Tsucai holiday! Have a City Walk with Shumai

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[Source: Tianjin Political Law]

Golden autumn October to celebrate the birthday

Tianjin has become a check-in place for many small partners across the country

Here you can

Visit the century-old historic district and feel the cultural collision

Take a river cruise to enjoy the splendor of both banks

Go to Lao Wei Night Market to taste local specialties

Golden holidays

The guardianship of the Shu maize does not close

Come and follow "Peace Blue"

Take a different kind of City Walk


Tianjin Eye Ferris Wheel Scenic Area

Tsucai holiday! Have a City Walk with Shumai

Stroll along the Haihe River

Feel the romance of Western-style buildings and Ferris wheels

Admire the sparkling silver light on the river

Civilian police carried out security patrols and emergency rescue along the Haihe River

Dissuade people to stay away from dangerous areas

Take good care of the accompanying children


Italian style street

Tsucai holiday! Have a City Walk with Shumai

In a crosstalk teahouse

There was laughter all the time

The shops along the street smell a mixture of coffee and wine, and chocolate

Romantic everywhere

In the face of the surge in passenger traffic during the National Day holiday

The civilian police were in an orderly manner

Hospitality for visitors in need

Ensuring that people seek help


Tiejian Square

Tsucai holiday! Have a City Walk with Shumai

Lights one stall after another

The air is filled with aromas that excite the taste buds

Attract many people to come to consume

Civilian police have intensified security inspections and prevention publicity

Comprehensively improve the "police rate" and "management rate"

Earnestly "keep a good night" for the masses and "stand up well" for safety


Bac Ninh Park

Tsucai holiday! Have a City Walk with Shumai

A flyer

Paired with a genuine smile

It is the best propaganda prop for the civilian police

"Sister, we have to watch out for pension fraud,

Do not be gullible, do not transfer, do not panic when deceived"

The police skillfully popularize anti-fraud knowledge

Enhance the anti-fraud "immunity" for the masses


Zhongshan Road Food Street

Tsucai holiday! Have a City Walk with Shumai

The navy walker walked all over the food street

"Anti-pickpocketing, anti-loss, anti-theft, anti-fraud"

Family after family, over and over again

Behind the tireless heart-warming advice

It is the people's police's deep feelings for the people

Since ancient red and blue out of CP

When the fluttering "Chinese red" meets the sticky "police blue"

The most beautiful "police" color is frozen

Stick to the post of every political and legal iron army

Tribute to the Motherland!

Source: Hebei Branch of Public Security

Editor: Sisi Wang

Reviewed: Han Zhen

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