort gear, and the airflow is guided to move the negative pressure area back to achieve a drag reduction of 2%; When the vehicle speed exceeds 110 km/h, the rear wing is in sport mode, which counteracts the lift force of the vehicle at high speed and increases stability.

Solve the mystery of the low wind resistance of the Star Era ES

The liftable electric rear wing of the Epoch ES

It can be seen that the pursuit of low wind resistance is not a show off by engineers, but can indeed bring users an improvement in function and experience.

Star Era ES black technology

The ultra-low drag coefficient of 0.205Cd is just a killer feature of Xingtu Automobile's Star Era ES. On behalf of Xingtu Automobile to compete in the high-end new energy vehicle market, the Star Era ES also has many "superpowers".

The first is the large utilization of space. Although the official has not yet revealed the detailed parameters of the Star Era ES, it has been revealed that the "EFF" - the ratio of wheelbase to car length - has reached 70.2%, which is far better than fuel vehicles and is much higher than the 60% "EFF" of ordinary electric vehicles.

Solve the mystery of the low wind resistance of the Star Era ES

The Epoch ES has plenty of interior space

The reason why Epoch ES can achieve such a "room yield" is because of the platform it uses - the E0X platform.

E0X is a global ultra-comfortable and high-performance electric platform built by Chery Group, because it is developed for pure electric + extended range route, the power battery pack is integrated with the chassis, and the front and rear motors are arranged on the front and rear axles, which can form the layout characteristics of short front overhang, short rear overhang and large wheelbase.

Secondly, the Epoch ES has created an "ultra-comfortable" driving experience. The model is originally equipped with the front double wishbone + rear five-link used in high-end models, and the whole system is also equipped with air suspension + CDC as standard, which directly catches up with the configuration of the original million-dollar luxury car.

With the blessing of the suspension hardness adjustment and damping adjustment functions of air suspension + CDC, the elderly and children riding in the car will have a much better experience when crossing speed bumps, potholes, and curves with large curvature.

Another benefit of air suspension + CDC is that when the owner is driving alone, he can also enjoy a good handling experience. The performance and configuration of the 11.4m minimum turning diameter, lifting rear wing, and 800V high-voltage platform electric drive system of the Epoch ES can also allow users to experience the unique driving experience of electric vehicles. 800V high voltage platform

As mentioned above, the Star Era will achieve a boundary-level "low energy consumption" - 11.7kWh per 100 kilometers and a range of 720 km at the same time. In addition to the low wind resistance, the 800V high-voltage platform also plays a role, after the voltage is increased, the current can be reduced and the resistance can be reduced for the same power, which will bring higher power conversion efficiency and reduce the cost of cables.

The Star Era will bring the intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit of the "true intelligence" of the appropriate level. Although the details have not yet been disclosed, Xingtu Auto has announced that the Star Era ES will be based on intelligent driving functions such as highway piloting, urban navigation, and memory parking brought by large computing power, strong perception, and data-driven.

In terms of intelligent cockpit, the Star Era ES will use a 2.5K high-definition central control screen, a simple design and a scene-based human-computer interaction interface, and a panoramic sound system with 23 speakers and 1000W peak power.

Solve the mystery of the low wind resistance of the Star Era ES

Epoch ES intelligent cockpit

In terms of intelligent cockpit, it is particularly worth mentioning that the Star Era ES is the first to be equipped with the iFLYTEK Xinghuo cognitive large model on the basis of Chery Group's large model platform "LION AI".

The "LION AI" large model platform will be divided into three stages for cognitive training to release capabilities.

The primary goal is to focus on AI language for intelligent cockpit applications? It has made breakthroughs in natural language processing and emotion recognition, and has brought users a subversive interactive experience with a highly artificial intelligence and empathetic voice interaction system, so as to create a ten-level "AI language". help?".

Secondly, after the voice assistant, the "LION AI" large model platform will also enable the seamless integration of intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit to realize intelligent decision-making at the cockpit end.

Finally, after continuous training and optimization, for enterprise-level applications, through marketing scenario applications, enterprise digital upgrades, edge computers and intelligent analysis, it empowers the development of intelligent and electric vehicles, and provides technical support and development momentum for Xingtu Automobile to seize the commanding heights of the intelligent automobile track.


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