The highlights of "2023 Mid-Autumn Festival Wonderful Tour" are revealed

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On the evening of September 28, the highly anticipated Henan Satellite TV's "2023 Mid-Autumn Festival Wonderful Tour" arrived as scheduled, presenting an "overtime version" audio-visual feast.

The highlights of "2023 Mid-Autumn Festival Wonderful Tour" are revealed

"On the night of the reunion on earth, when the moon is full and in mid-autumn." On the morning of September 28, at a press conference on the theme of "The Beginning of the Speech of Authoritative Departments" held by the State Council Information Office, when a reporter asked what wonderful programs are available for this year's upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, a leader of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television said that Henan Radio and Television Station will continue to broadcast the "Mid-Autumn Festival Wonderful Tour" of the "Chinese Festival" series of programs this year. On the evening of September 28, the highly anticipated Henan Satellite TV's "2023 Mid-Autumn Festival Wonderful Tour" arrived as scheduled, presenting an "overtime version" audio-visual feast.

The highlights of "2023 Mid-Autumn Festival Wonderful Tour" are revealed

The program takes "month" as the introduction, around the keywords of "home" and "return" for cultural expression, and with the expression of "returning to the original", from the perspective of ordinary people from all walks of life, to achieve real empathy, Chen Duling, Tang Shiyi, Wang Feifei, Zhou Shen and other star guests and cultural celebrities joined, so that the audience and netizens were constantly surprised.

▍ The end of the world at this time: invite ordinary people to enjoy the bright moon together

Every year, Henan Satellite TV's "Chinese Festival" series of programs carefully prepared for the "Mid-Autumn Festival" chapter is always highly anticipated by the audience. And this year's "Mid-Autumn Festival Wonderful Tour", starting from the "Exchange the Moon" online activity launched by the program team in advance, you can feel the innovative expression different from the previous work.

The highlights of "2023 Mid-Autumn Festival Wonderful Tour" are revealed

"If the Mid-Autumn Festival has a shape, it must be 'round'." On the eve of the official announcement of the program, the main creative team issued an initiative to netizens around the world, collecting things similar to or related to the "full moon", and writing exclusive stories, messages or blessings, attracting many young people to participate. There are overseas students who share the bright moon above their heads, and some people take pictures of the large clock dial, round cup, and moon lamp around them... The atmosphere of "the end of the world at this time" is already rich.

The feature film of "2023 Mid-Autumn Festival Wonderful Tour" also starts from the daily life that ordinary people can most empathize with - self-media blogger Chi Zao and Zhengzhou's "sister" Ding Yunxin (2022 "Chinese Good Man") appeared, meeting with passengers in Zhengzhou Erqi Square to watch a real performance brought by the famous singer Sun Yue and local Henan rappers and dancers, sending warm comfort to people from all walks of life who are still busy during the Mid-Autumn Festival; Singer and actor Wang Feifei and street dancers of different ages formed a "100-person dance troupe" to dance the "national style dance" on the cornfields and city streets, and also led the citizens to "dance up and enjoy the wonderfulness of this moment", transmitting happy energy, and showing the vitality of "new era and new culture".

The Mid-Autumn Festival always has unfulfilled reunions, such as soldiers who are responsible for defending the land - accompanied by Bai Jugang's "Young You", the camera tells the true story of the father and son of Wang Changlai, the "king of submariners", showing the spiritual growth and mission responsibility of contemporary PLA soldiers. The program team also added a lot of real video materials to the scene interpretation, so that the audience could more truly feel the belief that soldiers are not afraid of hardship and fatigue, and must defend the territory of the motherland and protect the peace of the homeland. In other paragraphs of the program, you can also see shooting methods such as street interviews and "one shot to the end", which increases the realism of the lens language.

The highlights of "2023 Mid-Autumn Festival Wonderful Tour" are revealed

The director team said that through this expression of "returning to the original", "2023 Mid-Autumn Festival Wonderful Tour" hopes to create a "relative reality" - real people appear, real scenes are shot, star guests are also doing themselves in real scenes, and resonating with the public with real power.

▍Ancient and modern with the bright moon: tracing the genes of traditional Chinese culture

"Today's people do not see the moon of ancient times, but this moon once looked like the ancients." The moon connects the cultural nostalgia of Chinese and also opens the path of time travel. As a program rooted in the fertile soil of Chinese traditional culture and showing cultural confidence, this year's Henan Satellite TV's "Mid-Autumn Festival Wonderful Tour" still has a story about "ancient and modern together".

It can be the "beauty of gorgeous clothes" that travels through thousands of years. In the program "Neon Dress Dance", accompanied by Bai Juyi's poem: "I used to be a former yuan and served the emperor Xian, and I once accompanied the internal banquet to Banquet Zhaoyang." Thousands of songs and dances are innumerable, and I love neon dancing the most..." The popular dancer Tang Shiyi put on a colorful feather coat, and between the dances, it seemed to bring the audience to the Zhaoyang Hall of the Tang Palace and the banquet of bliss, and personally felt the fascinating Tang style for thousands of years.

The highlights of "2023 Mid-Autumn Festival Wonderful Tour" are revealed

The show also integrates the plot of Bai Juyi and his friend Yuan Shu trying to restore the neon dress and plume dance, leading to the thinking of "the beauty of the world", and inspiring Tang Shiyi, who is a modern fashion designer, to find the inner answer. It turns out that the gorgeous costumes that can make "all Chinese hearts" do not come from "international first-line big names", and the gorgeous "Neon Dress Dance" does not only belong to Yang Guifei in the Tang Dynasty, but a beautiful dream that everyone deserves.

It can be the "beauty of Chinese characters" that has been passed down to the present day. "2023 Mid-Autumn Festival Wonderful Tour" created the experience of "walking through the Chinese Character Museum" for the audience, inviting Shan Jixiang, President of the Chinese Cultural Relics Society and Director of the Academic Committee of the Palace Museum, Wang Qinglei, researcher of the Music Research Institute of the China Academy of Arts, Yu Xiaoying, Director of the Publicity and Education Department of the Chinese Museum of Characters, and Wang Rui, a popular docent, to "walk together" to share the origin and evolution of the Chinese character "home" during the Mid-Autumn Festival and appreciate the deep meaning of "he" from music archaeology.

Taking the excavated cultural relic "Anyang Yin Wu Woman Good Tomb Tao Shen" as the introduction, and the verse "Bo's blowing, Zhong's blowing" in "The Book of Poetry Xiaoya" as the source, twin dancers Wei Shenzhou and Wei Shenyang interpreted the harmony between brothers in "The Feather of Words". They danced with their hands in their hands, which restored and paid tribute to the dance form of the Shang Dynasty.

The highlights of "2023 Mid-Autumn Festival Wonderful Tour" are revealed

It may also be the "feeling of hope" placed on the artifact. As early as the Yangshao culture period six or seven thousand years ago, the ancestors used the "crescent pattern" to decorate clay pots. Unfortunately, not all of the important cultural relics from this period have been preserved in the excavation site, and some of them have been exiled overseas. Actor Chen Duling came to the Sanmenxia Temple Digou Museum to talk to Yi Changle, the designer of Zhengzhou Municipal Rites, and sang "Clouds of Hometown" with the children, calling for the "return" of Chinese cultural relics lost overseas. Through the inheritance of cultural heritage and the innovation of cultural relics, the program also expounded the concept that "traditional culture is the real inheritance when used in life".

▍ Happiness under the moon: Touching the hearts of people

"Home" is not only a place to live, but also a place for the soul. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, everyone looks forward to returning home, what they long for is actually a sense of belonging, and what they are looking for is the solace of the soul. In "2023 Mid-Autumn Festival Wonderful Tour", the camera panorama presents two typical scenes of "Henan New Rural Harvest Festival" and "Fujian Hakka Tulou", satisfying the audience's beautiful imagination of "reunion".

The highlights of "2023 Mid-Autumn Festival Wonderful Tour" are revealed

On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Hejiachong Village, Xinyang, Henan Province, took the opportunity of the harvest festival to hold celebrations, and Li Jie, a young entrepreneur who returned to his hometown, self-media bloggers "Chuanzi Suona" and "Big Face Sister Big Face", as well as the United Nations Intangible Cultural Heritage Luoshan Shadow Puppet Theater Troupe, Luoshan County Lion Dance Team Folk Culture Performance Troupe, and Luoshan County Intangible Cultural Heritage Paper-cutting Art Inheritors came to the scene to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with the villagers. The rural landscape, traditional customs, folk music and the new look of the new countryside are all presented to the audience with the lens. "It's the most ordinary day, do you miss it too?" "Ordinary Day", composed by Mao Buyi and sung by Tang Yi, just expresses the ordinary happiness that can hit the hearts of ordinary people the most. In Yongding, Fujian, the century-old Hakka Tulou Zhencheng Building still lives in the Lin family. This Mid-Autumn Festival, Lin Rigeng, the third-generation owner of Zhenchenglou, summoned the clansmen from all over the world to return to Tulou to reunite according to the custom - a closed and round, fortress-like architectural pattern, the inscriptions inside and outside the building with the theme of cultivating and reading the heirloom, loyalty and filial piety, benevolence and righteousness, and the "Mid-Autumn Festival Peace Family Letter" carefully preserved by the old man together constitute a close form of "family", just like the harbor that fish that have gone through the wind and waves look forward to.

The highlights of "2023 Mid-Autumn Festival Wonderful Tour" are revealed

Following the warm picture of family reunion, the creative dance "Gui Yinong" starring Luo Haihong expresses people's beautiful vision of family reunion through dance language; Singer Zhou Shen sang "Big Fish", which refers to the country as a family in his singing, and reflects his wishes and expectations for the country through the mutual support between family members. It is worth mentioning that on the evening of September 28, the traditional cultural program "China Banquet" jointly created by Douyin and Henan Satellite TV and hosted by actor Yu Qian also ended simultaneously. The show integrates food and humanities, presenting a total of 6 life banquets at different stages, and the finale "Birthday Banquet" is in line with the atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival reunion, blessing the elderly, "Blessing is as infinite as the sea, and the life is more than 8,000 than Lingchun".