There was no disappointment of the Chinese men's team

There was no disappointment of the Chinese men's team

In the Hangzhou Asian Games men's 1/4 final last night, the Hong Kong men's team defeated Iran 1-0 to reach the semifinals, creating a miracle. On the other hand, the Chinese men's Asian Games team, which broke the "curse" of a round of swimming, failed to continue the miracle, losing 0-2 to the strong rival South Korea, and the historical mission of the U24 national football team ended. Listen to the report:

Before the match, the outside world assessed the battle as "difficulty escalation". Because, the central defender Jiang Shenglong in the last game turned red due to his lack of calmness, and Gao Tianyi ate the second yellow card of this tournament, and both were absent. Zhu Chenjie returned, but the first half was not over, and he voluntarily withdrew due to injury. On the other hand, South Korea, which has the most World Cup players among Asian Games teams, sent Baek Seung-ho and Song Min-kyu, and top star Lee Gang-in also came off the bench when he reached 63 points.

There was no disappointment of the Chinese men's team

This time, the South Korean team aimed directly at the championship, fully grasped the initiative in the field, and the national football Asian Games team was obviously suppressed. In the 18th minute, Liu Yang was fouled at the front of the penalty area, and South Korea's Hong Hyun-seok took a free kick to hit the world wave, and Han Jiaqi fought hard to save but could not be stopped. The national Asian Games team trailed 1-0.

In the 35th minute, South Korea attacked again on the right wing, Zhu Chenjie stepped forward to make up for it, but was passed by the opponent, goalkeeper Han Jiaqi came out to save the air, and South Korea's Song Min-kyu sent the ball into the empty goal, further extending the gap between the two teams to 0:2. After the game, Dai Weijun said with regret: "If you score a goal before half-time, there may be a greater hope of coming back." ”

There was no disappointment of the Chinese men's team

This goal also triggered a surprising scene, Han Jiaqi, who was eager to save the ball, accused Wang Zhenao of not staring at the opponent, and the two had a brief dispute. Han Jiaqi's response after the game also revealed the embarrassment of this game: "The second ball may have some communication problems with the defenders, after all, the three central defenders we played this time are also the first three central defenders since these five games, and then including our previous suspension, we also had to let some people play unfamiliar positions." ”

In the second half, the South Korean team played more and more relaxed, and the Chinese team's attack still did not improve, but still held the score.

After this match, the historical mission of the U24 national football team ended. In the future, many of the people in this team will be the main team of the senior national football team. When it came to parting, the team was a little sad, although coach Gyurjevic did not lead the team for a long time, but as he said, the results made Chinese football a small step. And this game, the players may not be left with regrets, but with a bigger goal.

Perhaps, as coach Jurjevic said, against strong teams, you can slowly get closer to them.

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