Yu Chengdong's big cake, Li Xiang did not dare to take it

Yu Chengdong's big cake, Li Xiang did not dare to take it

Yu Chengdong's big cake, Li Xiang did not dare to take it

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This is not the amount of limited sales of Huawei mobile phones, nor the price of Huawei's new smart watches, but the cumulative number of new M7s in 18 days after its launch.

On October 1, the new forces of car manufacturing all came up with the delivery report card on time, but the world opened up a different way and released a "Dading poster". Officially, since the official launch of the new M7 model on September 12, the daily average has exceeded 1,500 units, and the total number of Dading in September has reached 30,000 units.

Yu Chengdong's big cake, Li Xiang did not dare to take it

Huawei and Qianjie, originally thought that with the 30,000 fixed number, they could shout the phrase "far ahead". As a result, Ideal Car next door handed Huawei a "note" that read: "Ideal Auto's order volume in September alone has exceeded 40,000." ”

The secret contest between ideals and questions reached its peak in the past September.

On September 25, Yu Chengdong, Executive Director of Huawei, CEO of Device BG, and Chairman of Intelligent Vehicle Solution BU, announced at Huawei's autumn all-scenario new product conference that the Panorama Smart flagship SUV M9 will be released in December this year. At the same time, he also said at the scene that the M9 will be "the best SUV within 10 million".

This is twice as good as the ideal L9, which claims to be "the best SUV within 5 million". In the face of frequent provocations from Huawei and Qianjie, Li Xiang, the founder of Ideal Auto, who has always been outspoken, remained silent on Weibo. The reason why the "King of Weibo" stopped changing is actually that the senior management of Li Auto is holding an annual closed strategy meeting.

One of the most important topics at the conference was undoubtedly sales! Engage in sales! Engage in sales.

Crazy roll intelligent, not as good as promotion price reduction

Different from Tesla's official downgrading and bad industry atmosphere, Qianjie's "increase and price reduction" this time not only reserves orders for itself, but also brings traffic to other new forces in car manufacturing.

According to the list of new automakers in September, except for the ideal car exceeding 36,000 units, most of the new forces are "stuck" at the level of 10,000-15,000 units delivered per month. Like Zerorun, NIO, and Xiaopeng, they are neck and neck with 15,000 units, and the gap between the three is only a few hundred units. Extreme Krypton and Nezha have guarded the "bottom line" of 10,000+.

At the stage of intense competition among new forces, Huawei came with a large amount of traffic.

Yu Chengdong's big cake, Li Xiang did not dare to take it

On September 12, Huawei's facelift M7 in cooperation with Cialis was launched, and a 5-seater version of the model was launched. Among them, some versions of the new M7 have added a lidar and are equipped with the "far ahead" Huawei ADS2.0 system. It is expected that in December this year, the urban intelligent driving pilot assistance (urban NCA) will realize the intelligent driving experience that can be driven nationwide, and the more it is opened, the better it is.

However, what attracts consumers is not all Huawei's autonomous driving, which is "far ahead", but the "cost performance" of the world. While the intelligent driving ability and comfort configuration are improved, the entry threshold of the new M7 is lower, and its guidance price is 24.98-329,800 yuan, which is 40,000 yuan lower than the starting price of the M7 before the facelift.

Yu Chengdong's big cake, Li Xiang did not dare to take it

"The resolute price reduction of the new M7 is only the main reason, the fundamental reason is the social sensation brought by Huawei's mate series, which brings huge customer flow to stores." In the view of Sun Shaojun, the founder of Chefans, the new M7 is not pouring back and forth in the original pool, but the huge social influence of Huawei's mate series, which directly introduces new water into the pool. "After that, these customers flowed from the boundary to different brands, and the result was a significant increase in the number of ideal L7 stores, and as of today, Xpeng G9 orders have also exceeded 10,000."

In September, there were many car companies that chose to "increase allocation and reduce prices" like Qianjie.

On September 19, the Xiaopeng G9, which had been tragically affected by Waterloo, ushered in a facelift. With the determination of "shame before snow", Xpeng Motors cut the starting price of its flagship model G9 from the original 309,900 yuan to 263,900 yuan, a direct drop of 46,000 yuan. The surge in orders directly reflects the price-performance ratio after the facelift, and the 2024 Xpeng G9 exceeded 8,000 units in 72 hours after its launch.

Yu Chengdong's big cake, Li Xiang did not dare to take it

The residual heat of the Xpeng G9 conference has not yet dissipated, and Zero Run continues to heat the "price reduction tide".

On September 20, the C01 range extension version and the C11 super range extended version of Leapmotor were officially launched, with the highest CLTC pure electric cruising range reaching 300 kilometers. Even with the range extender scheme of a large battery, the Zerorun C01 is forced to play the "cost-effective" card. The price range of the C01 extended range version is 14.58 to 169,800 yuan, and the price of the top-equipped model is 39,000 yuan cheaper than the pure electric version; the C11 super extended range version is equipped with a 1.5-liter extended range power model, and the top-equipped price is reduced by 10,000 compared with the previously listed 1.2T extended range model.

As early as August, Lantu FREE, which released a facelift, ate this wave of traffic to a greater extent. The official guidance price of the new Lantu FREE released on August 19 is 266,900 yuan, which is more than 60,000 yuan lower than the old model. At the same time as the design and configuration update, the optional items of Baidu Apollo intelligent navigation assistance system have also been added, making up for the shortcomings of intelligent driving.

In the previous months, Lantu's monthly deliveries hovered around 3,000 vehicles. After the new Lantu FREE was listed, it rose to 4000+ that month, and came to 5000+ the next month.

The so-called "increase and price reduction" is actually BYD's "champion version" routine - through the form of facelifts, to adjust the configuration combination and reduce the threshold of starting price, so as to achieve the effect of improving product competitiveness and promoting sales growth. This not only leaves a trace of decency for the old owner, but also brings a sincere choice to the new owner.

Yu Chengdong's big cake, Li Xiang did not dare to take it

Tesla China redefines "evolution"

In contrast, Tesla's sincerity to Chinese consumers is obviously insufficient. For example, the Tesla Model Y, which underwent a small facelift on October 1, only fine-tuned the ambient lights and interior and shortened the acceleration by one second, but the price remained unchanged at 263,900 yuan.

If you follow BYD's playing style, a "Model Y Champion Edition" is obtained, and the price is slightly reduced by 5,000 to show sincerity.

There is no long vacation in the eyes of adults, only Q4

A new round of price cuts filled the entire third quarter. The reason is simple: the vast majority of new forces fail to meet annual KPIs.

At present, the highest delivery target achievement rate is Li Auto, reaching 80%. Based on the current growth in deliveries, it is ideal to challenge the annual delivery record of 350,000 units. Secondly, the second largest delivery completion is Extreme Krypton, but the current completion of 56% is difficult to catch up in the last quarter.

The vast majority of new players, as of the third quarter, had only achieved about 40% of their delivery targets. At present, the biggest difference is Avita, with an annual delivery target of 100,000 units, but the current completion rate is only about 16%.

Yu Chengdong's big cake, Li Xiang did not dare to take it

The achievement rate of delivery targets often reflects the gap between the pre-judgment of products, brands and markets and the actual execution ability of car companies. Everything is "predetermined, not predetermined, abolished". Some car companies are riding the dust, far exceeding the sales target at the beginning of the year, and the scenery is incomparable; Some car companies are so ambitious, in the end, they do not rise but fall, and they are slapped in the face; Some car companies are down-to-earth, step by step.

Car companies with a target achievement rate of less than 50% can basically give up the illusion of winning the year-end bonus now, plan next year's strategy in advance, honestly prepare for the release of new cars at the end of the year, strive for the price in one step, and don't leave opportunities for the party.

From the current information, the fourth quarter will be the "season" for new cars to go on the market.

Yu Chengdong's big cake, Li Xiang did not dare to take it

For example, Zhiji LS6, Xpeng X9, Avita 12, Extreme Krypton CS1E (internal code) and other models will meet consumers at the end of the year. But the most important show is the fateful confrontation between Huawei and ideals.

At least, Huawei has "two king frieds" in its hands - Qianjie M9 and Zhijie S7.

Ask the M9, it is not difficult to see from the name that it is the "sales crown" ideal L9 of the 400,000-level market. According to the information disclosed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the M9 vehicle is 5230mm long, 1999mm wide, 1800mm high, and the wheelbase reaches 3110mm, positioning a full-size SUV - in size, the M9 and the ideal L9 are even more short-term.

Yu Chengdong's big cake, Li Xiang did not dare to take it

Huawei's latest full-stack technology solution for smart cars will all be featured in the M9. In April this year, Huawei demonstrated this set of solutions, including HUAWEI x HUD AR-HUD, Huawei's smart car light solutions HUAWEI xPixel and HUAWEI xScene light field screen, Huawei's latest HarmonyOS 4 and so on.

It is precisely because of Huawei's "family bucket" blessing that Yu Chengdong has the confidence to say: "The M9 is not only the best SUV within 10 million, but also the most powerful SUV that can be seen on the road." ”

The first sedan of Huawei's smart car business, the Zhijie S7, will be jointly built by Chery and Huawei, positioning itself as a high-energy and large-space smart coupe, and the new car will be officially released in November 2023. Yu Chengdong said at Huawei's autumn all-scenario new product conference that the Zhijie S7 will surpass Tesla Model S in various specifications.

Yu Chengdong's big cake, Li Xiang did not dare to take it

The blockbuster new product of Ideal Car at the end of this year is a "highway high-speed rail" - MEGA.

As the first pure electric "super flagship" of ideal car, MEGA is positioned as a pure electric MPV, its appearance is similar to high-speed rail, and the wind resistance coefficient is likely to reach the record-breaking level of the same class. Equipped with the 5C Kirin battery in cooperation with CATL, it can be charged for 12 minutes and increase the range by 500 kilometers.

Yu Chengdong's big cake, Li Xiang did not dare to take it

Ideal MEGA

According to the plan, the ideal MEGA will be released in December this year and officially start delivery in February 2024, with the goal of winning the "sales crown of passenger cars of more than 500,000 yuan".

As the saying goes, first there is Huawei, then there is day. After Yu Chengdong shouted the slogan of "the strongest within 10 million", the ideal car that was once "the strongest within 5 million" now only dares to silently promise "more than 500,000 sales crown".

Write at the end

From the perspective of the general market, China's new energy vehicle market has been "welded to death".

According to data from the Passenger Association of China, from September 1 to 24, the overall retail sales were 1.256 million units, an increase of 13% year-on-year and 6% over the same period last month. The retail sales of new energy vehicles reached 508,000 units, up 33% year-on-year and 11% year-on-year. The penetration rate of new energy reaches 40.44% - which means that for every 10 cars sold, 4 will be new energy vehicles.

It is foreseeable that once the penetration rate exceeds 50%, the pure fuel vehicle market will quickly turn into the downward range. Next, you may have a hard time buying one, completely without batteries, the so-called pure fuel car.